control structures in vb net

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. NET Development Platform Research (II.)

The main benefit of class libraries is that they encapsulate the most common features of the core Win32 API and the functionality of the plug-in SDK into a unified package. Class libraries are grouped and described in a clear and methodical manner,

. NET Framework

ArticleDirectory 6.3.1 Bcl-base class library 6.3.2 FCL-framework class library 6.6.1 Assembly Overview 6.6.2 run the Assembly . NET Framework This book is a book that explains. NET technology. The target reader group is also

Vb. NET Chinese tutorial (2) Composite style

Tutorials | Chinese 1. On the relationship between Whole-part Recall the traditional software division, often very focused on the writing program (procedure) to deal with some data (data), less concerned about the overall structure of the software

Henry's VB. NET journey (10)-When to use interfaces

?????? Henry's VB. NET journey (10)-When to use interfaces ??????????????????????????????????????? Han Rui? Li did not tell me the difference between an interface and an abstract class, when to use an interface, and when to use implement

NET Learning route (detailed)

NET Learning route (detailed) Browse:5632 | Updated: 2013-12-13 16:33 | Tags: asp . Baidu Experience: NET Learning RoutesIntroductory article 1. Learning Object-oriented (OOP) programming ideasMany

Atitit. Comparison of UI control structures between. NET C # Web and client WinForm

Atitit. Comparison of UI control structures between . NET C # Web and client WinForm. NET 4.5 WebForm Winform Name space System.Web.UI.WebControls System.Windows.Forms Namespaces

The mysteries of the. NET Core cross-platform [prev]: The shackles of history

Microsoft introduced the first version of the. NET Framework as a framework for Windows desktops and servers, after which Microsoft cropped the. NET Framework based on the needs of the device itself, and introduced. NET for specific device types.

Vb. NET language improvements (rotation)

We can see in many programming forums or newsgroups that C + + advocates refer to VB as a toy language (Toy Language). One of VB's most criticized is that it does not really support object-oriented programming (OOP). In the new Visual Basic, these

. Basic essentials of performance in net development and suggestions for optimization

Old Zhao's. NET program performance of the basic EssentialsSpeaking of Roslyn everyone must have heard, this is the next generation of C # and compiler implementation. Roslyn is developed using pure managed code, but performance is more than

Microsoft. NET strategy and introduction (1)| Microsoft | Strategic ASP. NET is also called asp+, but it is not simply an ASP upgrade, but a new generation of active Server pages scripting languages that Microsoft launches. Asp. NET is part of Microsoft's new architecture. NET, and its

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