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Configure Custom SSL Certificate for RDP on Windows Server at Remote administration mode

Q:So the release of Windows Server have removed a lot of the old Remote Desktop related configuration utilities. In particular, there are no more Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration Utility This gave you access to the RDP -TCP Properties dialog that let's configure a custom certificate for the RDSH to use. In it place was a nice new consolidated GUI that's

Windows Remote Desktop (MSTSC) access to Ubuntu through the RDP protocol

(0.5.0-2) ...* Generating xrdp RSA keys ...Generating bit RSA key ...Ssl_gen_key_xrdp1 OKSaving To/etc/xrdp/rsakeys.ini[OK] * Starting Remote Desktop Protocol Server [OK] 2. Configure XRDPThe goal is to let XRDP transmit the remote service 2D desktop, the default transmission is 3D desktop, there may be a problem.zhou@desktop:~$ sudo vim/etc/xrdp/!/bin/shif [-r/etc/default/locale]; Then. /etc/default/localeExport LANG LANGUAGEFiecho "Gnom

Using MSYS2 + vs code to configure C + + compilation environments in Windows 10 environments

: {"Configurations": [{"Name": "Mac", "Includepath": ["/usr/include" ], "Browse": {"limitsymbolstoincludedheaders": true, "Databasefi Lename ":" "}}, {" Name ":" Linux "," Includepath ": [" /usr/include "]," browse ": {" limitsymbolstoincludedheaders ": true, ' DatabaseFileName ': ' '}}, {' name ': ' Win32 ', ' Includepath ': [ "c:/msys32/mingw32/include/c++/6.1.0/*", "c:/msys32/mingw32/i686-w64-mingw32/include/*", "C:/msys32/mingw32/include"], "br

Graphic tutorial on how to install and configure mysql 5.7.17 in Windows 10, windows105.7.17

Graphic tutorial on how to install and configure mysql 5.7.17 in Windows 10, windows105.7.17 In this article, I will explain in detail how to install the latest MySQL database version on Windows 10, that is, MySQL 5.7.17 compressed database.I will not talk about downloading

How to configure a PHP site on Windows 10 + IIS7.5, windows10iis7.5

How to configure a PHP site on Windows 10 + IIS7.5, windows10iis7.5 I have been writing PHP recently, but I like Microsoft's development environment and Windows hardware environment very much. I just want to configure the PHP site on IIS, which is convenient to use, after r

Windows 10 x64 installation and configuration of Oracle 11g process records (Graphic tutorial), Windows 10 11g

Windows 10 x64 installation and configuration of Oracle 11g process records (Graphic tutorial), Windows 10 11g Note: I want to install an oracle exercise on my computer, but I am afraid of problems during the installation process, and oracle uninstallation is notoriously troublesome, therefore, a system with the same v

Windows 10 (2) and Windows 10

Windows 10 (2) and Windows 10 [Download source code]Backwater world war I Windows 10 (2)-UI: Overview, startup screen, screen direction Author: webabcdIntroductionUI of Windows

Dockone technology Sharing (13): 10 questions take you to know Windows Docker

relationship between the container and the sandbox?Once saw a great comment, must share to you: Sandboxing is focused in just security with code isolation. Containers has some security code isolation, but it's not the only or primary purpose. One-to-think about containers are as a layered/quarantined filesystem which makes it quick/easy/lightweight to run an A Pplication and also makes the application (in the container) very portable. As we can see, in

Windows Server Technical Preview (Windows Server 10) installation experience

650) this.width=650; "title=" clip_image001 "style=" Display:inline "alt=" clip_image001 "src=" Attachment/201410/5/2661587_14125193808urj.png "456" height= "/>" October 1 for the Chinese people is a very big festival, it is not only the birthday of the motherland, but also the beginning of a seven-day small holiday, It is also a good time for people to go out and play. Microsoft unveiled a new generation of Windows

[New portal] windows azure Virtual Machine (10) custom windows azure Virtual Machine template windows azure platf

1) 5. Use four custom azure Virtual Machine templates to create azure vitual machine with IIS 1. First, we log on to the Windows azure Management Interface: 2. Create a virtual machine. In the operating system, select Windows Server 2012 and configure the relevant machine name and DNS name. For example: 3. After the v

Windows 10 official version process record and experience, windows official version

Windows 10 official version process record and experience, windows official versionWindows 10 official version upgrade process record and experience [Multi-chart Warning] 50 images, about 4.6 MBSystem Overview: Pre-installed Windows 8.1 Chinese Version The Users folder on dr

Quick FIX: Windows Setup cannot configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware

withManual OperationMsoobe.ext Enable the configuration method,Quick FIX: Windows Setup cannot configure Windows to run on this computer's hardwareI installed my own encounter is blue this error, the following this also has netizens said to install the driver and other methods to solve.Note: The main content of this article is transferred from other netizens, I w

How to configure IIS in Windows XP

How to configure IIS in Windows XPDebug ASP in Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systemsProgramFirst, you must determine whether your installed system has an ASP debugging environment. IIS (Internet Information Service) is a simple operating platform provided by Microsoft for developers, the following describes how

[New portal] windows azure Virtual Machine (4) Configure Virtual Machine SQL Server database and firewall rules windows azure PLA

have observed that data, log, and backup are stored in "C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft SQL Server" by default. Modify the path to the path of the created disk as follows: 8. Create the following folders on the VM Disk: F: \ data, G: \ logs and G: \ Backups 9. Restart the SQL Server service. 10. In SSMs, expand security --> logins --> Find the SA account, right-click, and select Properties 11. In login properties, modify the SA password. Rem

Microsoft official Windows 10 Deployment Information link Address: Deploy windows with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

Microsoft Official Windows 10 Department of information, written in very detailed, including deployment platform setup, image import, sample machine production, application installation, hardware driver identification, WIN7 upgrade, etc., is a very good use of MDT UPDATE 1 deployment of Windows 10 information, recommen

How to configure Windows 2012 and Windows 2008 multiple users to log on to Remote Desktop at the same time

=" Wkiom1zd8ilivbhkaacuqxy6ynu649.png "/>8. Return to the connection interface and double-click on "Limit number of connections" in the "Connection" screen:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Qq20151112090821.png "alt=" Wkiom1zd8kfhats9aacz3wh0mhc229.png "/>9, in the "limit the number of connections" screen, select "Enabled"---> and then in the option "Allowed Rd Maximum Connections" Inside the choice you can accept the max

How to make Windows 8/windows 10 users also use Docker

/7C/wKiom1UKICGicfZTAAC-XLaFAJI603.jpg " alt= "Wkiom1ukicgicfztaac-xlafaji603.jpg"/>Finally, we can open the Web browser directly in Windows, enter the following address (note the IP address and port number), can configure and access our built in the Docker container wordpress blog! this.width=650; "title=" 9.jpg "style=" height:430px;width:662px; "border=" 0 "hspace=" 0 "src=" http:

Configure Windows Server 2008 to allow multi-user Remote Desktop connections

When Remote Desktop is turned on, when you remotely access a Windows Server 2008 server, only one user name is supported by default and only one remote connection is created, and the new connection is kicked off the previous one and there is no way to do it like Windows Server 2005 allow multiple users to connect remotely with the same user name at the same time? Open Administrative Tools, Remote Desk

Windows Server IIS configure PHP and MySQL environment graphics tutorials

! 3 Click Intall Start Installation 4 Skip Registration 5 Do you want to configure MySQL now? You can also configure it later in the Configuration Wizard of the Start menu.Here is the configuration now 6 Select detailed Configuration (Details set), click Next to continue 7 The option below is to choose what type of MySQL is applied to, the first is the development of the server, will o

Install and configure MySQL (5.6.20) under Windows

Windows service to install Mysqld and uninstall MYSQLD services.Install the MySQL service, enter the D:\mysql-5.6.20-winx64\bin directory to perform the installationMysqld InstallUninstalling the MySQL serviceMysqld Remove6. Go to Service Manager7. Start the MySQL start MySQL start MySQL service, net stop MySQL stop MySQL service9. You can also turn off the MySQL service using the mysqladmin command.

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