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Linux Mint (Application Software-screenshot software: gnome-screenshot), linuxmint17 software source

Linux Mint (Application Software: gnome-screenshot), linuxmint17 software source In LinuxMint, a software named gnome-screenshot is installed by default. The software, just like its name It is mainly used. The following describes

Linux Mint (Application software-screenshot software: gnome-screenshot)

A software called Gnome-screenshot is installed by default in LinuxMint . Like its name, the softwareis mainly used for. The software and its functions are described in detail below.Friends who use Windows system remember which Printscreen key is on the keyboard, press the key to get the wholeof the screen. In LinuxMint , although there is no such shortcut key. H

How to use computer screenshot shortcuts, computer screenshot shortcuts

How to use computer shortcuts, computer shortcuts We often use computers, but sometimes we need to take off the computer's screen. What should we do? Below are some ways for me to teach you Qq shortcuts Press Ctrl + Alt + A, select the desired region, and click Save ,: Keyboard shortcut At the same time, press Ctrl + PrtScrSyspq (capture full screen) or Alt + PrtScrSyspq (cut part), then click

How to call the screenshot software and set shortcuts of Win7 and the screenshot software of win7

How to call the software that comes with Win7 and set shortcuts, win7 Software I remember one time, I spent a lot of time searching for a small, practical, and free software on the network. Later I didn't want any results, and finally found that the Win7 system had a software, you can also set shortcuts to share them

How can I use the screenshot capture tool provided by my computer to take screenshots ?, Use the built-in screenshot Tool

How to Use the built-in computer tools ?, Use built-in tools Currently, it is basically a feature that we often use. We often need to log on Via QQ or use computer shortcuts to capture the entire screen. Some browsers also provide their own features, today, we will teach you a convenient way to use the WIN7 tool. Open the Start menu in the lower left corner. We can see a tool on the left in the project b

How do I set the screenshot shortcut on my computer ?, Set screenshot shortcuts

How do I set the shortcut keys on my computer ?, Set shortcuts Nowadays, many computer users are pursuing convenient and convenient operations. The following section describes how to set the shortcut keys. First, you can use the QQ Software to set the shortcut key and open the QQ main panel. Find the "Settings" icon under the QQ main panel and click to

Four screenshot software Evaluation (recommended) _ Common tools

screenshot SoftwareWe often use the day-to-day operation of software, the Internet to see what beautiful pictures can be screenshots software, seize the wonderful moment, the beautiful picture permanently retained to your computer. With the improvement of people's living standards and lifestyle changes, screenshots too

What should I do if my computer cannot take screenshots ?, Local Computer screenshot

What should I do if my computer cannot be local ?, Local Computer In the past, press Ctrl + Alt + A on the local screenshot of the computer. This time, when the computer was turned on and pressed the combination key, the system did not respond, and the

Snipaste powerful offline/online screenshot software for download, installation and use

Step one:, go to this website to download.Step two: Because this is a green software, directly decompression can.Step three: Use, see official website. Ttps:// Press F1 to start a screenshot  Thanks for the wonderful article in the following brother 02121fe920320bbe7b2fae012a18e70achksm= 970e8f8ba07

Computer screenshot method

now chatting, then press ALT + Print screens SysRq key can be our chat box screen screenshot down. Above 3 kinds of computer screenshot shortcut keys, is our most commonly used screenshots shortcut keys, some friends may be puzzled after screenshots do not know where the picture is stored. In fact, choose the above 3 methods of

Team software development-based on Windows screenshot software features of the NABC framework

After several intense discussions in our group, our team's initial plan was to develop a software based on Windows, in terms of our ability and time.With regard to the functionality of this software, our preliminary ideas are as follows:1, can run in the background under Windows, has the corresponding shortcut keys, so as to intercept the user's information anytime and anywhere;2. There is a selection of sh

Four screenshot software evaluations (recommended)

dragonflyNo video/Game screenshot function.4. SPX Instant Screen CaptureNo video/Game screenshot function.5. Featured Functions 1. SnagitSnagit provides the "recording on-screen video" solution, which is very practical. At work, I use this function to record some common software into avi files and play them on the LAN, taught many cainiao users. The method is as

How can I take screenshots on my computer and save them ?, Save the computer screenshot

How can I save it on my computer ?, Save the computer Sometimes you need to use pictures on the computer screen or the steps required to operate the software. The following is the specific procedure. Click "Prt SC SysRq" on the top of the keyboard to view the desired screen image. Click "start" in the lower l

How to cut the computer screenshot?

With the increasing development of network communication, the communication of text obviously can not meet the needs of the public, so the picture is "born". Not only that, but also early in their own online popular language, "there is a picture of the truth", "no Picture without truth." Often haunt in such a kind of exchange platform, such as Wow, such as the class is more common, "picture" function is to support the text, so that the viewer to obtain a sense of reality, to believe that this is

Using fscapture scrolling screenshot, how to intercept the larger than the computer diagram?

Screenshots of the method there are many, most people will be screenshots, but encountered than the computer screen is larger than the picture, such as the home page, I believe many friends will be very distressed, how to intercept it? Will think about the maximum size of the screen? The following small section introduces a way to scroll through the entire page image. 1. Download the Universal screenshot

How the computer screenshot

Computer Tutorials How the computer screenshot The method is as follows: 1, the keyboard on the most line of the function key F12 and then to the right there is a key full name "Print screen" keyboard This key shorthand "PSC" or "Prt Sc". "Prt Sc" key is the system with the screenshot function key, afte

How does the screenshot on the computer cut

One, each computer, whether it is a notebook or a desktop, equipped with a keyboard has a prtsc button. But a lot of people may ask Prtsc screenshot method section of the figure where the computer can be found, which is the disadvantage of this method, you can not preview the screenshot, because the

DeepinScrot, a screenshot software under Ubuntu

The software screenshot provided by Ubuntu12.04 has the screenshot function, the screenshot function, and the screenshot function of the current active window and the delay function, but cannot be edited. The shutter software can

Where is the computer screenshot saved?

where is the computer screenshot saved? Step 1, the computer screenshot is saved where, in fact, the computer screenshot is saved in the Clipboard. Step 2, first in the screen to want the co

How do I get a screenshot of the slide menu in Win7 computer?

How do I get a screenshot of the slide menu in Win7 computer? Really don't say, in fact, this problem we in daily life is often used, especially for such as small series of sad reminders of the text workers, encounter needs to write text combined with the article, you must take screenshots, in order to let everyone better understand the steps of the operation, Small series always want to cut a lot of pictur

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