compile curl with openssl

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Curl Use detailed

CURL.1 manual page Name Curl-transfer a URL Summary curl[options] [URL ...] Describe CURL is a tool that transmits data to or from the server, which supports HTTP, HTTPS, Protocols such as FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP, TFTP, DICT, TELNET, LDAP, or

CentOS Curl version NSS changed to OpenSSL

The support for Curl in CentOS 6.2 system is NSS version, not OpenSSL, so when PHP uses curl to access HTTPS, it will report unable to load client key-8178 error, in Google Group inside found inspiration, is also curl and HTTPS, inside said is curl

Windows compilation Libcurl (Openssl+zlib) (compiled with VC)

Libcurl main function is to use different protocols to connect and communicate with different servers, if using HTTPS, the need for OpenSSL Libcurl Download the source archives ActiveState

Fix OSX above PHP Curl sslread Error Curl Error * * Curl Error + Curl error 2

The reason for this problem is that OSX curl is used by default SecureTransport instead of OpenSSL. The terminal can perform the following checks for the current SSL version with SecureTransport or OpenSSL. $ php -i | grep "SSL Version"If the

Libcurl supports OpenSSL cross-compiling MIPS rt5350

ByAdmin | November 18 0 commentadvertisementAfter half a month to finally compile the Libcurl library, referring to many blogs on the internet, and eventually compiled their own library.First of all, I want the purpose of this library. I'm running

Cross-compiling libcurl,openssl,zlib with MinGW

Cross-compiling libcurl,openssl,zlib with MinGWExtract three libraries into the same directory, such as the directory named "source" pre-installation Active-perl configuration MinGW and Msys environment otherwise compile error-source+ curl-xxx+

Linux system PHP Installation Curl Extension support HTTPS tutorial detailed

Problem: On-line lamp server, the default Yum installed Curl module only supports HTTP and does not support HTTPS. Workaround: Compile and install curl, recompile PHP, and enable PHP's Curl module to support HTTPS. Specific steps: 1, Download

502-PHP-FPM Nginx Request HTTPS with Curl 502 error

The URL with php Curl request HTTPS 502 error, ask to help resolve. PHP Version: 5.6.7Nginx Version: 1.8.0 The code is as follows: $ch = curl_init();curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, '');curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER,

Add Curl solutions to Android _android

Curl is a well-known open source file Transfer Protocol implementation software, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and other commonly used not common protocol implementation. The latest version of Curl's official source code already includes the Android

502-php-fpmngloud error 502 when using curl to request https

A 502 error occurs when you use phpcurl to request an https url. PHP version: 5.6.7Nginx version: 1.8.0 code: {code ...} php-fpm log: {code ...} A 502 error occurs when you use php curl to request an https url. PHP version: 5.6.7Nginx version: 1.8.0

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