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[GO] continuous integration and continuous delivery memo

unit testing, component testing, system testing, functional testing, and high-speed test executionWrite Tests for defectsAllow test components to be duplicatedTry to limit the test to an assertionContinuous review of code, complexity, coupling, and repeatability of code (SONARQUBE)Continuous deployment:Label each buildPerform testsCreate a Build Feedback reportProcess capability for rollback buildsContinuous Feedback:Don't let your team get used to i

Continuous delivery of the third-continuous integration

Other continuous delivery related articles: "Continuous delivery" series of articles DirectoryChapter III Continuous Integration 1. IntroductionThe goal of continuous

Technical Guide: continuous integration with open-source tools

Technical Guide: use open-source tools for continuous integration-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. When talking about continuous integration, let's talk about int

Continuous integration tools and environments

Introduction to Continuous integration tools An effective way to efficiently carry out continuous integration activities is to automate, which is not to mention everyone knows. So how can automation be achieved. Are there any ready-made

Continuous integration tools and environment setup

Continuous integration tools Automation is an effective way to efficiently carry out continuous integration activities, which everyone knows. So how can we achieve automation? Are there any ready-made tools that can be used direct

Project Management Dafa Archive-mind mapping, prototyping tools, interface testing, design patterns, versioning, unit testing, continuous integration, code review, Bug tracking

Project Management Dafa Archive-mind mapping, prototyping tools, interface testing, design patterns, versioning, unit testing, continuous integration, code review, Bug trackingThe beautiful Life of the Sun Vulcan ( article follows "Attribution-non-commercial use-consistent" authoring public agreementReprint Please keep this sent

Introduction to essential PHP continuous integration tools for PHP Development (Part 1)

In this article, we will introduceContinuous IntegrationInPHPIn development, how can we use some open-source continuous integration management tools of PHP to manage projects. Concept of continuous integration The concept of continuous

Summary of several common tools in PHP continuous development integration

Introduction: This is a detailed page of several commonly used tools in PHP continuous development and integration. It introduces PHP, related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code. Class = 'pingjiaf' frameborder = '0' src = 'HTTP: // biancheng.dnbc?info/pingjia.php? Id = 333675 'rolling = 'no'>In PHP cont

Project management: Introduction to code Warehouse management, Project schedule management and continuous integration tools

can review each other's revised code, decide whether to submit, return, or continue to modify. It uses the version control system, git as the bottom.3. Project defect and schedule management: RedminePart of the overlap with Gitlab's functionality, he is a code defect management and tracking software, but more focused and naturally more powerful, it integrates the various functions required for project management: calendars, burndown charts, and Gantt charts to assist with visual presentation of

Continuous integration tools for platforms (I. Introduction)

them together.Original text fromCruisecontrol. netWhat is cruisecontrol. net on the official website? ". If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source of this article. Cruisecontrol. netIs an open-source automated continuous integration tool on the. NET platform.It is a program suite, but its core is Cruisecontrol. NET ServerAutomatically integrated server. By directly monitoring the source code m

Continuous integration Case Analysis Series (2)-one of the continuous integration practices of large-scale project teams

Some days ago, I wrote continuous integration practices for small-scale product teams.After that, I have been busy with the Project. Today I finally have time to complete this article on the continuous integration of large-scale projects. I. Basics of continuous

. NET continuous integration and automated deployment The first-half day build your Jenkins continuous integration and automated deployment systems

fact that manual operation often leads to some loss and fall. And our test was also the use of pure manual testing, the release after the completion of a round of regression testing will take 3-4 hours (then mainly manual testing). Continuous integration, automated testing and operations have been advocated, but they have been slow to move to the ground. Finally, after a night of overtime to four o'clock i

From continuous design to continuous delivery: perfect cycle

Typically, there is no interaction between innovation and product conceptualization in software delivery. Nevertheless, with the increasing demand for new functionality for products and the shortening of the corresponding product lifecycle, even business models have made it necessary to put continuous design and continuous de

Continuous integration (continuous integration)

= "Run tools in parallel" >description= "Prepare for Build" >description= "Find coding standard violations using Php_codesniffer creating a log file for the continuous integration serv ER ">============end===============Configuration of the PHPUnit============phpunit.xml=========================end=================Enter Jenkins's task directory, typically in:/var

Continuous integration Case Analysis Series (1)-continuous integration of small-scale product teams

A year ago, Li Jian (Editor of the agile community on infoq Chinese site) proposed to write some practices and examples used in practical agile software development projects, so I decided to summarize my actual project and consulting experience. Since we have been working in the field of "continuous integration and release management", we will not spend any time thinking about the subject. We will only focu

(multi-stage continuous integration) multi-stage continuous integration

affect the development efficiency, and local hardware conditions may not start 3, if the local do not build submissions, because of the large number of developers, the build will be very unstable, will often be in a failed state. A build failure can cause subsequent commit blocking. 4, as a 100-person development team, code submission will cause frequent server building, the server can not afford. At the same time as customers, they have the idea that agile development is good, but not suita

Organize Software Delivery activities around final deliverables rather than roles: continuous delivery and cross-functional teams

In implementing continuous delivery, we can easily focus on automation and tools, because they are usually the easiest to do as a starting point. However, the successful implementation of continuous delivery also relies on the optimization of the organizational structure bas

Linux Learning: Continuous integration-Install Jenkins Continuous integration platform-05

"alt=" Wkiom1lp3swrgc_aaacqu12l-qm061.png "/>650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "title=" W] 1gi4vtc}qaetk2wfe4ojn.png "alt=" Wkiom1lp3tjxpmifaaapmu6l7x0172.png "/>Select Install plugin, left for all plugins, right to customize installation650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "title=" NVA8 " ZU4VIPNH7CU%[C) ynt.png "alt=" Wkiol1lp3yxqlc_8aadxpli5y1o647.png "/>When the

Continuous delivery of product managers and devops practices

. Although the integrated code succeeds in working together, it is not ready for the production environment because it has not been tested and validated in a simulated production environment. You can read more about what happens after continuous integration in the Continuous delivery section below. Figure 1 To maintai

Lenovo Enterprise Network disk: SaaS service clustering Continuous delivery practices

Vagrant or Docker from the configuration, we use Docker technology internally to isolate the various build environments.Pipeline3.2.2 Deployment PipelineAs the name implies, this step is to deploy packaged software to a different operating environment, and to automatically handle the configuration of each environment (such as domain name, database information, login information, etc.), this step relies heavily on the implementation of the previous steps, warehouse planning, branch planning,

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