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How the ipad Downloads music/games (ipad mini,ipad Air)

1. Two ways to add, The first of these methods If it's a music file, we connect the ipad directly to the computer, then we open the itunes software, just drag the music from the computer to the itunes Music channel, and then sync it to the ipad. The second method: 1. Click "Files" in the upper-right corner and se

How does the ipad connect to the computer? ipad Connection Computer method

itunes, and if you break out you can use the 91 and other mobile platforms, the principle is the same as itunes. 3. Register your itunes account. If you need to download the free software and games in the Apple App Store, you'll need to register an itunes account and follow the step-by-step steps. 4. Attention matters. Note that when choosing a credit card payment, choose No credit card format, so as not to inadvertently deduct the fee. How the

How does ipad air2 connect to a computer? How to connect ipad air2 to a computer

1, to connect the ipad Air2 to the computer, need to prepare a few points, one is to install itunes software on the computer, the other is to use the data cable to the ipad Air2 through the data cable to connect the computer. 2, then start the itunes Sync software, upload

How does the Apple ipad Air connect to the computer? ipad Connection Computer method

How to connect Apple ipad Air to computer 1 first go to the Apple website to download the latest version of itunes installed on the computer. Or directly Baidu search "itunes download." itunes is when your device is connected to your computer, the computer's hardware is driven, only when the

How does the ipad Air connect to the computer? The ipad Air connection computer diagram

How the IPad air connects to the computer solution: 1. Download the latest version of itunes software to the Apple Store website and install it on your computer. 2. Connect the ipad Air to the computer, the first itunes will automatically start, and out of the registra

How can I use QQ to transmit files to my computer on iPad? How to upload files to a computer on ipad

1. We are in the computer and the ipad at the same time login the same QQ number, and then click QQ in the ipad click on the bottom left corner "more-file assistant" 4. After transmission, our QQ buddy interface on the computer will have a "my device-my ipad" My

The computer becomes the Ipad--ipad simulator use tutorial

ipad Simulator! 1. Let your computer have iOS system immediately! Become ipad!. (free of installation) 2. Hundreds of free expansion applications, QQ, microblogging, Safari browser all have (install-free) 3. Dozens of free games, what Angry Birds, including large 3D games

How does the ipad export video? How to export video from ipad to computer

Problem status How to export the ipad video, 1.89G files. Solutions First, use itunes to export, sync itunes to sync your video file to the computer, do not use itunes also can use the third party software itools to export.Second, when the data cable is connected to the ipad, it should be possible to see the

Fun-Remember to play several classic ipad iOS games recently

action, the time slows down, is like the movie inside scene, is very cool. Players who like bullet time may feel it. Personally feel this game picture slightly monotonous, draw the wind general, but the bullet time did play very readily, died also very readily ... Yes, this game can be played on the ipad two people, like party students can also feel.AltoThe screen is very very beautiful skiing game, play a bit like before a very popular skiing game,

The most complete tutorial to adapt cocos2d games to IPAD Retina

I haven't found a tutorial on how to quickly adapt an iPhone game developed by cocos2d TO THE ipad2 retina mode on the Internet. Indeed, if you do not plan "one app, multiple adaptation" at the initial stage of the project, it is quite troublesome to do resolution adaptation at the end of the development stage because it involves defining macros, to adapt to the coordinate offset values between different resolutions, You need to modify a large number Code . In addition, many

ipad mini2/ipad Air Connection Computer graphic

Step 1 (Download itunes) 1. We need to install itunes on our computer 2. We go to Apple to find the itunes download page, and then click the "Download Now" option below 3. Then we click on the "Download" option 4. When we download the installation, we open the itunes software, Step 2 (open itunes to connect to the ipad) 1. After installing itunes on your c

ipad air/ipad5 How to download software and games

1, we baidu to download an itunes software, installed in the computer. 2, and then download a call "PP Assistant win version" installed in the computer. 3, now we open PP Assistant. 4, in addition to the computer side of the PP assistant, there is no jailbreak equipment can also be through the iOS version of the PP assistant genuine to download and ins

ipad air/ipad5 download software/games/movie Tutorials

Method 1 (download using the App Store) 1. In the ipad Air I found App Store apps download software 2. Click "App Store" on the ipad Air main screen and enter the software or game you want to download. 3. When we want to download software, we simply enter the "search" box we want to download the software, such as the importation of Baidu, we can download the installation. The following figure Method 2

How to share the ChemDraw structure between computer and ipad side

In the daily life, we use the computer to have several kinds of system, many software does not do well each system compatibility. But the ChemDraw software solves this problem very well and can be applied to Macs, Windows two PC clients, and CHEM3D for ipad clients. So can we transfer the chemical structure between different clients, and let's share with you how the com

Ipad/iphone Connect computer show not in charge how to solve

First, it should be to make sure that your ipad is not a problem (because it's just unpacking, and you're more trusting of Apple's products.) , and then look at the ipad with its own charger charging voltage is "5.1V and 2.1A", while the ordinary PC-side USB interface output parameters are generally 5V and 500mhA, with the ipad to connect the PC display "not char

ipad Air/ipad5 photo uploaded to Computer method summary

One of the easiest ways to upload photos of an ipad to a computer is to connect the ipad to your computer, and then copy the photos directly to the computer, but you can't add photos, and we can use itunes or Sync Assistant to do it. Method one, synchronization assistant 1

Word on the computer can be edited with the ipad

If you are an Apple user, especially an ipad user, there may be a problem with not knowing how to open and edit the M s-o ffice document, always switching to a computer operating document that installs the Windows system. With the release of Google Cloudconnect, later with the ipad sitting in the car, can also edit the document at any time and synchronization exi

Win7 system How does the ipad connect to the computer?

1. Install itunes on your computer and connect the Apple ipad to the computer with a data cable. 2. Then open itunes on the computer, the first connection will download the required drive. 3. Install the driver connected to the ipad will be prompted whether to allo

VMWare Mac 10.11 XCode 7.3 ipad Real-Computer debugging important issues Summary

XCode 7.3 Allows you to debug your iOS app without having to pay a yearly fee and test it as follows:1, install Mac 10.11 on VMWare12, there are many examples on the Internet. Attention:1.1, the virtual machine settings in USB is USB2.0, cannot be 3.0 or other, otherwise the ipad cannot be connected behind Xcode.1.2, in Windows Server to start the VMware USB arbitration Service.2, install, download Xcode and install it in the App Store.3, open Xcode t

How to record a screen for your iphone or ipad on a Mac computer

In previous versions of Mac and iOS, recording an iphone or ipad screen operation was a slightly more complicated task. But with the advent of Yosemite, the method of recording screens on Mac computers for the iphone or ipad has become easier. Here is a detailed procedure:Preparation of the operating systemMac computer: Need to upgrade to Yosemite and the above v

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