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Research | StackOverflow Salary Survey: Have a computer degree = high salary? It doesn't exist.

the professional branch. So I chose to use only the data from professional Web developers from the United States, and then compare the salaries of professional front-end and back-end developers with the entire stack developer, and analyze the impact of professionalism on pay. During the analysis, I incrementally added the following variables: experience, education, Web Developer type. However, the analysis results are not satisfactory. I thought that having a formal education would have a posit

Do software engineers need a computer science degree?

This article is from my translation on infoq Chinese siteArticle, Original address is: The role of a software engineer does not necessarily require a computer science degree. However, the recent resignation of Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson due to a

Development of the student archive management system for Bachelor's degree in computer science

Bachelor degree in computer science DesignDevelopment of the student archive management system×××(2004July) Preface The computer has become a mantra hanging in the corner of our mouth. It has penetrated into all aspects of daily work and life, such as text processing, information management, aided design, graphic i

Computer Science and technology learning methods

the science development. For example, like some students always say, I do web design like to directly write HTML, do not want to use what frontpage,dreamweaver. It is good to be able to write Web pages in language, but there are efficient ways why don't you make them? Just to show that your level is high, unique? I think the real level is the person who can accept the new things at the fastest speed. The development of high-level programming language

A ramble on computer science

the access efficiency of memory data.The most relevant courses in computer science and above are divided into two major categories. One is the electronic technology class, the other is the composition and the architecture class."Circuit analysis" is the theoretical basis of electronic technology, which provides the theory and method of electronic circuit characteristic analysis. and the

Some journals and conferences on Computer Science

The major feature of the publication of computer science is that it attaches great importance to meetings, while journals are generally used only for re-Publ.. Most JournalsArticleThey are all extended versions of conference papers, and there are few journals at the beginning. BecauseIn this way, the influence factors of computer journals are as low as an astonis

What you have to do for four years in college-those that learn computer science and four years in college

What you have to do for four years in college-those that learn computer science and four years in college Kai-fu Lee mentioned in "the world is different from you" that Google's requirements for undergraduates were: The University has compiled at least 0.1 million program lines in four years; High emotional intelligence, team spirit, and willingness to cooperate with others. We will not talk about emo

[Switch] computer science is not programming

coder. Spending the most time on learning is the last piece of advice for beginners. It is best to reduce the time spent on SC or CS every week without playing them. At the same time, if your ASP technology has been able to make money, or even some companies invite you to work part-time, this proves that your work in tianfen can guarantee you can achieve better benefits after hard work, you should do more complex things. Long term, which is applicable to anyone. I believe you can decide whether

2018 Non-computer science Java can there be a way out?

likely a year time and wasted. Second, the choice of other industries, what industry good? It industry, so he thought of learning an IT technology, Java is currently the most popular it technology development technology.Master Java technology, can be competent for software development, web development, front-end development, database development, server development and many other directions of work. And, with the increase in working years, it is possible to become managers such as product devel

Three things that must be taught in Computer Science

not know. In a person's life, no stage can be the same as in a student's life, and he has spare time to engage in open source development. And this is good for each other. The reality is that the two (students and open-source sports) often fail. I believe that most computer science disciplines should encourage students to start new open-source projects or join existing projects. This should be part of the

The difference between software engineering and computer science

. Prefer to tell you what the computer is and how to build it. Later in the research phase you will learn how to apply computational ideas to different disciplines and problems. but at the undergraduate stage no one is pointing out that you are not looking for your own direction. basically it is difficult to find a good company in undergraduate stage. Some application items can be done at the graduate levelThe current hot topic is big data-related. Th

Postgraduate experience in computer science at Wuhan University

Postgraduate experience in computer science at Wuhan University The key to postgraduate entrance exams lies in perseverance! Never accept failure, no matter how often it visits you. Keep on going. Never give up. Never! Why do you want to take an postgraduate entrance exam? Everyone can have their own reasons. Maybe it's just to have a relatively perfect college life, a wonderful start, and a wonderful end.

Classical Computer Science Papers

can thus be postponed almost indefinitely because we are mainly concerned that the computers behave failed, and are interested in particle strategies only if the results are off or come back too slowly. · Computer programming as an artDonald E. knuth Master Gao is 1974 A speech at the year's Turing Award ceremony. Really top Geek Elegant. Master Gao explained in his article what his book named "the art of programming". Obviously, when talking

To a newly graduated computer science student

Do introduce oneself: I this person is more emotional, the mood is good, you ask my question I will not be detailed. If I am in a bad mood, you may be severely admonished. I speak a higher voice, introverted students please avoid. 1. The graduates of the computer profession can be divided into four categories in my eyes: The first type of person: natural beauty, like computer, can be said to be the geek of

How to write a paper <a low-energy data fusion privacy protection algorithm espart> (Journal of computer science 2011-5, Wang Anqi)

improved. The following is a picture. Let's sort out the ideas and explain the performance clearly. It's good to say this to the mentor. You can write an article. Espart is the name of this algorithm given to me when I wrote an article. It didn't take a few days for me to write a paper. In less than a week, I just gave the first draft to my tutor and changed it, I made some comments and saw where to accept this article. It happened that the computer

University four years you have to do things---these computer science

, really? Then everyone is on a starting line, why do you get high wages? Even, you do not have anything, just will Baidu, the company with what use you?100,000-line program, say a little more, adhere to 300 lines of code every day, 1 years will be able to achieve. can also buy a few super-useful code snippets, adhere to practice 20 pieces of useful code every day, but also understand the new technology. Learn about other people's development experience, but also familiar with the web developmen

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