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Tutorial on using sourcetree to operate git in Mac, sourcetreegit

Tutorial on using sourcetree to operate git in Mac, sourcetreegit   SourceTree is a free Git and Hg client under Windows and Mac OS X, and is also a tool for Mercurial and Subversion version control systems. Supports creation, cloning, submission,

How to configure Oschina SSH public key and configuration under Mac Sourcetree

With the free git space provided by Oschina, you can avoid the hassle of configuring your Git server, and also solve problems that SVN cannot submit locally.1. Generate Sshkey under terminal, sometimes input 1th times no response, need to run 2

Set up a SSH key with Sourcetree on MacOS

1. Open Sourcetree, enter settings-account;2. Choose Add Account, host select BitBucket (or github), connect account, login to existing BitBucket account (or GitHub account), save3. After successful connection, on the second step of the page will

git GUI client under Sourcetree--mac OSX

It's not easy to find a handy GUI client for git under your Mac. Learning tools to use or the path of the first device is suitable for me, that year to get started CVS SVN is so, first through the Tortoise client proficiency in basic operations, and

Hosting to GitHub

How to host your project to GitHubiOS Development outreach-How to host your project to GitHubDescription: This article focuses on how to host an OC project to GitHub and re-operate the light theory.First step: Register a GitHub account first, which

How to host your project to GitHub

First step: Register a GitHub account first, which is requiredRegistered Address: GitHub website Registration PortalStep two: Prepare for workThe GitHub Web site uses git versioning tools to manage warehouses, noting that they are not

How to upload your local code to GitHub

Recently in the installation of Git ready to upload code to GitHub, because before the use of visual tools, many instructions are not clear, I thought it would not be too difficult, I did not get a long time did not fix. So I took the opportunity to

"Go" Day No. 02: Three sets of Git tools required on Windows platform

Original URL: E5%8f%b0%e5%bf%85%e8%a3%9d%e7%9a%84%e4%b8%89%e5%a5%97%20git%20%e5%b7%a5%e5%85%b7.markdownTo start using Git version control, first

Step-by-step tutorial on how to open your own project to GitHub, Mac machine sample

If you have a good project and want to share it with you, GitHub will be the right choice for you. How can you upload your project to GitHub? Next step, follow along.Resources to prepare:1. A Mac Machine2. Install the GIT client (:

Mac OS Git Installation

One, Git is a distributed Code version management tool. Common tools like Svn,cvs are also available. The biggest feature is also the advantage of providing distributed code management 1, Branch code only one copy! children's shoes with SVN must

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