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Convert flex Data Interaction Mode

by Adobe. AMF (Action Message format) binary format. remoting transmits this compressed data format, and the transmitted data also includes bytearray and other forms (including amf3 Specification ). Flash can be directly accessed, and because it is based on binary data transmission, compared with XML soap, JSON, WebService and other string-based data formats, it has the characteristics of small data volume and high efficiency. AMF currently has two formats: amf0 and amf3. With the advent of act

Dealing with non-HTML5 IE browsers ready to start Flex-based PACs

Based on the HTML5 PACs system, the basic image browsing, image manipulation, image measurement, JS Local adjustment window width and other functions have been realized. Please refer to the blog for details:Http:// PACs not only works well in Google Chrmoe browser, Mozilla Firefox browser, but also can support Android phone, tablet and iphone, ipad and other Apple iOS system. However, ie browser support

Four ways to convert PDF to HTML5

There are four ways to convert a PDF file to the HTML5 format, but choosing which one depends on your priorities. The IDR solution has taken more than four years to deal with this problem. We found that HTML5 contains different features than PDFs and therefore does not always match directly. For example, the PDF file format allows for separate control of each tex

How to Use XSLT to convert XML files to HTML5 web pages?

How to Use XSLT to convert XML files to HTML5 web pages?How to Use XSLT to convert XML files to HTML5 web pages In this article, I will show how to use XSLT to output an XML file to an HTML5 web page. Let's take a look at the next XML format file (Movies. xml), The file cont

How to convert Flash to HTML5

Since Flash was shut out of Apple, many developers have had to choose between Flash and HTML5 when they develop their products. Today, Google released a new tool to make the balance again in favor of HTML5 this side, it is swiffy. Swiffy can convert flash files into HTML5 standards. The project stems from the Google M

Nine ways to accelerate HTML5 applications-------2. Using CSS to convert effects

nine ways to accelerate HTML5 applications-------2. Using CSS to convert effectsusing the CSS conversion effect to replace JavaScript can improve the speed at which page elements are converted in two states, and you can move a box quickly by using Totheleft and Totheright. For {left:50px;//for WebKit Browsers-webkit-transition:all 0.3s ease-out;//for Mozilla-moz-transition:all 0.3s ease-out;

Use HTML5 File to convert base64 and Images

Comments: Inline images can be encoded into base64 to reduce http requests. The disadvantage is that they cannot be cached across domains, use the readAsDataURL function in the html5 file api. This is a concept that converts a file into base64 encoding and just comes into contact with an inline image, inline image even if the image file is encoded as base64, the following code is an inline problem.Http requests can be reduced, but cross-origin cache i

Simple HTML5 readasdataurl img and base64 convert each other

Enter Base64 code Simple HTML5 readasdataurl img and base64 convert each other

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