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Use BSon to convert data records to binary

By convention, I will first introduce what is BSon. BSon is short for BinaryJSON and is a binary storage format of a type of Json. Currently, Bson is mainly used by MongoDB (an open-source database with a popular non-Relational Data Model) to store

Introduction to Json. Net6.0

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data exchange format. Simply put, JSON can convert a set of data represented in a JavaScript object to a string, and then it can be easily passed between functions, alternatively, the string is

MongoDB Concept Analysis

MongodbConceptual AnalysisNo matter what database we learn, we should learn the basic concepts, the basic concept in MongoDB is a document, a collection, a database, we introduce each one.The following table will help you understand some of the

Mongodb Guide (translated) (12)-developer zone-data types and conventions (1)

MongoDB (BSON) Data Type In addition to the basic JSON types: string, integer, boolean, double, null, array, and object, mongo also uses special data types. These types include date, object id, binary data, regular expression, and code. Each driver

How do I use JavaScript and MongoDB to interact under the shell? __shell

Client Support for MongoDB As a very mature NoSQL database, MONGDB support for a variety of programming languages has been very perfect, and now support the major mainstream programming languages include:1,mongo Shell2,python3,java4,c#5,node.js6,c++

MongoDB Data Model (iii)

VI. Data Model Reference documentationWe already know that MongoDB stores data as documents, and the document is a JSON-style data structure consisting of a series of "Field name-value" pairs, as shown below{"Item": "Pencil", "Qty": $, "type": "No.2"

MongoDB Getting Started tutorial three [data type]

MongoDB Documents use Bson (Binary JSON) to organize data, bson similar to Json,json is simply a way of representing data, containing only 6 data types (NULL, Boolean, number, string, array, and object). Does not fully meet the needs of complex

Some of the questions that might be asked in Python

Synchronous vs. asynchronous Synchronous and asynchronous attention is to the message communication mechanism (synchronous communication/asynchronous communication)The so-called synchronization is that when a call is made, the call does not

Data types supported by MongoDB

The following table is a few of the data types commonly used in MongoDB. Data Type Description String String. Data types commonly used to store data. In MongoDB, the UTF-8 encoded string is legal.

Primary Exploration of MongoDB-basic concepts and data types

I. Basic Concepts 1. Document: MongoDB is a Document-based NoSQL database. A document is the basic unit of data in MongoDB and is very similar to rows in relational databases (more complex than rows ). A document consists of multiple key pairs that

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