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Use VBA to bulk convert Excel format from. xls to. xlsx

Problem Analysis:Excel2007 the previous format is. xls, after which the format is. Xlxs. Open a separate Excel document and use the Save As feature to easily convert the format. But the face of hundreds of Excel tables so tired, search for a long time, also did not find a tool can be directly batch format conversion.Finally, you can use

Use VBA in Excel to convert degrees, minutes, seconds, and decimal degrees

) -arr =Split(Longitude,"'") -Cells (i, Latcolidx +2) = Arr (0) -Longitude = arr (1) -arr =Split(Longitude,"""") inCells (i, Latcolidx +3) = Arr (0) -Cells (i, Latcolidx +4) = Cells (i, Latcolidx +1) + Cells (i, Latcolidx +2) / -+ Cells (i, Latcolidx +3) /3600 to NextI + End SubThe results are processed as follows:Conclusion:1, for Excel large-scale data processing, very high efficiency.① development environment, no need to build a specific develo

What should I do if I want to implement Python instead of VBA in Excel?

Premise: Because the use of VBA code readability and poor extensibility, want to use Python implementation, to improve the reuse rate. The current idea is to write the basic information in Excel, when executing a macro, VBA calls Python code through the library, generate sta

Use Excel VBA to convert a decimal floating point to a binary number

1. Excel tools/macro/analysis tools/There are indeed similar functions in which the decimal number can be easily converted to binary. However, the fatal disadvantage of this function is that it can only be replaced. -512 ~ An integer between 511 and beyond this range. Therefore, we can only use VBA to write an available function. 2.2.alt + F11 orTool/macro/Visual Basic Editor/, Insert the module into the f

Excel VBA and Python pandas libraries are compared in processing Excel, data loop nesting queries.

The most by a friend set up a part-time operation of the company, but the need for some part-time staff pay, but due to a part-time wage between the 40~60, so the company adopted the principle is more than 200 to carry out, this rule is equivalent to drop the driver, the withdrawal needs more than 200, Then the problem came, in order to better let a large number of part-time staff can, clearly understand the time period in which they earn a lot of money, this time extended a problem, we need to

Xlwings:write Excel macro using Python instead of VBA

I want to write Excel macros to deal with the data, but I am not familiar with VBA language. So I decide the use of Python instead of VBA.At the beginning, I find XLRD,XLWT for Python Excel operations, and that's doesn ' t support Excel

Python uses VBA (8): Excel to create a chart (GO)

cylindrical cone ', ' xlconecolclustered ': ' Clustered column-shaped cone ', ' xlconecolstacked ': ' Stacked column cone ', ' xlConeColStacked100 ': ' percent stacked cylindrical cone ', ' xlcylinderbarclustered ': ' Clustered Bar-shaped column ', ' xlcylinderbarstacked ': ' Stacked bar cylinder ', ' xlCylinderBarStacked100 ': ' percent stacked bar cylinder ', ' Xlcylindercol ': ' Three-dimensional cylindrical cylinder ', ' xlcylindercolclustered ': ' Clustered column-shaped cone ', ' xlcylind

Python convert Excel into py file

Python convert Excel into py file The file structure is as follows:Originexcelfolder the Excel file to be converted.The Targetpyfolder is used to store the last-produced py is used to configure the correspondence between Excel tables and

Excel VBA application development can be ordered from the second bookstore from the basics to practices

: Excel-based Query Tool 11th11.1 Problem description 31511.2 solution 31511.3 Key Technologies 31611.3.1 call external program 31611.3.2 file operation 31711.3.3 query 31811.3.4 interface 31811.4 main code 31911.4.1 decompress and convert the file 31911.4.2 Content Search 32011.4.3 integration of the interface and the above Code 32111.5 conclusion 321Chapter 4 Application Example: gcdplot32212.1 gcdplot in

Python script: Convert excel into an xml file of testlink

Python script: An Introduction to converting excel into an xml file of testlink Testlink only supports importing data in xml format, but some examples are displayed in excel. Convert the excel file to the xml file of testlink, so that the

[Excel & VBA] converting Chinese characters into pinyin in Excel

,12556,xia,12359,xian,12346,xiang,12320,xiao,12300,xie,12120,xin,12099,xing,12089,xiong,12074,xiu,12067,xu,12058,xuan,12039,xue,11867,xun,11861," 26 PinMa = PinMa "ya,11847,yan,11831,yang,11798,yao,11781,ye,11604,yi,11589,yin,11536,ying,11358,yo,11340,yong,11339,you,11324,yu,11303,yuan,11097,yue,11077,yun,11067," 27 PinMa = PinMa "za,11055,zai,11052,zan,11045,zang,11041,zao,11038,ze,11024,zei,11020,zen,11019,zeng,11018,zha,11014,zhai,10838,zhan,10832,zhang,10815,zhao,10800,zhe,10790,

Replacing Vlookup with VBA dictionary search in Excel

From the previous article "Python Excel operations", we can see that python Excel operations are very convenient. However, Python and related libraries are an additional dependency. If you can solve such problems from Excel itself

Excel-VBA file operation methods (1)

. CloseApplication. screenupdating = trueEnd sub 7. Summary Using Excel objects for file operations is the simplest and most convenient, and is suitable for beginners. For the Excel file format, this method is preferred if we only read the content in the table. The second method is more convenient for text file operations. To convert text into a table, this metho

Is Excel VBA still an office tool?

Non-computer students, but have a small number of data processing tasks and are also interested in computers. I plan to learn VBA, but it is of little use to inform a Computer Major, it is better to directly learn more powerful Python and other scripts. Two questions are raised: 1. isn't VBA worthy of learning? 2. Can I conveniently and efficiently process and an

How to Use VBA to convert the date format of text files

I used VBA to convert an Excel file to a file, but the date format in the converted text file is not the same as that in Excel, and the date format in Excel is, after the text format is converted, the date format is changed to 11/8/2008. The date format in the converted text

VBA, Settings, excel,wps, page Setup

Fully understand the PageSetup object of page SetupWhen we write VBA code, especially when we do small program development, we often use VBA to setThe options in the page setup, you can also use VBA to achieve some special effects, which requires theUse the Pagesteup object. The PageSetup object contains properties for all page settings (left margin, bottom edgeP

A simple Excel VBA Application -- Recording macro

Many people must know about macros and may have used macros. What is Macros? A macro is a program compiled by VBA. It is a series of commands and functions stored in the Visual Basic module and can be run at any time when the task needs to be executed. How to start learning VBA? This is one of the frequently asked questions of many friends. I personally think that the best way to learn something is to start

Example of saving chart as an image in Excel vba

Python uses the Xlswriter module to easily create pictures in Excel, but you want to achieve the goal of importing images into your email by exporting the resulting chart chart as a picture. The online query did not find a way to export a picture that has been generated in Excel from a Python code to a picture, but by

Using VBA to save multiple worksheets in Excel, select the region as a CSV file.

It is often necessary to convert an Excel worksheet into a CSV file. The Save As function can only be used to operate on one worksheet, And the whole worksheet is always saved, for files with multiple worksheets, especially many files that do not need to be saved to the CSV file, this processing method will be very troublesome, therefore, VBA is used to save the

Excel VBA Instance

Have a friend to help look at the Excel data how to deal with, the initial look a bit complex, difficult to start. Further analysis, search, found that VBA can be a good solution to this problem, summary record.Description of the problem: for example, there are n sheet, each sheet records a company's transaction details, demand: Statistics out of all companies, each kind of product trading situation.Analysi

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