connection failed sqlstate 08001

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SQLcode error code summary and sqlstate = 37000 Solutions

Today, when I used Power Designer to reverse the database for the second time, I encountered a problem: Unable to list the users. [Microsoft] [odbc SQL Server Driver] [SQL Server] cannot predefine statements SQLSTATE = 37000 SQL Server200

PHP connection sqlserver2008, how to connect the database on the specified IP address

$serverName = "(local)"; Database server address $uid = "sa"; Database user Name $pwd = "Password123"; Database Password $connectioninfo = array ("UID" = = $uid, "PWD" = = $pwd, "database" = "test"); $conn = Sqlsrv_connect ($ ServerName,

ODBC error message

According to the definitions in the X/open and SQL access group SQL CAE specifications (1992), sqlerror returns the sqlstate value. The sqlstate value is a string containing five characters. The following table lists the drivers.ProgramIt can be the

sql30082n while connecting to DB2

Technote (troubleshooting)Problem (Abstract)Websphere message Broker Message flow fails to connect to a DB2 datasource, failing with error ' sql30082n '.SymptomThese errors can be seen in a user level trace of the The execution

Analysis of Common Errors in rational Portfolio Manager 7.1

An error occurred while stopping the database. Error Message:'Error occurred during the shutdown of RPM database.' Analysis: DB2 was not started before the RPM database was installed. Therefore, the installation script view fails to stop

PostgreSQL Database Error status number explanation [included list

All messages sent by the PostgreSQL server are given a five-character error code that follows the custom of the SQL "SQLSTATE" code. Apps that need to know what error conditions are occurring should usually test the error code instead of the text

[Experience Summary] solve the problem of user authentication in DB2 9.5.2 (sql30082n)

DB2 express-C v9.5.2 is installed on ubutun 8.10 64bit server, and the Mars server program is transplanted, but the database cannot be connected. The error message is as follows: Error:Sql30082n Security Processing failed with reason "15"

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