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Best practices for front-end cloud components based on AngularJS

AngularJS is a front-end development framework designed and developed by google based on the best practices of AngularJS front-end cloud components. It can help developers develop front-end products more conveniently. AngularJS is designed to overcome the shortcomings of HTML in building applications. It is comprehensi

Best practices based on ANGULARJS front-end cloud components _angularjs

Angularjs is Google's design and development of a front-end development framework, he can help developers more convenient front-end development. Angularjs is designed to overcome the lack of HTML in the construction application, it is very comprehensive and easy to learn, so angularjs quickly become the mainstream JavaScript framework. First, the angular of amaz

ANGULARJS Study notes-Components, $http, $q, module

asynchronous code in a synchronous way. A pre-defined definition of the outcome of the execution, if something succeeds, the failure to do something, like a prior commitment.Defer, delay, $defer () You can create an defer deferred object instance that represents the object that will complete the task. $Q, use the Resolve method to become the completion state, using the Reject method to become a deny state.3--moduleThe module is the entrance to the ANGULARJS

Angularjs UI Components Ui-bootstrap Share (i)

localization, need to introduce angular-locale_zh-cn.js file2. Once the correct script is introduced, you need to specify the dependent module in the module, namely:Angular.module (' MyModule ', [' ui.bootstrap ']);3. The font icon used by bootstrap has two files, with the suffix woff and woff2. By default, IIS does not support these two file types, so you need to add a MIME type, as follows:system. WebServer> staticcontent> Removefileextension= ". Woff"/> MimeMapfileextension= ".

[React] React fundamentals:integrating components with D3 and AngularJS

/2015.*//////////////////Controller//////////////functionRenderchartcontroller ($http) {varVM = This; $http. JSONP (' Http://{randomnumber}callback=json_callback '). Success (function(data) {; }); $http. JSONP (' Http://{randomnumber}callback=json_callback '). Success (function(data) {VM.DATA2=data; });}////////////////Directive//////////////functionRenderchart () {return{restrict:E, scope: {data:=, ID:‘@‘}, Link:function(scope,

Some ideas on the development components of ANGULARJS

= ANGULAR.E Lement (_html ()) //Every time the template function is generated return a? A:angular.element (_html ()) //Every call to start function Function Show (option) { var scope = $rootScope. $new ();//new scopes for managing views Data Scope.title = option.title;//config content Scope.showornot = dynamic Display $compile (_html ()) (scope)// Binding template and Scope } //Every time you close function close (data) { Deferred.resolve (data); Scope. $desto

Angularjs UI Components Ui-bootstrap Share (ix)--alert

-template"ID= "alert.html"> Div class="Alert"style="background-color: #fa39c3; color:white"role="Alert"> Div ng-transclude>/div> /div> Script>Head>Body> DivNg-controller= "Alertdemoctrl"> Uib-alertng-repeat= "Alert in alerts"type= "{{alert.type}}"Close= "Closealert ($index)">{{alert.msg}}Uib-alert> Buttontype= "button"class= ' btnBtn-default ' Ng-click= "Addalert ()">ADD AlertButton> HR/> Uib-alertTemplate-url= "alert.html">A warning box

Angularjs UI Components Ui-bootstrap Share (ix)--alert

+ Script> - Scripttype= "Text/ng-template"ID= "alert.html"> the Div class="Alert"style="background-color: #fa39c3; color:white"role="Alert"> * Div ng-transclude>/div> $ /div>Panax Notoginseng Script> - the Head> + Body> A DivNg-controller= "Alertdemoctrl"> the Uib-alertng-repeat= "Alert in alerts"type= "{{alert.type}}"Close= "Closealert ($index)">{{alert.msg}}Uib-alert> + Buttontype= "button"class= ' btnBtn-default ' Ng-click= "Addal

Angularjs UI Components Ui-bootstrap share (ii)--collapse

-collapse= "isCollapsed"collapsed= "coled ()"collapsing= "coling ()"expanded= "exped ()"Expanding= "exping ()"> Divclass= "well well-lg">Some ContentDiv> Div> Div> Body> HTML>The properties that a collapsed control can use Are:(1) Uib-collapse. The default is FALSE. indicates whether the control is closed(2) Collapsed. The function that is called after the component is Closed.(3) Collapsing. the function called before the component is closed. if a rejected promise is retu

Angularjs UI Components Ui-bootstrap Share (14)--carousel

No-transition False When set to False, a scrolling animation is turned on No-wrap False When set to False, the picture loops through the Template-url Uib/template/carousel/carousel.html The default template The properties that the Uib-slide directive can use are: Property name Default value Note Actual Sets an object that will be bound to the scope of the scroll page

Angularjs UI Components Ui-bootstrap Share (eight)--tooltip and PopOver

-placement Top The location of the prompt box. The values that can be set include: Top,top-left,top-right,bottom,bottom-left,bottom-right,left,left-top,left-bottom,right,right-top, Right-bottom Popover-popup-close-delay 0 Delay time before closing the cue box Popover-popup-delay 0 Delay time before displaying the prompt box Popover-trigger MouseEnter To display a trigger event for a prompt box Popover

What is AngularJS? AngularJS introduction _ AngularJS

This article mainly introduces what is AngularJS? AngularJS is an introduction to AngularJS, which is a framework designed for Dynamic WEB applications. It allows you to use HTML as the template language. by extending the HTML syntax, you can build your application components more clearly and concisely. For more inform

ANGULARJS Project actual Combat! 03:ANGULARJS collaboration with other class libraries (GO)

Angularjs, in my opinion, is a medium-weight framework. It is not as simple as backbone, and not as comprehensive as dojo and Yui. Many times, the attempt to all-encompassing, often appear a lot of sub-module quality underachievement, and change it more difficult. Too thin, the content of the framework is too thin to write too much. Angularjs This relatively moderate style, it is very much in line with my n

Explanation of AngularJS encapsulation commands and angularjs Encapsulation

framework is equally important. My judgment on the importance is whether many third-party libraries are required to help you implement functions. Obviously, backbone is a lightweight framework that is easy to use and focuses on the implementation of front-end Mvc. Therefore, you need many third-party class libraries (at least jquery) to complete dom operations, UI, and other content. Yui and dojo are heavy-duty frameworks. Their authors attempted to create a senluowanxiang framework + component

ANGULARJS Project actual Combat! 03:ANGULARJS collaboration with other class libraries

thin to write too much. Angularjs This relatively moderate style, it is very much in line with my needs. Currently, Angularjs three of the most sophisticated components I think are data binding (Scope), instruction (Directive), and Dependency injection (Dependency injection), which perform very well. In contrast, its UI comp

AngularJS: Article 2 AngularJS dependency injection and Article 2 angularjs

AngularJS: Article 2 AngularJS dependency injection and Article 2 angularjs Introduction: First, what is dependency injection?What is the difference between control reversal and dependency injection?Assume that application A needs to access external resource C. Here, container B is used (a framework program used to implement the IOC/DI function ).A needs to acces

9 Methods to Improve AngularJS performance and 9 angularjs Performance

. GulpJS GulpJS is used to automatically execute repetitive tasks. It is a stream building system. You can use JSHint or ESLint to check JavaScript. 3. TestingWhiz TestingWhiz is one of the most user-friendly automated testing tools, because it has the features of no code script. TestingWhiz provides an end-to-end test solution for testing AngularJS applications. It has various test commands to easily create Angu

Angularjs $httppost data to PHP receive questions ANGULARJS 2.0 Angularjs video tutorial angularjs directive

Recently learned Angularjs, found using its own $ back to PHP to send data, PHP received the problem. Like what: $http. Post ("php/getroleright.php", {rr: $scope. Currselect}). Success (function (response) {·});PHP usage $_post[' RR ']Cannot receive the passed-over parameters. Open Firebug found actually success, tossing the long time only found that it is only the format of transmission and ordinary transmission format such as the $.post

Awesome AngularJs and awesomeangularjs

Revolunet/angular-carousel-Mobile friendly AngularJS carousel Web Service Mgonto/restangular-AngularJS service to handle Rest API Restful Resources properly and easily Chinmaymk/angular-cog-declarative ajax requests for angularjs Tkambler/bonegular-Backbone-converted red Models and Collections for Angular Platanus/angular-restmod-Rails using red REST-API O

There's no time to explain, get in the car! Angularjs First Lecture: Angularjs introduction. __js

DOM elements ; (5) The ability to divide HTML into reusable components. Angularjs is a framework for developing dynamic Web projects based on MVC processing mode, which implements MVVM data two-way binding. with its data and display separation, MVVM, MVC, Di and other powerful features active in the front-end development market, is the front-end agile development use of the mainstream must

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