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Analysis of design works with density and size contrast

Design people to meet demand through design. Whether we carry out advertising, logo, packaging, layout and other design, or in order to create a beautiful life work environment for the graphic art design, without exception will involve the picture

Top designer's third rule: contrast, contrast, contrast

The third rule of being a top designer: contrast, contrast, contrast In design, good contrast is closely related to color selection. Contrast means that in your design, the difference in the degree of color between colors. Lightness is how bright

Web Design Color Application Tutorial: Color contrast analysis

Page page is always a kind of internal contact with a variety of colors, composed of a complete unified whole, the formation of the overall trend of color, called hue. Can also be understood as the color state. The color gives the person the feeling

The contrast between art and design

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: The topic of how to distinguish between art and design is always convoluted, and thus the controversy that has been sparked for a long time. Artists and designers create visual works based on the same

Details of Design interface: Button UI Design method

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: The button UI design method. In the last section I wrote about finding the elements of a button design in my life, and I'm going to extend the idea of design in my life, this section is

Photoshop Banner design experience in the production of Taobao drilling exhibition

To you photoshop software users to elaborate on the production of Taobao drilling exhibition banner design experience. Share list: I. The role and significance of drilling and mapping 1. What is the drill map

IMG sprite: optimization tips for high contrast Mode

Note: The high contrast mode is a theme set for Windows systems. It is intended to make it easy for users with impaired vision to view information. It improves text readability by using contrasting colors and font sizes. In high-contrast mode, the

User Experience Design theory: Aspects of user experience design

We often say that the user experience is also known as: background checks, customer-oriented design, focus on user design, empathy design, usability, usability engineering, usability testing, user experience (UXD) design, user-friendly design. A

The color and contrast of website design

Web design can use lab precisely, because it is from the image of the details of the detail color separations, resolved in RGB and CMYK are difficult to solve many problems. If you are accustomed to operating in RGB color space, you are free to

5 tips to help you improve your Web page's contrast in an instant!

Lack of contrast is a very common problem and is often easy to remedy. When you hear a client growling at you, "not perfect!" , what they really want to say is that they want to see more contrasting design elements. Today, this good article summed

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