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. NET continuous integration and automated deployment The first-half day build your Jenkins continuous integration and automated deployment systems

. NET continuous integration and automated deployment first (half-day build your Jenkins continuous integration and automated deployment system) Preface I believe that every programmer has experienced the pain of late-night overti

Continuous integration and continuous deployment in DW/BI

Deployment methodIn Redshift1, Deploy Process:drop and Refresh the view, Drop table, Create an empty table using the DDL2, Build data:insert the data to table from the viewIn Netezza, when do deployment:1, Deploy Process:drop all the existing tables, Refresh the view and create the a empty table for that view2, Build data:create the table with data (CTAS from view), replace the empty table with the new tabl

Use the Application Orchestration service one-click deployment, Continuous Integration tool--jenkins

automation. If there is no comparison there is no harm, if there is no automated continuous integration, the first contradiction point will focus on, Dev and ops, that is, one to change, one to be stable. For a service on-line release, testing, upgrade deployment is unavoidable, as OPS personnel often exist a scene is: Do not understand the business, the develo

NET continuous integration and automated deployment

manual operation often leads to some loss and fall. And our test was also the use of pure manual testing, the release after the completion of a round of regression testing will take 3-4 hours (then mainly manual testing). Continuous integration, automated testing and operations have been advocated, but they have been slow to move to the ground. Finally, after a night of overtime to four o'clock in the morn

Continuous integration and Deployment tool: Go (don't confuse Google's programming language Go!). )

Go is a state-of-the-art continuous integration and release management system developed by ThoughtWorks. (Don't confuse Google's programming language Go!) Its predecessor, CruiseControl, is an open source, continuous integration tool developed by ThoughtWorks when consulting and delivering projects. With the

Introduction to enterprise continuous integration Maturity Model 2-deployment

I am on a business trip and have not updated my blog in time. After "building", let's talk about the deployment of another dimension of the enterprise's continuous integration Maturity Model ". Before the text, I want to emphasize that "this model itself is a tool in the toolbox, not a tool ." Deployment

⑤:jenkins of continuous integration script for automated code deployment and one-click Rollback to the previous version

⑤:jenkins of continuous integration script for automated code deployment and one-click Rollback to the previous version One: This article uses the way Jenkins invokes shell scripts to get code from a git server, package, deploy to a Web server, remove a Web server from a load balancer, unzip, copy a configuration file, create a soft connection, test each Web serv

Continuous integration ⑤:jenkins Combining script to implement code automation deployment and one-click Rollback first version __jenkins

Continuous integration ⑤:jenkins Combining script to implement code automation deployment and one-click Rollback first version One: This article through Jenkins call shell script to get code from git server, package, deploy to Web server, remove Web server from load balancer, extract, copy configuration file, create soft connection, test each Web server, Add the

Configure Jenkins + Maven + git for continuous integration and automatic deployment

Preface The concept of continuous integration has become the mainstream of software development. It can be tested more frequently to detect problems and prompt them as soon as possible. Automated deployment can accelerate deployment and effectively reduce human errors. I have never done this before. The recent new proj

Jenkins + maven + SVN + Tomcat build automated, automated deployment, continuous integration environment

Learning Video: Learning materials: Https:// One. A general process for continuous integration using Jenkins: 1. First step: Upload the project. I'm using IntelliJ Idea's Web project (spring,spring MVC, Hibernate,maven), and when I've written some of the code, I

One-step deployment of the Jenkins continuous Integration environment based on Windows systems

"Echo Jenkins CI", save, it is OK.Finally, the message needs to be sent automatically after the script completes. Let's see how it's configured:Before configuring mail notifications, we need to set up the basic configuration of the mail system in "Configure system".First, fill in the Jenkins Access address and the sender's email address.Next, set up the SMTP mail server and some default values, including receiving objects, topics, content, and so on. So, the simplest mail-sending configuration

Jenkins+jdk+git+maven Continuous Integration Deployment WebLogic Instance Project

"Archive the Artifacts", "Editable Email Notification"When the above procedure is complete, click "Save".Left navigation bar, select "New Task", then enter a task name, customize, select the first item "Build a free-flavor software project", click OK.GeneralSource ManagementBuilding triggersBuild your environmentBuildProject name note here that the name of the MAVEN project that was just built is here, and the war package to invoke build good project code is published to the remote server for d

(continuous integration) win7 on deployment of Jenkins+msbuild+svn+sonarqube+sonarqube Scanner for MSBuild (second hair)

File (Web project Direct input solution name, for example)Command Line Arguments (the first row in the build parameter is to rebuild the solution; The second line is to build the release version; the third line is to build the 4.0 version of Framwork)At this point, the project code of the Automatic acquisition, compilation has been configured to complete, the next is the deployment of the problem, study the FTP plugin does not solve the problem, I am

Jenkins Continuous Integration Environment deployment

variable is in effect, enter on the command line: Git version will show git versions, such as:Five, git install directory configurationEnter the system Management-Global Tools Configuration page in Jenkins to add the following configuration, such as:Vi.. Project configurationWhen set up, there will be no error, such as:After saving, start building, such as:The build succeeds, but the execution fails, and the build steps need to be added, such as:After adding the build steps, Save as:Build again

Continuous integration Case Analysis Series (2)-one of the continuous integration practices of large-scale project teams

know which version has been deployed in various test deployment environments, including new functions or bugs modified. H. I'm not sure if all the component versions in the same build are correct. 3. As a Project Manager I'm not sure whether the configuration in each test deployment environment is consistent with the build running on it J. You are not sure whether the tester has run the correct version in

Continuous integration Case Analysis Series (1)-continuous integration of small-scale product teams

A year ago, Li Jian (Editor of the agile community on infoq Chinese site) proposed to write some practices and examples used in practical agile software development projects, so I decided to summarize my actual project and consulting experience. Since we have been working in the field of "continuous integration and release management", we will not spend any time thinking about the subject. We will only focu

Continuous integration (continuous integration)

Continuous integration is referred to as CI, continuous integration is frequent, continuous integration in the work of multiple team members, and give feedback. A typical continuous

(multi-stage continuous integration) multi-stage continuous integration

I. Current SITUATION The object of our ongoing integration is a development team of about 100 people who develop a huge system. The entire development team is divided into several development teams for collaborative development, each development team responsible for the development of 2-3 modules, the actual module is already equivalent to a small and medium-sized system. All modules of each module are compiled together through eclipse and placed dir

Linux Learning: Continuous integration-Install Jenkins Continuous integration platform-05

"alt=" Wkiom1lp3swrgc_aaacqu12l-qm061.png "/>650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "title=" W] 1gi4vtc}qaetk2wfe4ojn.png "alt=" Wkiom1lp3tjxpmifaaapmu6l7x0172.png "/>Select Install plugin, left for all plugins, right to customize installation650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "title=" NVA8 " ZU4VIPNH7CU%[C) ynt.png "alt=" Wkiol1lp3yxqlc_8aadxpli5y1o647.png "/>When the

Continuous delivery of the third-continuous integration

problem, roll it back.5.7. Do not comment out the failed testEither the test is wrong or the problem is changed, or the test can be deleted, at your discretion, not commented out5.8. Responsible for self-caused problems 5.9. Test-driven Development 6. Recommended PracticesThe following practice of our mission is also useful If you violate architectural principles, let build fail If the test run slows down, let the build fail If there is a compile warning or code style problem,

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