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Android phone to connect the example code of the _android printer via Bluetooth

The printer used is a good Bo printer, support Bluetooth, WiFi, USB I am using Bluetooth to connect. On the internet to find a good Bo official for Android development of the app source code, but a variety of jumps, did not see too understand, so again to ask Niang, found a good article

Android Official Development Document Training Series Course Chinese version: Connect wireless devices via peer Search Network Service

!}@Override Public void onfailure(intCode) {//Command failed. Check for p2p_unsupported, ERROR, or BUSY if(Code = = wifip2pmanager.p2p_unsupported) {LOG.D (TAG,"Peer to Do" T supported on this device. ");Else if(...) ... } });If all the above has been done, then you can shout Hallelujah and have completed all the steps. If you encounter a problem and look for the method that takes Wifip2pmanager.actionlistener as a parameter, this callback method tell

Android Phone (mobile/pad) connect wireless network Settings guide

The detailed setup steps for the Android terminal to connect the wireless signal to the Internet are as follows: The first step, on the mobile desktop to find and click the settings icon, as shown in the following image: Note: There are differences in the interface styles of different manufacturers, this article introduces

Remove the USB cable without a wireless router. Use a laptop (Win7 system) to quickly connect to your Android phone (requires Wifi support)

Are you still using a USB cable to connect your mobile phone to access sdcard ?, You are out. This article will tell you that if you connect your laptop to your mobile phone through wifi and quickly access sdcard, you certainly do not need a wireless router. Prerequisites The laptop system is windows 7, and the wireless

Android Official Development Document Training Series Course Chinese: Connect wireless devices to create a peer connection via WiFi

(info.groupformed) {//The other device acts as the client. In the case, //You'll want to create a client thread this connects to the group //owner.} }The Now returns to the OnReceive () method of the broadcast receiver, modifying the portion of the listening wifi\_p2p\_connection\_changed\_action, and invoking the Requestconnectioninfo () method when the intent is received. This is an asynchronous method, so the result is returned by the parameter: Connection informatio

How Android phones connect to a hidden WiFi wireless network

1, we in the Android phone's desktop click on the set to enter after we then, click Wi-Fi, the following figure: 2, click to add WLAN network , (because the search is not so only click to add a network): 3, manually enter the router's SSID, wireless password and other parameters, click on storage , save the wireless profile, the following figure:

Ubuntu14.04 Create wireless Wifi,android to connect to the Internet

As an Ubuntu novice, want to create WiFi through the computer, so that the phone can connect to the Internet.No software configuration, the other computer is connected to display (insufficient) privilege and the phone is not connectedLooked for a long time, has been unable to find the right method, today found a method here, you can useHowever, you need to enable Administrator account http://she

Select an appropriate wireless printer Server

can easily share multiple devices over the network, reducing the time to send print tasks to print servers. By testing with a series of different printer models, the DPR-1260 provides a high degree of compatibility. Printers on the network are open to all users, who can easily control scanning documents and photos on their computers and share data through a memory card on a multi-function printer slot. Ii.

Connect to a Windows shared printer from a MAC address (2)

the right: if it is a virtual port, such as Adobe PDF and Microsoft XPS document writer, printing can be successful regardless of the network; if it is a local physical port or a TCP/IP Port, when a Windows computer uses a wireless network, the printer cannot be connected to the Mac, or the printer may be printed incorrectly; if it is an Ethernet ethernet wired

How to share a printer with a wireless network

This article describes in detail how to implement wireless network sharing and provides a simple setting method. I believe this article will help you. The five computers in our office use wireless NICs and a wireless router, but there is only one printer. We want to share the prin

How to connect to a network printer in win7

How to connect to a network printer in win7 The company recently rented a Konica Minolta C250 network printer to connect, and the boss also had a laptop. When connecting to the printer, pay attention to some details to connect to

How do I connect a computer to a printer?

1, we want to ensure that the printer can be used, the new bought generally no problem, if any, you are tragic ah. 2, now we use the data cable to connect the computer and printer 3. After the data cable is connected, we now need to enter the computer into the "Control Panel" (in the computer "start"-"Settings"-"Control Panel") 4, then in the Control Panel,

Win7 How to connect to an XP shared printer

See if your Windows 7 and Windows XP Two computers are connected to the same LAN, the general small office will be a LAN. And make sure your printer is connected to the Windows XP system computer and is shared. 1, after doing a good job, open your computer to install Windows 7 system, connect to the same LAN as the XP system. Open the Control Panel, locate "Device and

Samsung Galaxy S4 How to connect to WLAN wireless internet

router's customer service to verify that the router settings are correct. 4. Reboot the phone and reboot the router. 5. Use other devices to connect the router to see if it is normal, or to replace other router attempts. 6. If you can connect to another wireless device before, but now the connection fails, we recommend that you first "forget" the

How does WIN10 connect to wireless printers and win10 printers?

How does WIN10 connect to wireless printers and win10 printers? Recently, many of our partners have upgraded Microsoft's WIN10, but they are unable to install the company's drivers. The tutorials for the whole network are all for win7.win8. Today I will share my win10 wireless printer connection skills. Start in the

Mobile phone Bluetooth control relay wireless lock Iot Android source code android development Android WIFI control detailed annotation test stability no bug, android Android

Mobile phone Bluetooth control relay wireless lock Iot Android source code android development Android WIFI control detailed annotation test stability no bug, android Android I. functions: 1.

Are you still using the data cable to connect your phone to debug? --Wireless connection

ObjectiveWhen developing an Android app, it's usually connected to the device and computer via a USB cable, but for some applications that need to use a USB device, this approach is troublesome, and the USB port of the phone is connected to the external USB device and no longer connected to the data cable. This can be done through the network TCP/IP method. That is, ADB connects devices over the network without the need for a USB cable.Specific method

What should I do if the Win10 system cannot connect to the wireless network?

What should I do if the Win10 system cannot connect to the wireless network? I was also a computer blind, but due to study tasks, I often installed some software, such as MATLAB and Eclipse, and later I wanted to use a printer, when installing the driver, I don't know how to make my computer unable to connect to the

Introduction to Android Wireless debugging application through ADB Wireless

Introduction to Android Wireless debugging application through ADB Wireless It is inconvenient to use data lines to debug applications. This blog introduces how to use the ADB Wireless tool to debug applications wirelessly when mobile phones and computers are on the same network.ADB

Android Development (42) using Andorid to operate a Bluetooth printer

Recently received a request to use Android to initiate a print task, connect the printer via Bluetooth. The conditions are as follows:Printer: Nanjing Fujitsu dpk760e, with Bluetooth functionAndroid Phone: normal phone, Android 4.4 version, with Bluetooth functionSpecific operation:1. Bluetooth handshake2. Establishing

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