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Notebook computer summer Dust Removal detailed graphics and text tutorial

As the heat of summer approaches, temperatures are now rising markedly. Summer notebook friends often encounter a notebook due to indoor temperature is too high to cause all kinds of computer crashes or blue screen failure, the main reason for the high temperature of the notebook is that the notebook heat is bad, especially some use a notebook for a year or two, the probability of failure in summer is many, the reason is mainly due to the external tem

Summer computer dust should pay attention to

For most ordinary users, the chassis is not open for a long time, not to mention to the computer to do a clean, and now the weather is hot, many users began to find their own computer frequently crash, restart the problem-the accumulation of dust has been a long time to play the role of "insulation", the computer does

How to clean computer graphics dust

How to clean video card dust computer graphics Dust Cleaning Tutorial As with the CPU, the use of a period of time after the graphics card is also easy to accumulate dust, and these dust will seriously affect the graphics card cooling, for the hot weather in the summer, it

How does Lenovo's notebook computer clean up the dust?

Home notebook computer In the use of a period of time, the environment in the dust will accumulate the edge of the motherboard corner angle, especially the heat dissipation module, if not timely clean-up, will lead to low thermal efficiency, motherboard, hard disk and CPU working temperature rise, serious will lead to motherboard, CPU and other hardware damage, So in time to clean up the

How to clean the computer graphics card dust?

How to clean the computer graphics card dust? Video memory is the short name for the display RAM. Its main function is to temporarily store the display chip to process the data and processed data. The higher the performance of the graphics core, the more memory you need. The previous video memory is mainly SDR, the capacity is not large. Most of the cards on the market are DDR5 memory. Once the video card

Three important things to pay attention to in cleaning up the computer dust

The computer cleans up the dust to need to notice the matter: 1, many friends like to use brushes to clean up the dust, in fact, this method is not the best, because the hair on the brush will be exposed to hardware, easy to cause damage to the hardware, the best way is to use the air blowing skin or hair dryer, it is not good, brush hair must also be soft hair.

Dust triggers computer crashes in summer

Failure phenomenon: Computer failure, the phenomenon of using the average every 20 minutes will crash once, reboot after a few minutes will again panic.Failure Analysis and processing: The initial estimate is the CPU temperature in the chassis caused by the panic, in the BIOS to check the temperature of the CPU, found that the temperature is only 33 ℃. Later found that the computer boot in the BIOS to check

Manual cleaning of notebook win7 system computer dust Some considerations

The user manually to clear the ash to the convenient and efficient and save money, but because not professionals, may be part of the cleaning of the matter, you do not understand, the following is a small series for everyone to tidy up some of the points of attention: 1, the quality of the screwdriver Many Win7 users in the process of cleaning up the selection of the screwdriver is not very good quality, if the quality is bad, in the process of cleaning up the

Cleaning Up Computer dust precautions

Computer use for a long time will inevitably have dust, open the chassis to clean up the internal chassis can effectively prevent the computer unknown fault, extend the life of the computer, but if improper handling may backfire. Avoid static electricity when you clean your comput

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