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Confluence and Jira reboot after confluence start error, can't open webpage

Restarted the Jira and confluence servicesJira service Normal, webpage normal access, confluence port is pass, ping ip,ping domain name All pass, just can't open webpage, report 404Cd/home/confluence/logsTail-f catalina.out waiting to view boot logNew open a server SSH connectionCd/home/confluence/bin./stop-confluence.

CentOS 6.5+confluence 5.1.2+mysql5.6.16-Installation Notes

/viewpage.action?pageId=2163651 Confluence mainland Agent website, including Chinese demo Install the required packages1.0 jdk1.7 (used in this case)

Confluence 6 Introduction to using CSS style confluence

This page explains how confluence changes the look and feel by modifying the CSS.Cascading style sheets (cascading style Sheets (CSS)) are the industrialized standard for styling Web pages. The content of the Web page will be converted to HTML language, the display of the page, the appearance, etc. need to be defined through a CSS file. You can upload a CSS text file, or you can enter stylesheet directly after you apply the stylesheet to a space or th

Confluence 6 Database Consolidation Method 2: For running instances with a large number of attachments

Setup PreparationThis method is only stored in the file system for attachments. If you are storing attachments in a database, refer to the contents of the Attachment Storage Configuration document to find out how to consolidate between 2 different file storage methods.Step 1: Record your pluginRecord the plugins you have recently installed and enabled in confluence, which you can reinstall or tweak later. For the plugin you installed, you need to reco

Install confluence under windows and crack Chinese

Note: This article is from "installing confluence under windows and cracking Chinese "first, prepare beforehand1: JDK Download and install: Jdk-6u45-windows-i586.exe2: MySQL JDBC Connection driver: Mysql-connector-java-5.1.25.zip3: MySQL database download and install: This is recommended here, no need to install MySQL and configuration save a lot.4: Create confluence user in MySQ

[Linux] Linux cracked version confluence installation

OS CentOS 6.5 The required installation packages are as follows: Jre-7u67-linux-x64.rpmatlassian-confluence-5.4.4-x64.binmysql-connector-java-5.1.32-bin.jarconfluence5.1-crack.zipconflue NCE-5.4.4-LANGUAGE-PACK-ZH_CN.JAR:HTTP://PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1I3D5RU1 downloaded the compressed package extracted is the top 5 packets.Note: These 5 packages need to be uploaded to your Linux system, using WINSCP similar software. First, the

Confluence 6 method of database Consolidation 1: Basic process

Tags: confluenceStep 1: Record your pluginRecord the plugins you have recently installed and enabled in confluence, which you can reinstall or tweak later. For the plugin you installed, you need to record some of the following: Plug-in Name Version number Enables or disables the state. This can help you with some of the modules that enable disabling Confluence, and can help you modify the d

[Forwarding]confluence wiki installation cracked Chinese

Description: This article in the confluence-wiki-5.6.5 version of the pro-test passed(including the wiki program and all the files needed to crack the Chinese) First, unzip the zip file after the attachment file 1.atlassian-confluence-5.6.5.tar.gz Confluence Wiki Official program 2.mysql-connector-java-5.1.25-bin.jar if using MySQL requires thi

Build confluence in the CentOS environment

Task 2Objective: To complete the construction of confluence. Meaning: Confluence is an open-source wiki system, which is built and cracked locally, and is an essential skill for operations, and after the wiki has been put together, it can be used to organize its own experience and statistics. step: 1. Download the Confluence stable version. 2. Install and crack.

Project management tools-Confluence

Preface The previous two articles talk about project management tools at the code level. This article will introduce the knowledge management tools, which are also part of project management. When it comes to knowledge management, what do you think? Woven network? Find a node? Yes, this is personal knowledge management. What about a project or an enterprise? How should enterprises build networks and find nodes. You must have heard of the word wiki. Confluenc

Confluence Installation Deployment

1. installation package DownloadJdk‐8u77‐linux‐x64.rpmatlassian‐confluence‐5.9.7.tar.gzmysql‐connector‐java‐5.1.24.tar.gzconfluence‐5.4.4‐ Language‐pack‐zh_cnPackage Description:JDK‐8U77‐LINUX‐X64.RPM//java Environment Pack atlassian‐confluence‐5.9.7.tar.gz//confluence Source package mysql‐connector‐java‐5.1.24. tar.gz//mysql Connection Package

How to install and configure Jira and confluence Wiki

/ATLAS/Guide+to+Installing+an+Atlassian+Integrated+Suite) To describe how to install and configure Jira/greenhopper/confluence/fisheye/crucible/bamboo, and enable them to work together. This document also has an alias "Atlassian"Dragon Quest", translated into "Dragon slaughter", describes how to install and configure the above six products by playing eight-level games, this also shows that installing and configuring the Atlassian product is just as di

Confluence 6 using the basic configuration of Apache and Mod_proxy

In these examples, we use the following information: -The URL you plan to usehttp://example:8090/ -Confluence the host name and port currently installedhttp://example:8091/ -synchrony currently installed hostname and port, this service is used to provide the default co-editing service/confluence -This is about the context you

Confluence 6 using a WebDAV client to manipulate the page

The following section shows you how to set up a native WebDAV client in a different system, which is typically displayed in your operating System's file browser, such as Windows Explorer or Linux Konqueror.Access confluence in Mac OSX FinderYou can connect successfully, but you can't see the content while using HTTPS. For confluence Cloud, You can't use the Mac OSX Finder to access webdav, which you can acc

Ubuntu 14.04 configuration confluence hack

1. Configure the Java environment, please participate in my other blogHttp:// Download the fileHttps:// Configure permissions[Email protected]:/usr/local/src# cp/home/hett/atlassian-confluence-5.6.6-x64.bin./[Email protected]:/usr/local/src# chmod +x Atlassian-confluence-5.6.6-x64.bin[Email protected]:/usr/local/src#4. Instal

CentOS Installation Confluence Wiki steps

Reference: Reference: required Files centos-6.5-x86_64- Minimal.isojre-7u67-linux-x64.rpmatlassian-confluence-5.4.4-x64.binmysql-connector-java-5.1.32-bin.jarconfluence5.1-crack . Zipconfluence-5.4.4-language-pack-zh_cn.jar1, installation Centos6.5The default installation is complete. and set up a good network.yum-y Update#更新所有套件2. Install JavaMkdir/usr/javaCreate a new Java f

Confluence 5.8.6 upgrade to 5.10.1

Download the latest version of Https:// Upload to Server Extract Tar zxf atlassian-confluence-5.10.1.tar.gz CD ZXF atlassian-confluence-5.10.1 Copy the Atlassian-extras-3.2.jar (hack plugin) to CP Atlassian-confluence-5.8.6/

Confluence permission management

Users and groups Users are independent individuals that can log on to the confluence system. in most cases, a user represents a person, but you can also register an account for the partner to access the site. for example, a robot sitting in a chat-room and relaying the logs to a confluence page via the soap API might have its own user account. On the Management page, the site administrator creates a new

Installation and integration of Jira and confluence (3)

1. decompress and copy the entire confluence directory under the confluence-2.3.3-stdUnder the atlassian-jira-enterprise-3.6.3-standalone directory, the same level as Atlassian-Jira 2. Set the FileOpen confluence/WEB-INF/classes/confluence-init.p

Confluence 6 consider using custom CSS

Knowledge Reserve of CSSIf you do not have knowledge about CSS, please refer to the content in the page CSS Resources section. Before you start to make changes to the Confluence style sheet, you should have some knowledge of the CSS and a repository for it.SafetyCustom CSS has the potential to inject scripts into the page, with the risk of cross-site attacks Cross-site scripting (XSS). When the custom script upload feature is enabled, the space admini

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