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Continuous delivery of the third-continuous integration

Other continuous delivery related articles: "Continuous delivery" series of articles DirectoryChapter III Continuous Integration 1. IntroductionThe goal of continuous

[GO] continuous integration and continuous delivery memo

unit testing, component testing, system testing, functional testing, and high-speed test executionWrite Tests for defectsAllow test components to be duplicatedTry to limit the test to an assertionContinuous review of code, complexity, coupling, and repeatability of code (SONARQUBE)Continuous deployment:Label each buildPerform testsCreate a Build Feedback reportProcess capability for rollback buildsContinuous Feedback:Don't let your team get used to i

Continuous integration Case Analysis Series (2)-one of the continuous integration practices of large-scale project teams

Some days ago, I wrote continuous integration practices for small-scale product teams.After that, I have been busy with the Project. Today I finally have time to complete this article on the continuous integration of large-scale projects. I. Basics of continuous

Continuous integration Case Analysis Series (1)-continuous integration of small-scale product teams

A year ago, Li Jian (Editor of the agile community on infoq Chinese site) proposed to write some practices and examples used in practical agile software development projects, so I decided to summarize my actual project and consulting experience. Since we have been working in the field of "continuous integration and release management", we will not spend any time thinking about the subject. We will only focu

From continuous design to continuous delivery: perfect cycle

Typically, there is no interaction between innovation and product conceptualization in software delivery. Nevertheless, with the increasing demand for new functionality for products and the shortening of the corresponding product lifecycle, even business models have made it necessary to put continuous design and continuous de

. NET continuous integration and automated deployment The first-half day build your Jenkins continuous integration and automated deployment systems

. NET continuous integration and automated deployment first (half-day build your Jenkins continuous integration and automated deployment system) Preface I believe that every programmer has experienced the pain of late-night overtime online! And as an overtime on-line as the norm of the farm, it is deeply painful. Becau

Continuous integration (continuous integration)

Continuous integration is referred to as CI, continuous integration is frequent, continuous integration in the work of multiple team members, and give feedback. A typical continuous

Linux Learning: Continuous integration-Install Jenkins Continuous integration platform-05

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(multi-stage continuous integration) multi-stage continuous integration

I. Current SITUATION The object of our ongoing integration is a development team of about 100 people who develop a huge system. The entire development team is divided into several development teams for collaborative development, each development team responsible for the development of 2-3 modules, the actual module is already equivalent to a small and medium-sized system. All modules of each module are compiled together through eclipse and placed dir

Organize Software Delivery activities around final deliverables rather than roles: continuous delivery and cross-functional teams

In implementing continuous delivery, we can easily focus on automation and tools, because they are usually the easiest to do as a starting point. However, the successful implementation of continuous delivery also relies on the optimization of the organizational structure based on the final deliverables. For

Continuous iteration and continuous integration

necessarily. All parts are optimal and not necessarily the final result is optimal.After careful observation of the process of treatment of syndrome differentiation, it is found that not only the pathological state and the trend but also the results of the patients ' feedback in the same period of time are analyzed.This is the process of continuous integration.The use of continuous

Continuous Integration vs continuous check

Keywords: continuous integration continuous check contineous integration contineous inspection sonar Software Quality Lanfeng blog: System TranslationArticleFor more information, see: Http://

Continuous delivery of product managers and devops practices

. Although the integrated code succeeds in working together, it is not ready for the production environment because it has not been tested and validated in a simulated production environment. You can read more about what happens after continuous integration in the Continuous delivery section below. Figure 1 To maintai

Perform the Telnet task in TFS Continuous Integration (continuous release)

Telnet is a protocol that uses a virtual terminal connection on the Internet or a local area network to provide two-way interactive text communication devices.It is one of the earliest Internet protocol protocols. Since its inception in 1969, it has been around for nearly 50 years and has a wide range of users in open operating systems.Although due to its security shortcomings, has been gradually eliminated, but on many AIX system servers, operators are accustomed to using Telnet as their primar

Lenovo Enterprise Network disk: SaaS service clustering Continuous delivery practices

Continuous IntegrationContinuous integration is a big issue and a core practice of agile development. During the continuous delivery process, continuous integration will form a pipeline from development to deployment, at the core

Build jobs for continuous delivery management

The process of continuous delivery (CD) development to product delivery is simpler for continuously evolving products. Continuous integration (CI), which is at the beginning of the ongoing delivery process, plays an important role

View self-similarity of agile development from continuous delivery (heartbeat of Agile Development)

1,000,000 days (one person per day on average ), however, it is very realistic for everyone to locate a defect in their daily code, provided that you can find it, and daily creation is the logic. Continuous integration and automated testing, which are often referred to, refer to the continuous delivery activities at t

Continuous integration and continuous deployment in DW/BI

Deployment methodIn Redshift1, Deploy Process:drop and Refresh the view, Drop table, Create an empty table using the DDL2, Build data:insert the data to table from the viewIn Netezza, when do deployment:1, Deploy Process:drop all the existing tables, Refresh the view and create the a empty table for that view2, Build data:create the table with data (CTAS from view), replace the empty table with the new tableWhen building data, the scripts would first create an a table with a incoming suffix, the

Continuous delivery tool ThoughtWorks Go deployment step by step

Continuous delivery tool ThoughtWorks Go deployment step by step e9%83%a8%e7%bd%b2step-by-step/Posted on May 13, 2014 by Zieckey | Leave A reply 1. About ThoughtWorks GoGo is an open source, continuous integrati

The experience of continuous delivery in the Internet industry

The popularity of the continued delivery concept reflects the desire of the business unit for faster delivery and the importance that technical teams attach to the age-old problem of delivery. From continuous integration to continuous

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