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02. Understanding of computer composition and operating systems, understanding of programs, OS development history, and miscellaneous

interface: graphical interface Windows IOS and Android X-Window Gnome KDE Xfce CLI: command line interface: Text Interface Powershell Bsh CSH Tcsh Ksh Bash Zsh Linux Kernel: Linux terminal: Serial terminal: (a terminal on the plain text interface. The graphic interface cannot be displayed) /Dev/TTYs # Physical terminal: /Dev/console Virtual terminal: CTRL + ALT + F [1-6] Graphical terminal: CTRL + ALT + F7 Startx /Dev/tty # Pseudo Terminal (analog terminal): remote connection,

[In-depth understanding of computer systems] _ 2 _ Information Representation in computer systems

[Character encoding] In computer systems, all data is encoded. There are multiple encoding methods in the computer, the most common ones are: 1. Unsigned encoding: Binary-based encoding, indicating a number greater than 0 or equal to 0 2. Binary complement: The most common form of signed integers. It can be negative, 0, or positive. 3. floating-point numb

Comparative Analysis of Embedded Operating Systems uC/OS and uClinux

Author: Lu Xixian, HUANG Tao, Zhu xianxin, Wuhan University of TechnologyAbstract: an embedded operating system is the core software for embedded system applications. This article compares two typical open-source embedded operating systems, analyzes and summarizes several issues in embedded operating system applications, and summarizes the basis for selection of embedded operating systems.Keywords: Embedded System Operating System uC/

The main difference between 32-bit and 64-bit in computer operating systems is that 32-bit in computer operating systems

The main difference between 32-bit and 64-bit in computer operating systems is that 32-bit in computer operating systems Windows 7 started after the Windows XP system. If you often pay attention to and install software, you will often hear 32-bit and 64-bit. What does this mean? What are their differences? Generally

Computer systems-development history of computer hardware and Systems

Throughout the history of computer development, we can see that demand has driven development. from ancient times to the present, we have analyzed it a little. (1) punch card machine In 1880 AD, it took the United States of America seven and a half years to complete the national census. Someone invented a punch card machine. By converting the population data into punched cards, the statistical data of the machine increased by five or six times. For th

[NO000037] Operating system operating systems operating system history and Hardware overview historical OS & summaries!

; multics-> Unix-LinuxCore ideas, Technology The user executes the program to use the computer (the idea of matching von Neumann) As a manager, the operating system to make a number of programs reasonable advance, is the process management Multi-process (user) push requires memory reuse, etc.Multi-process structure is the basic Atlas of operating system!for operating systems, implementing c

Comparison between embedded systems and computer systems

I would like to recommend a book on embedded entry: Embedded System Design (Chongqing University Press, author Peng ). I have also made some good looks recently. I have summarized some of the embedded knowledge we learned before, as well as the operating system and composition principles, this is a summary of the knowledge learned in this book and a review of the previous knowledge. I personally think that the learning of embedded systems should be co

Embedded control systems and computer systems

Recommend a book in embedded items: Embedded system Design (Chongqing University Press, on board Peng).I have also recently read some good content, combined with the operating system and some embedded knowledge principles that constitute our learning experience before, for some of the following summaries, books think this period of learning knowledge summary. At the same time it is learning to recall the knowledge before.Personally feel. The learning of embedded system should be compared with th

Multi-OS Boot Manager Grub learning in Linux systems

same time, a boot loader called boot Loader is written to the MBR in 512 bytes, and there are two separate LILO (LInux Loader) and grub (GRand Unified Bootloader), which are now commonly used for grub, and the following is a simple Learn how to use grub alone.Iii. Introduction of Grub1. What is GrubGRUB is the boot loader (boot loader)-it is responsible for loading the kernel and booting the Linux system. GRUB can also boot other operating systems, s

Python files and file systems (2)--os module support for file and file system operations

subdirectory When the parameter Topdown is false, the reverse step is started from the leaf node of the top tree, and the inverse traversal Parameter onerror: If none, walk () ignores all oserror exceptions encountered during traversal Otherwise, it must be a function, with the exception OSError instance as a unique parameter, once walk () encounters an exception, it is passed to the onerror () function, onerror () can be freely defined. Walk () Each generated item is

Boot problems when windows and Centos dual systems are installed on the computer, centos dual systems

Boot problems when windows and Centos dual systems are installed on the computer, centos dual systems (This article does not go into details about how to install windows and centos on your computer .) When installing a dual-system on a computer, you must first install the

Operating systems and computer systems

1. Computer system hardware and software-"Clear hierarchy"------------------------------------------------------------------------------------UserApplication software (air ticketing, property systems, scientific calculations, etc.)Support Software (compiler, assembler, Language handler, window System, database, utilities, etc.)Operating systemComputer hardware------------------------------------------------

How do I install Mac OS systems in a virtual machine?

Installation steps The first step is to open the virtual machine, create a new virtual machine, name Mac OS, type and version select Mac OS, click Next. The second step, choose the size of the memory allocated to the virtual computer, according to their own computer memory to set the test

Microsoft announced that the. NET development environment will support three open-source operating systems (windows, Mac OS X and Linux) and. netos

Microsoft announced that the. NET development environment will support three open-source operating systems (windows, Mac OS X, and Linux), and. netos Microsoft announced the. NET open-source development framework program on Wednesday (November 12. The company intends to use GitHub to open-source the development environment that has long been running on Windows systems

Microsoft announces. NET development environment will open source support for three major operating systems (Windows,mac OS x and Linux) (RPM)

Microsoft announced in Wednesday (November 13). NET Development Framework Open source program. The company intends to use this for a long time only in the development environment under Windows, open Source via GitHub, to enable cross-platform support for Mac OS X and Linux. According to Microsoft's announced plans, the company will be released next time. NET Development Framework, the entire server development environment, from ASP. 5 to common Langua

Mac OS X El Capitan System Integrity Protection systems Integrity Protection (SIP)

introduction: The previous time experienced the Xcode compiler code was injected into the event, this time mac os X elcapitan system upgrade, enabling a higher security protection mechanism: System Integrity protection systems Integritypro tection (SIP), is by Design? Or is it a coincidence? for System Integrity Protection systems Integrity Protection (SIP), y

The beginning of the learning process of the in-depth learning computer system (C language) Chapter I. Computer Systems roaming

. This uses the pipelining technique, which divides the activities required for each instruction into different steps, organizing the hardware in the CPU into a series of stages, each of which performs a single step. These stages can be manipulated in parallel to handle different parts of different instructions. Super Scalar processors : The execution rate reaches one instruction above a period. single instruction, multi-data parallelism (SIMD parallelism): Allows an instruction to produce m

SSH2 extended installation required for PHP access to SFTP in OS X systems

Php-vBrew Install HOMEBREW/PHP/PHP55-SSH2"Implementation Method"PHP$connection= Ssh2_connect (' ', 22); Ssh2_auth_password ($connection, ' username ', ' password ');$stream= Ssh2_exec ($connection, '/usr/local/bin/php-i ');stream_set_blocking($stream,true );Echo(stream_get_contents($stream));$stream= Ssh2_exec ($connection, ' ls ');stream_set_blocking($stream,true );Echo(stream_get_contents($stream));?>SSH2 extended installation required for PHP access to SFTP in

Summary of Eclipse usage issues in MAC OS x systems

Q1. How to install JDK 1.6 or 1.7Q2 for Mac OS. Shortcut keys for EclipseI have tested some of the most commonly used shortcut keys, basically is to replace the control window under the command of the Mac?Q3. Where is the common window/preference configuration window?To modify the editor font size, but can not find preference, originally changed vest. Click on the menu bar adt--> Preferences, this preferences window name is called preferences, opened

How Apple OS X shares files with Vista systems

A lot of friends in XP, the PC and Mac share files between the easy, just set up windows sharing on it. When you upgrade to Vista, you will always be prompted for the username error when accessing OS X sharing. In fact, the solution is very simple, take a look at it! 1, first click Start, enter "Gpedit.msc" in the search field, and then press ENTER 2, open in the Group Policy Object Editor in turn: "Computer

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