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Convert Fahrenheit temperature to Celsius or Celsius to Chenghua temperature. (Consider a variety of unlawful circumstances as far as possible to be legal)

//Fahrenheit temperature and Celsius temperature conversion, write a program to convert Fahrenheit temperature to Celsius temperature or Celsius temperature conversion Chenghua temperature.When the program is run, the temperature

A method for printing Fahrenheit-Celsius temperature table in C language _c language

This article describes the C language printing Fahrenheit-Celsius temperature comparison table method. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: * * Print Fahrenheit-Celsius temperature comparison/ #include I hope this articl

Scripts for conversion between Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kaishi (absolute temperature)

limit fi17 18 # sed-e's/unit in the original book [-[: digit:] * // g, after testing, I modified the temp in the 19 # sed-e's/[^-[[: digit:] * // g' original book, same as 20 unit = "$ (echo $1 | sed-e's/[[: digit:] * // g' | tr '[: lower:] ''[: upper:] ')" # obtain the Letter 21 temp = "$ (echo $1 | sed -E's/[^ [: digit:] * // g') "# obtain the number 22, 23, case $ {unit: = F} in # set the default variable value in 24 F) # formula for converting Fahrenhei

Celsius temperature converted to the corresponding Fahrenheit temperature

Use the formula ℃= (5/9) (°F-32) to convert Celsius temperature to Fahrenheit.The implementation is as follows:#include void Main (){float F,c;printf ("Please enter Fahrenheit temperature:");scanf ("%f", f);c=5* (f-32.0)/9.0;printf ("Celsius Temperature:%5.2f\n", c);}This article is from the "vs LV" blog, so be sure to

degree Celsius Fahrenheit conversion

PackageCom.hanqi; Public classCat { PublicCat () {}Private DoubleSheshidu; Private DoubleHuashidu; Public DoubleGethuashidu () {returnHuashidu; } Public voidSethuashidu (DoubleHuashidu) { This. Huashidu =Huashidu; } Public DoubleGetsheshidu () {returnSheshidu; } Public voidSetsheshidu (DoubleSheshidu) { if(sheshidu){ This. Huashidu =1.8* Sheshidu+32; }Else{System.out.println ("Cannot be converted"); } } } PackageCom.hanqi;ImportJava.util.Random;I

C # Celsius Fahrenheit conversion

Transformation private void Buttonctof_click (object sender, System.EventArgs e){Double c=0,f;try//the input error with the thrown exception to replace the regular.{c=convert.todouble (textBox1.Text.ToString ());} Convert conversion function, easy to usecatch (Exception){Textbox1.clear ();Label2. text= "Please enter a number!" ";Label2. Visible=true;return;//must have returned, otherwise the following code will still be executed};f=1.8*c+32;//

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