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Inheritance and composition in Java

Attackimpl ("fly", "move"); A.attack (); If you need another implementation of move () There is no need to change insect, we can quickly with new method to attack Bee B = new Bee (1, "black", new Attackimpl ("fly", "sting")); B.attack (); } } Fly Move Fly Sting 3, when should inherit, when should use combination?The following two principles explain how inheritance and composition s

Getting started with the Java language tutorial

(i) Java language Introductory Tutorial The composition of the Java class has always been like a slogan: The day is a seven days and another seven days. And what I'm trying to say is that Java is used as a class and class. Java is

Java Vamei Quick Tutorial 08 Inheritance

the base class object is created, start building the derived layer (initializing the derived layer member). This is the same as the general construction method, with reference to construction methods and method overloading For example, in the following program, the human class has a constructor method:Class human{ /** * constructor * * Public Human (int h) { This.height = h; } /** * Accessor * /public int getheight () { return this.heig

Programmer's Tutorial-Chapter 11-java Program Design

system.in2 Java.util.Scanner3 Java.util.Formatter11.6 Use of Java class libraries11.6.1 types of packages for basic types1 constants2 Construction methods3 Common methods11.6.2 Generics and collection classes1 generic type2 Collection  Write down some of the points of knowledge that you do not pay attention to and don't know.1, the length of the identifier in the Java program has no upper

Java NIO Framework Netty Tutorial (13) Concurrent access test (bottom)

1000 threads that basically stabilize through. You can run up to about 1500. Currently listed as the largest "suspect"To onecoder current knowledge composition, Netty concurrency test can be almost over. A brief summary of the chatter to a few words:1, if you need to test concurrency, you can consider multi-process, in-process multi-threaded way to test the service pressure.2, Onecoder no test netty maximum can support how much concurrency, because f

Java Vamei Quick Tutorial GUI

Vamei Source: Http:// Welcome reprint, Please also keep this statement. Thank you!The GUI (graphical user Interface) provides a graphical interface that allows users to interact with the system graphically. Before the GUI is popularized, the user usually has to control the computer in the form of a text command. The GUI intuitively presents the function of the computer to the user, reducing the user's threshold for using the computer. Apple and Microsoft are the pioneers of

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