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Shell Tutorial (iv): Conditional statements, looping statements, Break/continue_shell

In writing a shell script, there may be a situation when you need to take a path of two paths. So, you need to use conditional statements to make the program make the right decisions and perform the right actions. The UNIX shell supports conditional

Break and continue control statements

Break and continue are control statements. Their meanings, usage methods, and precautions are as follows: 1. Break statement: describes the application scope of the statement, that is, the break statement only makes sense in the selected structure

Summarizing the knowledge points of the control flow statements in Python _python

Program Flow At its simplest level, the Python interpreter operates in a similar manner, starting at the top of the program, and then executing the program statement sequentially, line by line. For example, listing 1 shows a few simple statements.

[Section III] Python Process Control Statements-if, while, for, break, continue

Directory:I. Conditional JUDGMENT Statement-ifTwo. Looping statements-while & forThree. Break & Continue statement.Four. ExercisesBody:One, conditional judgment statement-if:1) The first type of syntax:If condition: code block2) The second type of

Java Control statements-break and continue, javabreakcontinue

Java Control statements-break and continue, javabreakcontinue In the main part of any loop statement, break can be used to control the loop process. BreakIt is used to forcibly exit the loop without executing the remaining statements in the

Full mastery of the use of circular control statements and conditional judgment statements in Java _java

Loop controlThere may be a situation when we need to execute a block of code several times, often referred to as a loop.Java has a very flexible three-loop mechanism. You can use one of the following three loops: While loop Do...while

Java break, cotinue, return

5.3.1 Use the break statement In Java, the break statement has three functions. First, you can see that in the switch statement, it is used to terminate a statement sequence. Second, it can be used to exit a loop. Third, it can be used as an

"Java from small white to Daniel" The 7th chapter control statements

"Java from small white to Daniel" paper version has been shelves!!!There are three kinds of control statements in program design, namely, order, branch and Loop statement. The Java program manages the flow of the program through control statements

PHP Loop Statements control the use of break and continue examples

This article describes the use of PHP to jump out of the loop break, and skip a layer of cyclic continue specific usage, with the need for a friend reference.This article leads you to understand the use of break and continue, and their role in

Java control Statements--break and continue

In the body part of any loop statement, a break is used to control the flow of the loop. break is used to forcibly exit the loop without executing the remaining statements in the loop. (Break statement can also be used in multiple statement

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