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Java Practice Questions: solving a two-time equation, judging leap years, judging the standard body, three numbers to take the maximum value

standard weightNote:The meaning of the standard body weight: Height-weight (kg) and 100 (110) Subtract, the difference is more than 3 is thin, less than 3 is overweight, between 3 and 3 is the standard. Scanner sc=new Scanner (; System.out.println ("Please enter gender (male or female):"); String (); System.out.println ("Please enter height:"); int height=sc.nextint (); System.out.println ("Please enter weight (kg):"), int weight=sc.nextint (), int

Java-net.sf.json's put, accumulate, element practice and questions

this and put??? Well, it would call accumulate??? System.out.println ("object:" + object.tostring ()); }}Console Print Results:jsonObject: {"one":"first"}jsonObject: {"one":"first","two":"second"}jsonObject: {"one":"first","two":"cover"}jsonObject: {"two":"cover"}jsonObj: {"Servers":[null,"Tomcat"],"Codes":["Java","JavaScript"]}object: {"price":"1000"}Questions: net.sf.json.element :Put a

Java Practice Questions: now give two strings, compare them to see if they are equal

Import;Import;Import;Import Java.util.StringTokenizer;/*** Suppose the strings are similar to the ABA and AAB are equal, now give you the two sets of strings, please programmatically compare them to see if they are equal* */public class Equaldemo {public static void Main (string[] args) {First read to a string of charactersBufferedReader br = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader

Practice and Cultivation of programmers (6)-diligence, good questions, and self-criticism

A person's ability is limited, so we need to constantly learn, for everyone. WhileProgramApe, because he is a mental labor guy, he needs to learn and evolve constantly! However, some people like to show off when learning something. This is a debatable practice! Keep empty cup mentality One old story is that there is h

ASP. NET security questions-Forms authentication (later)-Practice

ASP. NET security question-forms verification practice Through previous articlesArticleI believe that you have a certain understanding of forms verification and understand the concepts of identity, iprincipal, and Bill. The previous website has not linked verification with the database. This article will explain from this aspect, usingCodeTo demonstrate! In addition, some role authorization issues are als

Linux Operations Engineer Surface test Questions Practice

remote Linux servers? Upload files and download files via what?A.ssh XsheelB.SCP some software can upload downloaded files, no use.9.What is the main use of the/mnt directory? What does the/root directory have to do with the root user? /What is the connection between the root directory and the/boot directory? A./MNT mount directory for external devicesB./root is the root user directoryC./boot10. What happens when the RM-RF * is executed on one day? P

"Python mini-practice" 0012 questions

question No. 0012: The sensitive word text file Filtered_words.txt, the content and 0011 questions, when the user enters the sensitive word, then uses the asterisk * to replace, for example when the user input "Beijing is a good city", then becomes "** is a good city".Change the code of the previous question and you can do it.Code:defFilterText (x): With open (x,

"Practice" Korazim questions

The 3n+1 problem is a simple, interesting and unsolved mathematical problem. The problem was raised by Collatz in 1937. The Korazim problem (Collatz problem) is also called hailstone problem, 3n+1 problem, Hassealgorithm problem, Kakutani algorithm problem, Thwaites conjecture or Ulam problem. The problem is as follows: (1) Enter a positive integer n, (2) If N=1 ends, (3) if n is odd, n becomes 3n+1, otherw

New Classroom Practice Questions

package's hierarchy must be (ACD) when it is described with a package statement. A. Same structure as file B. Same level as file directory C. Same as file type D. Same as file size 9. Which assignment statement is not legal? A a.float a = 2.0 b.double B = 2.0 C = 2 D.long D = 2 10. The following statement is cor

2016 Program Design Practice Final Examination 07 Questions on machine (DP) __algorithm

2016 Program Design Practice Final Examination 07 Questions on machine (DP)Total time limit: 1000ms memory limit: 65536kB DescribeAgain to the weekend, the students continued to open a happy heart to the machine room. JBR is no exception, but he arrived a little late, found that some of the seats have been students are

Blue Bridge Cup practice system previous questions cut lattice Dfs

fruit is a bit over. Attached code:1 /*2 seems to be very straightforward dfs+ backtracking3 */4 5#include 6#include string.h>7#include 8#include 9 #defineINF 100000000Ten using namespacestd; One A intmp[ -][ -]; - intans, sum; - intN, M; the - intdir[4][2] = {1,0, -1,0,0,1,0, -1}; - intvis[ -][ -]; - + BOOLCheckintAintb) { - if(A >=0

PHP Practice Questions: Voting

") { //Connecting Objects $conn=NewMysqli ($this->host,$this->uid,$this->pwd,$db); //determine if the connection is successful!Mysqli_connect_error() or die("Connection Failed! "); //Execute SQL statement $result=$conn->query ($sql); //determine the type of SQL statement if($type==1) { //If the query statement returns a two-dimensional array of result sets return $result-Fetch_all (); }

"Learn the path of iOS: C" array. Loops. Sum of statements use test questions practice

. How to count off? Define a variable count log off3. Once the count is 3, what do you do with it?4. How do I get rid of a person? Place the element 05. Indicates the current or the number of people? Define the variable number;6. Because of the number of uncertain cycles, cycle conditions with Whlie numbers > 17. How to cycle off? If i = 13, go to the first person to continue the count.The code is as follow

Blue Bridge Cup practice system previous questions transverse print binary tree

-|..| ....| -8-|..| ........| -75-|..| -4 Ideas:The first is test instructions, rotate the picture clockwise by 90°.Then, to build a sort of binary tree without problems,Output...1. The middle-order traversal recursively takes a string of rows from each node to save, documenting the number of tiers in the current node in STR and the current node needs to expand the | position.2. Recursively each node to its

The expansion of classroom practice 30 arithmetic questions----ideas

Add:1. Avoid duplication of topics;2, can be customized (quantity/printing method):3, can control the following parameters (whether there is a multiplication method, whether there are parentheses, the range of values, plus or minus a negative number, division has zero, whether the support score (true score, false score)):Design ideas:(whether there is a multiplic

"Leetcode" practice of the sixth play _ Algorithm 9 questions

9. Palindrome numberJudging palindrome number1 classsolution (object):2 defIspalindrome (self, x):3 """4 : Type X:int5 : Rtype:bool6 """7 ifx0:8 returnFalse9y = Int (str (ABS (x)) [::-1])Ten ifx = =y: One returnTrue A Else: - returnFalseResult: Accepted, although it is easy difficulty, but still feel with python to write trait skin"Leetcode"

Front-end written questions practice notes: Statistics The probability of the occurrence of different numbers in an array and sorts

title: There is an int array with several numbers in it. How many different numbers are required to be counted? How often are each number appearing? The array is arranged from less to more frequency, the same frequency is from small to large. Workaround: Use an array to store different numbers and occurrence probabilities, compare the numbers in each group with the other numbers in the group, and set the same one to NULL, as well as the number of occurrences of the numbers plus 1, and finally us

At the interview, when you have the right to ask questions, it's a good chance to reverse (excerpt from the Java Web Lightweight Development Interview tutorial)

next time to prepare for the same problem.② extrapolate, go home to learn quickly, preferably through hands-on practice, through the running code to understand the relevant knowledge points.③ find out why, for example, the job requires project experience, the project experience you describe is ultimately considered a non-commercial project, then you need to update the project description, the next intervie

A collection of Java-based questions collected from 1.6W interviewers (knowledge brain map included)

data storage1. MySQL Index Usage Precautions2, talk about anti-pattern design3, talking about the sub-Library and the design of the table4. Distributed dilemma and countermeasures brought by sub-database and sub-table5, talk about the way of SQL optimization6. The deadlock problem encountered by MySQL7. InnoDB and MyISAM of storage engine8, the principle of database indexing9, why to use B-tree10. The difference between a clustered index and

A few common questions about the garbage station (novice)

Since I posted two articles on the garbage station in the Stragglers forum, make my qq:3463271 this time also explode up, because individual survival problem, not too much time and everybody chat together, now on QQ friend often ask a few questions here together with you to discuss, and everybody exchanges. Do you encourage everyone to do the garbage station? A:

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