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House Decoration and software development

I suddenly found that the decoration and software development were so familiar that I wanted to implement the software development process into the decoration process. I hope that the decoration process will be improved three months later, my decoration effect can better meet the needs of customers (me.It took three days for the decoration plan to first let the designer understand the basic situation of the

The benefits of the Java generics in-house design generics

technology is to solve some pain points and optimize work efficiency. Regardless of the new technology is a practical technology, such as Redis, Hadoop and other solutions to solve existing storage problems. Or, like MVC, design patterns, OAuth is generally just a way of thinking, different languages have different implementations. The new technology (thought) is only for a specific pain point of a dose of medicine, the use of the right can be more e

Choose virtual machine or container? -Software and information services: 2014.09

application operation and management and maintenance, the container technology just started out is still a younger brother and requires experience. Virtual machines and containers:SDDCBest Partner in In fact, virtual machines and containers can be combined to improve the service capability of SDDC instead of multiple choice questions. Of course, both virtual machines and container technologies are part of

Understanding Spring Container Design concepts

is probably clearer to use interfaces to describe the framework without having to adhere to the specific implementation. Any design is the case, there are raw materials, there are imports, processing, there are exports. Now that spring is the bean's container and the Bean's factory, the production bean process is: 1 raw Material: Bean's configuration file 2) Feed: Read the XML text file through Resourceloa

The difference between software outline design and detailed design

module calls the Submodule, but how the sub-module is designed. It must have occurred to you to think of the need to exchange data when using a sort of bubble, which has taken into account the fact that the main module is full of details, which seems to be "detailed design", but is currently in the outline design, which produces what I said overlap. A: Look at the above posts, mostly interesting. There are

The difference between software outline design and detailed design

, if you design 2 modules:A master module is used for sorting sub-modules to Exchange 2 variables, the main module calls the Submodule, but how the sub-module is designed. It must have occurred to you to think of the need to exchange data when using a sort of bubble, which has taken into account the fact that the main module is full of details, which seems to be "detailed design", but is currently in the ou

The difference between software outline design and detailed design

modules:A main module is used to sort the sub module to Exchange 2 variables, the main module calls the Sub module, but how does the child module design? It must have been you first thought of the need to exchange data in a bubble-like sort, which has taken into account enough detail for the main module to appear to be in "detailed design", but is currently in the schematic

Differences Between Software Overview design and detailed design

exchange two variables. The main module calls sub-modules. But how is the sub-module designed? It must be because you first thought that data needs to be exchanged when sorting by bubble. This has already considered enough details of the main module. It seems to be a "Detailed design, however, the current design is a summary, which leads to what I call overlap. A: Look at the post above, most of which are

Software Design in software engineering

, data structures, and interfaces in detail. The overall design is to first change a house, and the detailed design is to renovate the house. 3. Images 4. Illustration (1). design task: divide elements, design structure, and wri

Interaction Design: Exploring the relationship between content and container

What I want to say today is the relationship between the content and the container, by the way the problems encountered in the previous design and we discussed together. Let's start with the software setup. (here with QQ settings for example)The setting of a software, often referred to as a system setup, typically host

Interaction Design Theory: The relationship between content and container

After studying the dead cat article, I also talk about the relationship between content and container today.You may find it a bit awkward to look at the headline, and it's a form to follow? " It seems to be the opposite, and it seems to be a very unprofessional view from an interactive design perspective, which is a bit like I shoot myself in the foot or the dead cat's feet ... But unfortunately I am a fri

Writing of software development and design specifications

process is increased and the early work is complete. The earlier the design is, the more comprehensive it is, the more significant it will play a role in controlling the subsequent consumption. From this point of view, the example I gave in the morning is the same. The blueprint for building a house is of great importance to building a house. It also plays a rol

Software Design Model in the Medical Information Field

own warnings. I recently attended a lecture called a software architecture master. I had doubts when I saw the lecture. I listened to the lecture for five minutes and verified this question, after the lecture, I heard comments from my colleagues, which strengthened my judgment. However, I only listened to the audience for five minutes, but it was not easy to comment. I just felt that the metaphor used in the speech almost covered up engineering pract

Schlumberger Drilling Office v4.0 1CD (integrated drilling engineering design software)

software for solving the dynamics of various chemical objects)Vleflash v4.01 1CD (natural gas oil software)Watersteampro v6.0 1CD (steam Nature Software)Vmgsim v2.8.10 1CD (steady state process simulation software) Lansys PV 1.2 1CD (Chemical container strength calculation

"I can also do CTO programmer career planning" and ". NET software design new thinking-building software like building blocks" new book release Review

Yang Zong, director of the computer book module of the Electronics Industry Publishing House, gave a welcome speech. In the young man's field, he felt a lot happier: Mr Yang and Mr. Hu Demin, Microsoft's senior market manager in China, unveiled the secrets of "I can also be a CTO programmer career plan" and ". NET software design new thinking-building

Good Software Architecture Design

constructed us (we shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us ). The conference hall in the lower House of Commons is narrow, so that all members of the lower House of Commons cannot be seated in the same direction, but must be divided into two sides. Churchill believes that Members of Parliament will naturally choose to sit at the same time as their political views, which refer to the orig

Design patterns of mainstream MVC framework and principles of software design compliance

HTTP Meta class, special character Fu Yuan collation Memo mode, Memento pattern system logs, status, to support rollback Database transactions Software Design Principles SOLID Single duty principle (simple responsibility pinciple SRP) open-close principle (open-closed Principle, OCP) Richter substitution principle (Liskov Substitution PRINCIPLE,LSP) Dimitri (Law of Demeter

Some Thoughts on Software Architecture Design-General Architecture Design Model

Recently, I have begun to design a Service Release and governance framework. I have some experiences with the code of several mainstream frameworks, such as Alibaba Dubbo, netty at the transport layer, and tomcat at the container layer. The classic object-oriented analysis and design book explains why design is divide

Deep talk about the most basic control elements in software design

, scroll bar, handle ... -Data entry: text box, check box, slider ... -Information display: Balloon reminders, loaders, progress bars, launch pages, ToolTips ... -Container: Window, Tab tab page ... -Navigation: bread crumbs, navigation bar, page splitter ... Among them, the Operation class and data entry class have richer interaction, select a few more representative:   1. The Admission box We can easily associate the prototype of the input bo

Write the outline design instructions correctly __ software engineering and project management

Write the outline design instructions correctly Before the need is clear, ready to start coding, to do the outline design, and the detailed design may be most of the company did not do, and do most of it and coding synchronization, or after coding. Therefore, for most companies, the profile design document is the only

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