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Take a look at the product lines for foreign saas, such as salesforce, NetSuite and zendesk, and more (salesforce buys $750 million for cloud computing word processing Applications Quip)

To see what they do, I do what I do ~ even better than they do.------------------------------------------------------------Sina Science and technology Beijing time August 3 afternoon news, The U.S. cloud computing CRM software provider Salesforce is still a big acquisition to expand the category of cloud computing applications and services, the company has just announced the acquisition of cloud computing word processing application Quip.The deal is m

Confluence and Jira reboot after confluence start error, can't open webpage

Restarted the Jira and confluence servicesJira service Normal, webpage normal access, confluence port is pass, ping ip,ping domain name All pass, just can't open webpage, report 404Cd/home/confluence/logsTail-f catalina.out waiting to view boot logNew open a server SSH connectionCd/home/confluence/bin./stop-confluence.

Getting Started with SalesForce started out as a cloud-ready sales Automation (Sale Force Automation, SFA) and CRM tool (Customer relationship Management, CRM), But after so many years of evolution, it has become a common platform to build any enterprise application. The name Salesforce is a legacy of history, although the Salesforce1 platform still offers SFA and CRM applications, but it is a fundamental platform for building modern enterprise systems.Prices and Feat

How to create a Web service in Salesforce for external system calls

Web service can be created in Salesforce for external system calls, and the calling interface can be provided externally as soap or rest, followed by a detailed description of how to create a Web in soap Service and make a simple call with a program. 1): Create the following class in Salesforce "NOTE: If you want to make it a Web service, then class must be defined as global, with the specific met

Web server services for Java development through the SOAP API and the metadata API in Salesforce

1. Download the WSDL file in the Salesforce platformOnce we have created the objects that we need to use in Salesforce, we want to read and write records to objects in other applications, the first thing we need is the permission of our Salesforce platform. Log in to your salesforce and download the WSDL file.In the to

"Cloud Alert", "Salesforce Cloud Services" Makeover ", and will launch a new financial services cloud"

2015-08-27 Zhang Xiaodong Oriental Cloud InsightClick on the link text above to quickly follow the "East Cloud Insights" public 's appearance and interface are about to be greatly upgraded, and the new interface is a big change for the user's original usage habits. Salesforce Senior vice President Moxley introduction says: salesforce has designed a new user interface that we call " l

How to integrate wordpress with Salesforce

How can we better use wordpress sites and CRM (Customer Management )? One of the best options is to use Salesforce, but the two did not have a better combination in the past. What is Salesforce? The world's leader in On-Demand CRM solutions offers unparalleled customer success rates. For more information, see Baidu encyclopedia This article will show you how to integ

Inter pinch, Salesforce calls for EU investigation into Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn deals

In Thursday, Salesforce called on EU regulators to conduct a full investigation into Microsoft's deal to buy LinkedIn for $26 billion, foreign media reported. Microsoft is expected to seek EU antitrust approvals for the deal in the next few weeks. It's the biggest deal in Microsoft's history.650) this.width=650; "alt=" mutual pinch, salesforce calls on the EU to investigate Microsoft's acquisition of the Li

Read and update XML files in the static resource of salesforce

I haven't been in the garden for a long time. One is busy with work, but some trivial matters in my life make me unable to "idle". Recently I have just finished some projects, and I have been idle for some time, when I visited the garden, I suddenly had the urge to write a blog. I have been working for four years since I was just working. I have been working on development and system integration based on the salesforce platform. There have been some "

How to add Workflow rule in Salesforce

In Salesforce, you can add workflow rule to perform specific actions, such as saying that when a field of object changes, the other field is modified according to the value of the change, and the function of trigger is very similar. However, trigger needs to encode the logic needed to complete the code, while the Acton specified by workflow rule is more out-of-box-biased. What if you create a workflow rule? Please see the following simple procedure

Salesforce Open Source Transmogrifai: End-to-end AUTOML library for structured data

AUTOML is the rapid construction of AI models through automated machine learning, which simplifies the machine learning process and makes it easier for more people to use AI technology. Recently, software industry giant Salesforce Open source of its automl library Transmogrifai. Shubha Nabar, senior director of data science at Salesforce Einstein, wrote about the AUTOML library, including workflow and desig

Salesforce empties the database with truncate

Tags: field HTTPS NIS logical counter Loader user Reference profileIf you want to quickly empty the table in MySQL, you can use the truncate command.Truncate is able to quickly and easily erase data without any differences. The syntax for using truncate in MySQL isTRUNCATE table [table Name]; The Truncate feature is also available in Salesforce. However, just providing a button does not provide any code and the way the API calls truncate.So the right

Salesforce 0 Basic Learning (85) Streaming API Simple to use (near real-time get the updated message status of the data you need to track)

Streaming API Reference Links:Https:// At work we may have such a requirement: Some data is important, real-time monitoring is needed for changes, or some data is integrated in other platforms. If there is a change, do not refresh the page or do other trigger and other operations can receive the relevant changes to the push notificat

Salesforce Self-Learning (i)

Salesforce learning-reaching apex; Learning Goals:1. Describe the key features of Apex program language;2. Save an Apex class and use another apex class to invoke its method;3, use developer console check debug log;Start learning Apex:Apex is a programming language that uses class Java syntax and uses a database-like stored procedure, Apex allows developers to add business logic to system events, such as clicking buttons, updating related records, and

Salesforce quickly views the components that are introduced into the package

When a new version of the Salesforce package is generated, it is often necessary to check which new components will be introduced into the packages, This in the case of a number of components will be a little dazzling, in order to facilitate, I want to use JS to the package has been introduced to filter out, so there is the following JS fragment, recorded, easy to use in the future! 1. First, first, the introduction of jquery, because the pure JS

How to invoke the Web Service provided by an external system in Salesforce

There is a need to provide a WSDL file for the external service (salesforce only supports uploading from the local area), and the WSDL file provided has the following two requirements: 1): WSDL file can only have one binding,salesforce is not supported by multiple binding 2): WSDL file contains all schema information, Salesforce is not supported by import of ex

Inter pinch, Salesforce calls for EU investigation into Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn deals

In Thursday, Salesforce called on EU regulators to conduct a full investigation into Microsoft's deal to buy LinkedIn for $26 billion, foreign media reported. Microsoft is expected to seek EU antitrust approvals for the deal in the next few weeks. It's the biggest deal in Microsoft's history.650) this.width=650; "alt=" mutual pinch, salesforce calls on the EU to investigate Microsoft's acquisition of the Li

Salesforce custom button (JavaScript execution), click the button update filed

Learning salesforce for one months, the document also read a lot, but most of them did not delve into. Salesforce abroad a lot of documents, the previous Java Baidu can be a lot of solutions, now do Salesforce is to improve the ability of many Google search. Google a lot of things in China are to shield off, general search not what things, suggest Google browser

Problem about the Salesforce SOAP API 32.0 in. Net Project

A problem has recently been encountered in an integration project project: When you integrate in. Net with the latest version of Enterprise wsdl (API 32.0), class errors are initialized when you initialize Sforceservice. This is the Salesforce in the new version of the soap API bug, in the previous version does not have this problem, you need attention.The specific error message is as follows:Message:sync error,system.typeinitializationexception:the t

C # calls Salesforce WebService Auto-generated CS file bug

A recent company project to invoke Salesforce's CRM system API, some of the problems encountered in the recordOne: Add a Web Service reference1.11.21.3: Copy Address bar address1.4 Paste the copied address contents into the URL input boxSecond: Compile the project, click Start Run2.1: Direct Error2.1: All blame we too believe Microsoft, vs also have bug, later in a foreigner blog to see similar situation, F12 into the generated SforceService.cs press ctrl+f find all ListviewrecordcolumnListviewr

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