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[Guide] How to install Scipy in Maya Windows bit-google online forum-Google Chrome

Python isn ' t part of the standard distribution, so existing "official" NumPy and scipy WH Eels won ' t work for us. However, there is developers out there who has made custom wheels which would suit our needs. The one I used is made by "Carlkl"A dev I ' ve yet to directly contact to shower him with praise.His?builds?use Openblas, which I haven ' t benchmarked against builds made with Intel MLK, but they work fine for my needs a nd, I presume, most Maya users out there. To get the packages, fi

centos6.5 install Google Chrome + Google Chrome Flash plugin installation + Google Chrome PDF reader installation

since Centos/rhel 6 is already an outdated system, chrome is no longer available. Although later due to the community protests, and thus changed, no longer mention Centos/rhel 6 is outdated system, but currently on Centos/rhel 6 has no chrome can be downloaded to use. In fact, the basic reason is not how old Centos/rhel 6, even Windows XP and the stop update of Ubuntu 10.04 can continue to use

Chrome Console not complete guide

){alert(‘hello,‘+name);}monitor(sayHello);sayHello(‘wayou‘);unmonitor(sayHello);sayHello(‘wayou‘);Debug UndebugDebug also receives a function name as a parameter. When the function is executed, it automatically breaks down for debugging, similar to a breakpoint at the entrance of the function, can be done by debugger, and can be manually interrupted by finding the appropriate source code in the Chrome developer tool.Instead, undebug the breakpoint is

Chrome developer Tools Not a complete guide (V, mobile article)

in the netword . including mainstream and non-mainstream networks. (wifi,3g,2g, etc.) to customize the latitude and longitude of the mobile end in the sensors option. The 3D view angle can be set in the model. Put the mouse on the direct rotation model. This feature has not found any eggs for the time being.A lot of debugging can be done in the interface, which is also the dewdrop usually do. The options that are actually applied to Chrome are all li

Google Chrome source code download address (Google Chrome source code download)

Normal 0 7.8 磅 0 2 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Google Chrome source code download)    Google ChromeSource code(Google Chrome source code download) 1.Google ChromeSource codeSVNAddress: Ht

DIY Implementation of Google Chrome Free installation of green portable version + slimming and streamlining + single process mode (only one chrome) Tutorial

user configuration file has been initialized. Then, set a shortcut for chrome.exe on the table. Right-click the shortcut and add the code after the "target: --user-data-dir=est_profile Complete path example: code: T:/EST Google Browser/chrome.exe -- User-data-Dir = est_profile Further customization of available parameters: -- Single-process single process running

Chrome for Mac keyboard shortcuts! From the Google Chrome website!

?-N Opens a new window. ?-T Opens a new tab page. ?-shift-n Opens a new window in Incognito mode. Press ?-o, and then select the file. Open the file on your computer in Google Chrome. Press and hold the key, then click the link. or click the link with the middle mouse button (or the mous

Chrome shortcuts (Google Chrome)

Chrome Window and Tab shortcut: CTRL + N open a new window CTRL + t open a new tab CTRL + Shift + N open a new window in stealth mode CTRL + O, then select the file to open the file on the computer in Google Browser Press ctrl and click the link to open the link from the new tab in the background, but you are still on the current tab Press Ctrl + shift, click the

Chrome for Mac keyboard shortcuts! From the Google Chrome website!

Tags: Action settings link keyboard right arrow down content New Window entrytab and window shortcut keys ?-N Opens a new window. ?-T Opens a new tab page. ?-shift-n Opens a new window in Incognito mode. Press?-O, and then select the file. Open the file on your computer in Google Chrome

Google browser Google Chrome shortcut key encyclopedia

A new tab »ctrl+shift+t:reopen The last tab for you ' ve closed. Google Chrome remembers the last ten tabs you ' ve closed. »drag link to tab:open link in specified tab »drag link to spaces between Tabs:open link in a new tab into the specified position on the tab strip »ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8:switch to the tab at the specified position number. The number you have press represents a position on the tab stri

High-performance networking in Google chrome (i)

The following is a draft of "the performance of Open source Applications" (POSA) and the successor to the Architecture of open source applications.Posa includes a number of papers on performance optimization and design, as well as performance management in the development process, and is expected to be available in the spring of Ilya Grigorik on January 31, 2013 (translated: Horky [Http://]) Google Chrome's history

High-performance networks in Google Chrome (1)

The following is a draft of "the performance of Open Source Applications" (POSA), which is also Successor of architecture of Open Source Applications .POSA includes a number of papers on performance optimization and design, as well as performance management during development. It is expected to be released in the spring of 2013 ]. By Ilya grigorik onJanuary 31,201 3 (translated by horky []) Google Chrome's history and gu

Fedora/rhel/opensuse Linux Installation Chrome--google browser (and install Chromium)

Chrome Browser Installation Guide Chrome version Branch introduction(Excerpt from Stable Channel/Stable version, the official version, for the pursuit of stable ordinary users, the update is very slow; Beta Channel/Beta for public testing prior to the release of the stable version. Basic does not add ne

Google Chrome installation methods and usage tips

: Importing other browser settings After the installation is complete, Xbeta: Installation can not select the installation path, installed to c:documents and settings under the current user name local settingsapplication datagooglechromeapplication directory. "Prompts you to import the settings for IE and add shortcuts to the desktop. By default, Google chrome c

Basic Ubuntu tutorial -- install Google Chrome

favorite browser. I first used Internet Explorer, changed it to Firefox, and finally Google Chrome. I don't want you to change your browser, but if you want to use Chrome in Ubuntu, install it. To start installing Chrome, you have some options. First, you can use a browser to access the

Design Revolution brought about by Google Chrome

money, but a design idea. 1. Speed and conciseness are the core of Google Chrome's design philosophy. However, Google's new understanding of user experience is behind speed and conciseness.Google Chrome is indeed faster. I don't think it is too obvious. The key is its conciseness. Its conciseness does not even have many Google marks, and there is no

Basic Ubuntu tutorial -- install Google Chrome

the following command to download. Cd/tmp For Google Chrome 32-bit, use the following link: Wget For the 64-bit version, you can use the following link to download it: Wget

[Ubuntu] install Google Chrome stable edition [reprint]

Google recently released a stable version of chrome 21, which brings many new features and improvements, especially for developers and gamers: Support for the getusermedia javascript API (allow applications to access your camera/microphone without additional plug-ins) HTML 5 supported by the getusermedia API Better integration with Google cloud Printing Bett

Ubuntu9.10 or pre-installed Google Chrome?

, I went to the west single library building in Beijing to see if there was any Ubuntu book published (especially the Ubuntu pocket guide translated by Keir Thomas) and encountered a joke. I am on the three big bookshelves that display Linux books. I have been searching for a long time since I went up and down, so I cannot find a Ubuntu book. So I asked the bookstore Service staff to help. She pointed to the opposite Unix bookshelf and said to me: tha

Unlock x = g/(c * H * r * o * m-3) and get the free Chrome OS CR-48 crab book

Yesterday, Chrome OS's UX designer destroyed 25 CR-48 laptops in the video actually hides a "golden egg" (Angry Birds play more ......), For example, a question appears on the blackboard around. I am poor at mathematics and fail in college, so I chose to hide my face and escape ...... The Problem Solving Process below comes from Chrome blog. If you are good at mathematics, you can calculate the values of

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