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Convert Mysql from MyISAM to InnoDB errors and solutions _mysql

Later in doing WordPress, the original did not know that WordPress used the InnoDB data engine, so in the original database built a database, the beginning did not find the problem, installation, import SQL, no problem, then did not think much.

PHP environment configuration php5 MySQL5 apache2 phpmyadmin Installation and configuration Graphics Tutorial _php Tutorial

So deliberately write this configuration document, I believe that the following steps you will be successful. I hope you'll correct me in the wrong place. This example is under Wiondws XP php5.2.1

PHP operation MySQL Transaction instance

PHP and MySQL transaction processingIn general, transactions should have acid characteristics. The so-called acid is Atomic (atomicity), consistent (consistency), Isolated (isolation), durable (persistent) four words written in the first letter, the

MySql modifies the table type, mysql modifies the table

[Switch] MySql modifies the table type and mysql modifies the table Recently, I encountered a problem about modifying the mysql table type. Previously, when phpmyadmin managed the mysql database, the created table is of the MyISAM type by default,

MySQL large Memory high performance optimization scheme

MySQL optimization under 8G memory Try the following settings:Key_buffer = 3840MMax_allowed_packet = 16MTable_cache = 1024Sort_buffer_size = 32MRead_buffer_size = 32MRead_rnd_buffer_size = 32MMyisam_sort_buffer_size = 256MThread_cache_size =

MySQL performance optimization of the best 20 Experience sharing _mysql

When we design the database table structure, we need to pay attention to the performance of the data operation when we operate the database (especially the SQL statement when we check the table). Here, we don't talk too much about the optimization

Mysql database 21 Best performance optimization Experience _mysql

Today, database operations are increasingly becoming a performance bottleneck for the entire application, especially for Web applications. As for the performance of the database, this is not just something that DBAs need to worry about, and that's

MySQL does not support transaction processing workaround

MySQL does not support transaction processing workaroundJuly 07, 2014 23:20 Encyclopedia 369 MySQL does not support transaction processing workaroundThe default storage engine type for MySQL database is MyISAM, which does not support

MySQL database 3 "Optimization 1" Table optimization

a and the optimization of table structure1 , standardization  Normalization is the process of organizing data in a database. This includes creating tables based on design rules and establishing relationships between them, and by eliminating

Mysql usage overview-from basic to stored procedure _ MySQL

Mysql usage overview-from basic to stored procedure I don't think I have fully understood the Mysql usage summary in the yard. my logon to advanced storage processes are all involved. This part is what I usually do not know or encounter

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