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Use GDI + to convert 24-bit true-color images to 8-bit gray images

colors that a pixel can allocate 1 2 ^ 1 = 2 2 2 ^ 2 = 4 4 2 ^ 4 = 16 8 2 ^ 8 = 256 16 2 ^ 16 = 65,536 24 2 ^ 24 = 16,777,216 We can see that when we use a 24-bit color (3 bytes), we can get more than 16 million colors, which are already very rich. It should be close to the color that

Oracle convert a 32-bit database to 64-bit database (32-bit to 64-bit) Description

Oracle Data is divided into 32-bit and 64-bit, which correspond to different platforms. For details about how to check whether the database is 32 or 64-bit, refer: Check whether oracle is 32-bit or 64-bit Http:// The 32-

How to convert a 24-bit RGB color to a 16-bit RGB color

There are many friends for the first time using 16-bit color display will encounter how to convert 24-bit RGB color to the corresponding 16-bit RGB color problem, through the relevant information, write a translation of the principle of it, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.We know that 24-

Convert 32-bit MD5 digest strings to 128-bit binary string

Convert 32 to MD5 Digest string to 128-bit binary:1 /// 2 ///turn a string into binary3 /// 4 /// Source String5 /// Binary string6 Internal Static stringConvertstringtobinary (strings)7 {8 if(S.isnullorwhitespace ())9 {Ten Throw NewArgumentNullException ("the source s

Convert 24-bit true color bitmap to 4-bit (16-color) grayscale image (BMP)

the book that teach VC are described, and Google is also very satisfied. This section describes the color palette and image data. There is a palette for non-true color bitmaps. The format of the palette is as follows: Typedef struct tagrgbquad { Byte rgbblue; // blue weightByte rgbgreen; // green componentByte rgbred; // red weightByte rgbreserved; // The reserved value does not need to be set to 0. } Rgbquad;A general color palette is a struct array consisting of the above struct to store spec

Linux command line compressed photos or pictures of the script (ImageMagick use experience, convert,import,display instance) __linux

power of the shell: C code Find./-name "*.jpg"-exec convert {} {}.gif \; Translated GIF name called *.jpg.gif, so that does not look natural, it does not matter, we can go another step: C code rename. Jpg.gif. gif *.jpg.gif Originally, I want to find in the time, with basename to get the filename without suffix, this The sample will not form. Jpg.gif this ugly name, but don't know why, just can't, if you know, tell me Alternatively, you can do this b

Mutual conversion between 8-bit and 24-bit Images

Original article: Http:// # Include # Include # Include File * fpsrcbmpfile;File * fpdestbmp file; Void getbmpheader (pbitmapfileheader, pbitmapinfoheader );Void changebmpheader (pbitmapfileheader, pbitmapinfoheader, word );Void setbmpheader (const pbitmapfileheader, const pbitmapinfoheader );Void setrgbquad ();Void rgbtograde (); // 24-bit real color to

How to use PS to convert photos taken during the day into Night pictures

Many people do not know that many night movie lenses are actually taken at noon when the sun shines, with some professional camera settings and powerful post-processing, the film studio can be taken into the lens of the day at any time. This tutorial will teach you how to apply filters and adjust layers to convert photos taken during the day into night images. Original: When the original artwork has th

Beauty Mito quickly convert photos to CG hand drawing effect Tutorial

To the U.S. Mito software users to detailed analysis of the first moment to quickly convert the photo to CG hand drawing effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Figure 1 First step: Open a picture. The characters are clear, and a photo with a light source will be easier to effect. When turned on, reduce the brightness of the picture. Figure 2 Part II: Click on the "Local color pen", "choos

Converting QT programming to a gray-scale 8-bit/16-bit image

In fact, I have not implemented it yet.References:Http:// I _convert_a_colored_qpixmap_into_a_grayscaled_qpixmapHttp://

Conversion of 8-bit color index to 24-bit color in DXF format

The current colors are basically 24 bits Color, which consists of three RGB components, each of which occupies 8 bits. The final color is obtained through RGB mixture. The 32-bit color is based on RGB and an alpha channel is introduced to describe the transparency of the color. The smaller the Alpha value, the higher the transparency. The 8-digit color is 256 col

8 reasons to classify and manage photos

Photo is the greatest wealth of photographers, with the advent of the digital age, each photographer in the completion of a shooting task has a large number of photos to be processed, fewer than hundreds of, more than thousands of. In the face of a large number of photos, many photographers also have a system of photo management mode, although the steps are a bit

PS Convert photos into freehand sketch style

This article focuses on shadows/highlights and curves, and, well, a little bit of smart objects. By changing the contrast and the black and white adjustment layer, you can learn a technique that converts an image into a hand-drawing effect. The end result looks like a hand drawing, and then a more rustic hand-drawn feeling is created by fine-tuning the brush. 01. Enhanced Contrast First, download the source file, and then import the im

Convert RGB color to 16 bit color

Convert RGB color to 16 bit color [Suitable for beginners with game programming] I need to judge the colorkey when doing 16bit alpha blending. In my game engine, the colorkey is represented by Windows RGB color, in this case, we need to convert the RGB color to a 16-bit color. below is my practice.The RGB color is a DW

Using Python to convert the subnet mask address to the bit length

One day, using Centos7, when discovering the network configuration, the subnet mask needs to be converted manually, because the CENTOS7 network is configured as follows:NMCLI Connection Enp4s0 Modify Ipv4.methord manual ipv4.address "" Ipv4.gateway "" Ipv4.dns "2 "A configuration item with no subnet mask. Then, write a function that implements the mutual transformation of the subnet mask and the bit length.One: The

Gives a hexadecimal number of 0xFF 0x80 (only 2 "bit") to convert it to a signed byte of decimal integer

#include #include #include #include using namespace Std;int main (){Char Ch[8];Char ch2[8]={' 0 ', ' 0 ', ' 0 ', ' 0 ', ' 0 ', ' 0 ', ' 0 ', ' 0 '};Ltoa ("0xba", "strtol", +), ch,2);Coutfor (int i=8-strlen (CH), j=0;i{CH2[I]=CH[J];}if (ch2[0]== ' 1 '){coutcout"0xba") }else{coutCout"0xba",' + ') }return 0;}^ (* ̄ (oo)  ̄) ^: Red number portion for const char* type;T

Explanation of "8-Bit Bitmap, cyclic shift of even digits"

also want to think about the "8-bit data storage, 4-Bit Data Storage shift times", which should be the best combination (I didn't think about all the combinations, but I tried a few by the way ). So the even bits (, 4,... 28, 30) are shifted cyclically, and only loops to the right can be performed. Bytes ----------------------------------------------------------

Photoshop to pull out dark phone photos soft neutral green tone tutorial (1/8)

Here to tell you how to use the Photoshop tutorial to pull out the dark phone photos soft neutral cyan tone. Final effect 1, open the original material, use the pen tool to pull the window glass part Come out and convert to a constituency as shown in Figure 1. Execution: filter > Blur > Gaussian blur with a value

To understand Unicode and utf-8, try to manually convert

Manual Unicode Turn Utf-8 Colleagues asked, if the Unicode into a utf-8, there are still 0 characters. It's a bit of a question to know. So I checked the Unicoe turn utf-8. This view of the process, or to correct the original many mistakes of the understanding. Just log down as some of your own references. Original

[C + +] Zlatlcv:atl string Conversion Auxiliary library. It is convenient to convert UTF-8 string to TCHAR string

zyl910Today, UTF-8 strings are used more and more frequently. However, in VC, can not directly deal with the UTF-8 string, you have to specifically write UTF-8 and narrow strings, wide strings, TCHAR strings to convert each other code. Not only is it time-consuming and laborious, but it is easy to create a memory leak

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