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Learn: Angular translate and Google Translate and Microsoft translate

Https:// Translate 1 million words is $ $, if less than you have to pay $, completely no free oh ~Limit is 2 million per day, meaning the world average is 2 million translations, if you want to increase to 50M, still have to call them ... In other words, no more than 50M is $The translation of the page is free, and you can add tracking code (

How to use Google Chrome to translate webpages: Google Chrome to translate webpages

1. After opening Google's browser, click "set" in the upper right corner of the figure on the right. The details are as follows:2. Click "Display advanced settings" in the "Settings" panel, and click "Show Advanced Settings". The details are shown in the following figure.3. Click "language and input settings" in the language, as shown in the following figure.4. Then you can select the language to b

Use Google Translate/Microsoft translate to quickly enable your blog to support multiple languages

Google Translate/Microsoft translation enables your blog to support multiple languages. This is a free online language translation service that can automatically translate text and webpages in real time, supports translation between Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Chinese, Italian, Russian, and other languages. 1. Google

Google Translate API

Recently, I am working on a task, but there is little information on the Internet. After several twists and turns, I finally got it done. The implementation process is very simple. Share it out so that you do not need to find it for a long time like me. Google Translate changed to a paid version after upgrading to 2.0. Therefore, you must first apply for a key from Goog

Google Translate API

Recently in a task, but little information on the Internet, after a few twists and turns, finally got it. The implementation process is very simple, take out share, so that everyone like me for a long time. Google translation to upgrade to 2.0 after the fee version, so first need to apply to Google a key. The pay standard is 20 dollars per 1 million text characters (feel small).

Getting started with python web crawler (2) -- using python to call Google Translate

Getting started with python web crawler (2) -- using python to call Google Translate I have been reading documents outside China recently. I don't know some new words. Google Translate is used for understanding, and F12 is used to view the source code on the next page. It is found that

Google Translate PDF documentation

Google Translate PDF documentation Although there are many translation software, there are very few software that can be used for full-text/full-text translation, Documents involving professional technologies and human resources competent for translation work are scarce, so engineers are indispensable; Because most of them are in PDF format, even if you want to tra

PHP call Google translate _ PHP Tutorial

PHP calls Google translate .? Php ** PHP calls Google translate * author: cc * date: 201254 * functiontranslate ($ text, $ languagezh-cn | en) {if (emptyempty ($ text) returnfalse; @ set_time_limit (0); $ html; $ chcur /* * PHP calls Google

Google attempts to translate new technologies in real time and translates 100 languages at the same time

Google believes that people will be able to rely on machine logic in the future and not linguists to translate documents into the world's main language immediately. Google's program is called "Statistical machine Translation" (Statistical machine translation), which is different from previous efforts. In the past, people have put grammar rules and dictionaries set up by linguists into computers.

C # implement Google Translate API,

C # implement Google Translate API, Since Google Translate's official API is a paid version, in the spirit of free and open source, share the code for implementing Google Translate API with C. This code is very simple, mainly divided into two parts: request content through W

Zen-cart website page Add Google Translate

Many browsers have the ability to automatically translate Web pages, such as Google Chrome, in fact, through the Google API interface can also be added to the Zen-cart site page of a translation selection box, as follows: The following is the code to add:! Start Google Tra Many browsers have the abili

Google Translate integrates neural networks: machine translation for disruptive breakthroughs

Selected from Google Analytics Author: Quoc v. Le, Mike Schuster The heart of the machine compiles Participation: Wu Yu Yesterday, Google published a paper on "Google's neural machine translation system:bridging the Gap between Human and machine translation" Introducing Google's neural machine translation System (GNMT), the heart of the day machine was translated and recommended to the website (w

Google Translate PDF documentation

Google Translate PDF documentationAlthough there are many translation software, there are very few software that can be used for full-text/full-text translation,Documents involving professional technologies and human resources competent for translation work are scarce, so engineers are indispensable;Because most of them are in PDF format, even if you want to translate

Google Translate tools

Google Translate tools uses the APIS provided by goolge to write a translation tool,CodeIt is easy to run as follows: Download Google Translate API: from Google's official website The translation code is as follows:

Python calls Google Translate API translation

1, the installation of related modules Pip Install--upgrade Google-cloud Or Pip Install--upgrade google-cloud-translate 2, before invoking the API for translation, you need to install the relevant certificate The official website provides the method to have three kinds: 1, installs the Google Cloud SDK downloadi

Python3 uses the urllib example to retrieve googletranslate (Google translate)

This article describes how to use urllib to retrieve googletranslate (Google translate, The code is as follows: #! /Usr/bin/env python3#-*-Coding: UTF-8 -*-# File Name: Purpose:# Creation Date: 1390366260# Last Modified: Wed 22 Jan 2014 06:14:11 PM CST# Release By: Doom. zhou Import urllib. requestImport sys Typ = sys. getfilesystemencoding () Def translate

Python calls Google Translate API for translation

Call Google translation API for translation #!/usr/bin/python #coding: UTF-8 import sys reload (SYS) sys.setdefaultencoding (' UTF8 ') from xml.etree import Eleme Nttree as ET #引入解析xml文件的模块 import re import urllib,urllib2 #引入接入网络接口API的模块 from socket import error as SocketError IM Port errno import OS import string #调用google translator API to translate def

Integrate Google Translate with jquery

Easily integrate Google Translate into your web App with jquery.1. [Code][javascript] Code?1?2 [Code]loadscript, setting the path?? 1LoadScript (ScriptPath + "jquery-blockui.js");2LoadScript (ScriptPath + "jquery.translate-1.4.7.min.js");3LoadScript (ScriptPath + "jquery.cookie.js");? 3.Code [JavaScript] Code01function Getscriptspath () {Scripts var = document.getelementsbytagname ("script");The var regex =

PHP Google's translate API code _php tips

Create a new ANSI PHP file, and then make a class: Copy Code code as follows: Header ("content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 "); Class google_api_translator{ Public $opts = Array ("text" => "", "Language_pair" => "En|it"); Public $out = ""; function Setopts ($opts) { if ($opts ["text"]!= "") $this->opts["Text" = $opts ["text"]; if ($opts ["Language_pair"]!= "") $this->opts["Language_pair"] = $opts ["Language_pair"]; } function translate

Google Translate interface (PHP API) _php Tutorial

/* Google Translate PHP interface* Official Written 2009-03-28** Note: If the translated text is UTF-8 encoded, delete the Mb_convert_encoding function*/Class Google_api_translator {Public $url = "";Public $text = "";//Translated textPublic $out = ""; Translation outputfunction SetText ($text) {$this->text = $text;}function

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