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Incomplete command list of Debian software package management tools

file. Dpkg-I queries the detailed information of the deb package. After downloading a software package to a local computer, check whether it is installed ). Dpkg-I install the software package manually (this command does not solve the dependency problem before the Software Package). If you encounter software dependency problems when installing a software package, you can use apt-get-f install to solve the reliability problem. Dpkg-r uninstall the software package. The

Hadoop Management Tools Hue configuration-hbase Configuration

1 PrefaceFirst you have to accompany HBase, you can see, fully distributed similar2 HBase Configure 2.1 HUE profile settings, locate the HBase label, and configure the following# comma-separated List of HBase Thrift servers forClusters in the format of ' (Name|host:port) '. # Use full hostname with security. # If using Kerberos we assume GSSAPI SASL, not PLAIN. Hbase_clusters= (cluster1|spark-1421-0

[Full modeling] How to use configuration management tools

This article is selected from the second version of "Software Engineering refers to full modeling implementation". Different from the previous article, this section of text is newly written and compiled from the configuration management aspects in the blog, because the manuscript has not been completed yet, I am sorry for my friends and want to share some of the content with you. Note: Because images cannot

Network Management and network configuration (Net-tools family (ifcfg family), Iproute family, NM family)

The following is the CentOS network management and network configurationWe set the network properties for the NIC in two ways, manually configured and automatically configured. The automatic configuration is obtained from the DHCP server on the host network and has at least one DHCP server. Manual configuration is available in two ways, using commands and modifyi

Penetration engineer Redis entry-installation configuration, basic operations and common management tools

in C Language (2) ruby ClientRedis-rb (3) python ClientRedis-py (4) node. js ClientNode-redis 2. Management Tools(1) phpRedisAdmin know what it is. I like phpMyAdmin. 1) InstallationCd/var/www/web root directoryGit clone

Use configuration management tools to optimize server-to-personnel ratios

Configuration Management and automation tools such as Puppet and Opscode Chef are generated for large cloud computing and Web 2.0 organizations. Google used to be a Puppet user, and Opscode also has customers such as the Evite website. I'm afraid not many enterprise IT users are as large as Google, but they also agree that co

Hadoop Management Tools Hue Configuration

the first step)sudo apt-get install Gitgit clone HTTPS:// git1.2 Need to install some dependent packages, the official website gives some, if the environment is not the same, flexible adjustment, git above the list of dependent files: Https:// | Development prerequisitesApt-get install Python2. 7-dev\libkrb5-dev \libxml2-dev \libxslt-dev \libsqlite3- Dev \libssl-dev \libldap2-dev \python-pip1.3 Maven is

"Database" Mean Web development 02-windows under MongoDB installation configuration and common client management tools

save: # database path # log output file path Logappend=true# error log with append mode journal=true# Enable log file, enabled by default quiet=true# This option can filter out some useless log information, if need to debug use please set to False # the port number defaults to 27017 3. Open the CMD command box CD to the MongoDB Bin directory and start MongoDB with the following command: "C : \program Files\mongodb\server\3.4\mongo.conf " 4. After the command is executed, enter http:/

Ansible O & M automation-configuration management tools

= root group = root mode = 777" [[Email protected] shell] # ll/root/array. sh-rwxrwxrwx 1 Root 323 Oct 25 13:01/root/array. sh # permission change note: the remote host user exists and the group exists; otherwise, the copy fails. (5) download the specified URL content to the remote host.[[emailprotected] SHELL]# ansible manage-other -m get_url -a "url= dest=/root/index.html" Summary:Command: shell command with remote execution permission.Script: Execute the control script

Configuration of Linux networks, DNS settings, management of Linux hosts through Remote Tools

to be manually configured, automatically get it.(4) Restart the network card to make the configuration file effectiveService Network restart650) this.width=650; "Src=" 3-wmp_4-s_1669277228.jpg "title=" qq20170814123533.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1mrkjbikyhuaaartri9wzy591.jpg-wh_50 "/>Comments:All four states must be OK, otherwise the settings are problematic and need to be res

Good management tools for Java applications maven download installation and configuration

1. Enter Maven's official: Scroll down the page and click this zip package to download:3. Unzip the package and cut it to a directory on your Mac to complete the MAVEN installation (this example resides in the current user's Java folder):4. Open the. bash_profile file in the terminal, and configure the environment variable for maven:Open-e. Bash_profileIn the. Bash_profile window, add the following configuration:maven_home=/users/mac.manon/java/apache-maven

Configuration management tools Saltstack custom Grains

(Os.path.dirname (Os.path.dirnam E (files))+'/logs/access.log') grains['Nginx_dir'] =Nginx_dir grains['Nginx_log'] =Nginx_logreturnGrainsif __name__=='__main__': Nginx ()Synchronizing and viewing grains information for a definition # Salt 192.168 saltutil.sync_grains 192.168 - Grains.nginx 192.168 . grains.item nginx_conf nginx_log nginx_bin 192.168 . ---------- nginx_bin: -/data/prg/nginx-magicube/sbin/nginx -/data/prg/ tengine-pla

MYSQL Zip free installation configuration steps and graphical management tools Mysql-workbench_mysql

installed. 2.2 Configuring Environment variablesAdd the MySQL bin path inside the path of the environment variable, and then directly execute the MySQL command directly in the run. The steps are as follows: Computer/My Computer –> Select Properties –> Select Advanced, environment variable –> double click the path variable in the "System variable" and add the MySQL Bin directory path to the front. Such as: Copy Code code as follows: D:\mysql-5.5.25\bin> 2.3 Start MySQ

Ansible 1.9.0 released to take a look at this configuration management upstart _ Automatic shipping Tools

The main changes in the Ansible 1.9.0 (version code is dancing in the street,ansible each major version of a song in the Vanhallen band) are: Added Kerberos support to WinRM Connection plugin. Tags rehaul:added ' all ', ' always ', ' untagged ' and ' tagged ' special tags and normalized tag resolution. Added tag information to--list-tasks and new--list-tags option. Privilege escalation generalization, new '

Linux TCP/IP network management tools: Net-tools VS iproute2

Many system administrators still use Ifconfig, route, ARP, netstat command combinations to manage and debug network configurations, which are provided by the Net-tools package, but in the arch Linux, centos7/ RHEL7 and other distributions have been replaced with Iproute2 Net-toolsiproute2 is another network configuration tool to replace the function of net-tools;

Linux TCP/IP network management tools: Net-tools VS iproute2

Blog:http://www.simlinux.comMany system administrators still use Ifconfig, route, ARP, netstat command combinations to manage and debug network configurations, which are provided by the Net-tools package, but in the arch Linux, centos7/ RHEL7 and other distributions have been replaced with Iproute2 Net-toolsiproute2 is another network configuration tool to replace the function of net-

Project management: Introduction to code Warehouse management, Project schedule management and continuous integration tools

can review each other's revised code, decide whether to submit, return, or continue to modify. It uses the version control system, git as the bottom.3. Project defect and schedule management: RedminePart of the overlap with Gitlab's functionality, he is a code defect management and tracking software, but more focused and naturally more powerful, it integrates the various functions required for project

Redis Research (14th)-management tools, redis research tools

Redis Research (14th)-management tools, redis research toolsTo do well, you must first sharpen your tools. When using Redis, if you can effectively use various Redis management tools, it will greatly facilitate development and management

Java Open Source tools: A list of web development tools

server yourself, and you can easily solve extensibility issues.2. Database management tools for the Objectify-appengine:gae platform.3. GitHub: Code hosting service.Second, the Java programming environment4. Eclipse: A well-known Java integrated development environment.A plugin for 5.lombok:eclipse that automatically generates Java code, reducing the amount of code that is manually entered.6. Guice: A ligh

"Itoo-Tools" cross-platform project management tools--maven

guidance documentation , Maven is an essential part of the installation and use of . Skilled Configuration Maven It's our basic skill. .Maventhe core of the project isPom.xml. POM (Project Object Model),Project Object Model,defines the basic information of the project,used to describe how a project is built,declaring project dependencies, etc..asItooof thePom.xmlfile as,The following code example:This code defines the basic coordinates of a project .

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