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Analyze the real-time operating system from the task scheduling mechanism

What is a real-time operating system? I have been developing an embedded system for some time. I have worked on an embedded Linux system for the mobile phone platform, and I have been involved in the VxWorks for the switch and media gateway

Linux time time zone, commonly used time function, shaping time calculation ideas

Linux time zone details and common time functions time and time zone The entire earth is divided into 24 time zones, each time zone has its own local time. ø  UTC Time and GMT time We can think of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT = UTC), GMT and

Porting real-time device drivers to embedded Linux

Bill weberger, monavista SoftwareLinux has occupied the embedded system market like a storm. According to industry analysts, about 1/3 to 1/2 of the New 32-bit and 64-bit embedded systems are designed to use Linux. Embedded Linux has shown its

Linux time types, functions, and sleep functions

Reprint Please specify Source: article mainly deals with Linux time types, time functions, and sleep functions provided by Linux.the time type and the corresponding function:time_t:The most

Implementation Technology of real-time video network transmission system

Abstract:The study of real-time video network transmission technology is of great significance for video applications. In this paper, an implementation diagram of a real-time video network transmission system is provided. Combined with the principle

Linux Shell get time and time interval (MS level)

  Note: When performing some performance tests, we sometimes want to calculateProgramSometimes, you may write a shell script to control the performance test (for example, you want to run n times to obtain the average value). In short, one of these

From erlang time functions to the time correction system, erlang correction

From erlang time functions to the time correction system, erlang correctionMany people will notice this problem. erlang provides two time functions, erlang: now () and OS: timestamp (). In the same usage, the current time is returned. The specific

Analysis of time programming and realization principle in Linux (iii) the work of Linux kernel

Introduction The work of the time system requires the collaboration of hardware and software as well as the operating system, and in the last part we have seen that most of the time functions rely on kernel system calls, and GlibC only makes one

A little progress every day-time processing in Linux

Reprint please explain the source: In a program, time processing is often a troublesome task. Linux provides a lot of time processing functions. We can use these functions to complete the

Linux time Subsystem (v) POSIX Clock

First, prefaceClock is the basis of a timer, and any timer needs to work on a given clock. The kernel maintains a number of clock, the second chapter of this article describes the basic concept of clock and some statically defined POSIX clock.

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