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Starting from February 16, 2016, I wrote an article every day to record my learning experiences. I started my article "how to read a book-Experiences", which will begin in 2016.

Starting from February 16, 2016, I wrote an article every day to record my learning experiences. I started my article "how to read a book-Experiences", which will begin in 2016. How to read a book-Experiences -- February 12,

February 16, 2016, a daily article, record learning experience, the beginning of how to read a book-Experience

habit.The third analytic hierarchy of reading rules one: The importance of the classification of books; Rule number two: Use a single sentence, or up to a few words (a short paragraph of text) to describe the whole book; rule three: Enumerate the important chapters of the book

A Year of Books-2016 Javaer book list

A Year of Books-2016 Javaer book list (PS: Welcome message recommendation, many from White Brother's recommendation)1. OS Networking" code: hidden in the computer hardware and software behind the language " "Linux kernel design and implementation of the 3rd edition" Wireshark network analysis is so simple "TCP Wireshark network analysis of the Art"

2016 Monkey Stamps How to book 2016 Monkey stamp Price list

How to book 2016 Monkey Zodiac stamps? Among them, small version of the ticket, small promissory note for the appointment of the way to buy, mainly in order to avoid the yellow cattle inverted ticket. According to the website publicity, the Zodiac, the Spring Festival theme products in December 23, 2015-January 7, 2016 for the application, the resul

Microsoft Surface Book i7 2016 assessment

this year, Microsoft, while releasing the surface Stuidio, also updated the Surface book, looking more like a traditional hardware update. But in fact, the design of the Surface Book 2016 has also undergone some changes. The base keyboard is thicker than last year At first glance, Surface

While visiting the Great American Art Book exhibition, 2016 of the world's exhibitions are worth seeing.

participate in, and we seldom seem to care about the works that the artists themselves admire.The exhibition to be held next year by the National Gallery of London selects 60 paintings that have been collected by famous painters, including Fan Dake's collection of Titian and Lucien Floyd's collection of Corot. The exhibition will display the artist's collection alongside their own works in an attempt to show the relationship between the artist's aesthetic tastes and their own creations.The 11th

Book of the week-August 8, 2016 to 14th winners announced

today is Sunday, this week's weekly book activity, for everyone to send out the book is Li Yu "time as a friend". During the event, thank you for your positive response. Here we extract some of the comments and then announce the winners. KILEOur loneliness is often unrelated to being single. The most touching word of tanabata.For more messages, please open your s

3rd Book of 2016: Revelation----Build your favorite products

wiki is enough.34th chapter of Fear, Greed, desire 35th chapter of Affective Acceptance curve 36th Chapter usability and Aesthetics 37th Chapter mass Network Service product 38th Chapter build the experience of enterprise-class products 39th Chapter build Platform Product ExperienceThe so-called platform products, refers to a class of basic software, application developers can on the basis of the development of application programs. Platform products

2016 2nd of the Book of Revelation-The People's chapter

outstanding colleagues, consult and invite TA to participate in the product. The tenth chapter: 10 Experiences in managing supervisors Be prepared for volatility: demand always changes, the only thing that never changes is the constant change Pay attention to the way of communication and frequency:, to ascertain preferences, Pre-session communication: Use different times to mention, table, road, etc. talk more about advice and less on issues: give choice not to challenge To lend

The book of the most novice programmers of the 2016: The Growth Engineer's Guide

stream Continuous delivery Continuous integration Continuous Integration System Continuous integration process Continuous delivery Basic facilities Continuous deployment Continuous learning Continuous reading Continuous programming Continuous writing Legacy systems and code changes Legacy code Leg

2016 third book "Zeng Guofan's front and side"

bold and diligent in the heart, the end of a steadfast forever solid force. People's life, such as through the process of self-maturation, can not be anxious not slack. Round place, man's head is round, like the sky, feet are square, like the ground. Indomitable Spirit of heaven and earth, there is knowledge to understand the truth, and animals accept the world's partial gas, only through the way to knowKnowledge So believe in destiny. Life is noth

2016 book list

Project Management class1. "Win", Jack Welch [Basic reading]2. "Seven Habits of high-performance people", Stephen Covey [Wen Xin]3. "Influence", Robert Siodini [read Part]4. "Busy general Management note ", Wenxianmang [reading]Technical class1. "Medical Electron accelerators", C.j.karzmark [strong professional, included in the weekly plan, May reading, July reread]2. "Medical Imaging Physics", William R. Hendee [Strong professional, included in the weekly plan, June read, August reread]3. "CLR

2016 2nd Book of Revelation-process

Product and development work closely together to solve problems in a timely manner Using agile distribution does not mean omitting product planning Product manager progress should be ahead of the development of one or two cycles Split product design, but not too thin? Product delivery of valuable product results Allows development to independently divide iteration cycles Morning Meeting Control Publishing Show

2016 year plan to read the book, Collect from Love learn love reading of the elite

book as an auxiliary reading is also written very elegant.3. "The moral spirit of ancient Chinese scholar-bureaucrats". "For the Heaven and earth, the livelihood of the people, for the holy following unique knowledge, for the eternal Peace", the song da Ru Zhang Zai said that the 2000 years of the pursuit of Chinese literati, they adhere to the orthodoxy between heaven and earth, their spirit we should inherit. This

2016-1-5 the first full app private address Book Implementation 2: Add Prompt user's prompt box, listen to text box

Object:self.acountField ]; [[Nsnotificationcenter Defaultcenter] addobserver:self selector: @selector (textchange) Name: Uitextfieldtextdidchangenotification Object:self.passwordField]; }What the controller does when it receives notification of a change in text-(void) textchange{//the login button is available only if the account and password have a length in the text login box self.loginBtn.en

The 2016 book plan

1. English BooksSteve Jobs biography, all the light we cannot see, our souls at night, Shantaram2. Technical BooksAs a Code of agriculture, technical books are still to be read. Technology is updated every day, not learning it!Technical books: Algorithm problem combat strategy, code neat Way, HTML5+CSS3, the first line of Android, in the turn over the C # Primer Classic3. FictionI still miss you, mother, Tin doll soldier, I do not know what to say, ab

2016-1-5 the implementation of the first full app private address Book 4: Edit Contacts

the Proxy method in Contactscontroller and refresh the data with the following code:- (void) Editcontactviewcontroller: (Editcontactviewcontroller *) Editcontactviewcontroller finishedSaveContact: (Contact *) con{//get the contact's data and load it into your contacts//find the incoming contact in your own array and get what lineNsinteger row =[Self.contacts Indexofobject:con];//find the cell that you want to refreshNsindexpath *path = [Nsindexpath indexpathforrow:row insection:0];//Local Refre

A programmer's Daily book list

will be a single list of ideas, in the original book based on a little bit of classification, the following will be updated. The list of 2015, 2016, and the books to be read in 2017 are mainly listed. As for the previous years, the record is slowly added later. 2017 book li

How do I look at a laptop video card? Notebook card Ladder Figure 2016

core graphics. With the increased performance of the core graphics cards built into the APU and Intel processors, the strongest core graphics cards are already comparable to midrange independent graphics.   At present, notebook graphics card ladder diagram Simple analysis: From the latest version of the above notebook graphics ladder 2016, it is not difficult to see that the most powerful performance is the NVIDIA GTX 980 and GTX 980M notebook inde

Prediction 2016: The inevitable of a single digit

these is unlikely, and the bat-dominated, the first-in-one, has now realized that the long tail effect from e-commerce and the vast amount of bad reviews can be aggregated by the word-of-mouth module, from the capital-based bottleneck, the new blue seaJust, in this road, 2016 there will be a lot of remains, after all, even if the eye sharp as lei June also unavoidably in investment cooking rice, call

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