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Php filter advertisement content (part-time job, QQ number, Taobao part-time job, Website)

There are several types of user comments or advertisements for other content:1: Taobao part-time and QQ 123456789 group (with QQ number, WeChat number, or other digital numbers)2: taobao part-time job, plus QQ number (with English keywords)3: Taobao

Summary of functions for generating random passwords in php

The following summarizes some examples for your reference.Example 1Simplest generation method The code is as follows:Copy code Function generatePassword ($ length = 8){$ Chars = array_merge (range (0, 9 ),Range ('A', 'z '),Range ('A', 'z

PHP's solution to getting COOKIE values and Chinese garbled characters

Assign values to cookiesSetcookie (name, value, expire, path, domain)For example: The code is as follows:Copy code Setcookie ("user", "Alex Porter", time () + 3600 );?> How can we get the user value? The code is as follows:Copy code Echo $ _

How to determine the type of a value in a string and convert it to the corresponding variable type example ' 12.1 &#39

How to determine the type of a value in a string and convert it to the corresponding variable type example ' 12.1 ', ' Ten ', ' String '->12.1,10, ' string ' How to determine the type of a value in a string and convert it to the corresponding

Php obtains the browser name version instance program

Example 1 The code is as follows:Copy code Function get_user_browser (){If (empty ($ _ SERVER ['http _ USER_AGENT ']) {Return ''; }$ Agent = $ _ SERVER ['http _ USER_AGENT '];$ Browser = '';$ Browser_ver = '';If (preg_match ('/MSIEs ([^ s |;] +)/

PHPCMS V9 custom column pseudo-static implementation method (list page/content page)

First, let's take a look at the urlrewrite rules. This is in Apache, and the rules in other environments are switched by themselves.RewriteEngine on# Static files and API directories do not require pseudo-static filesRewriteRule ^ (statics | api |

You don't know the setTimeout () function in javascript.

After reading this article, 1. Note whether setTimeout references all variables or local variables. When the external function method is called directly, the internal variables of the function have actually become global. 2. Remind me to prevent

Php mktime function obtains the start and end time of today.

The following describes how to obtain the start time and end time of the current day. The code is as follows:Mktime (hour, minute, second, month, day, year, is_dst)Parameter descriptionHour is optional. The specified hour.Minute is optional. Minutes.

SQL Server stored procedure in-depth analysis (very detailed)

PrefaceAlthough the current orm and nosql operations on data will reduce the number of t-SQL programming, t-SQL should be mastered by every programmer, in the next two weeks, we will systematically summarize this knowledge point.1. What is a stored

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