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How to convert a scanned image into text

How to convert a scanned image into textIn the file we use will find a lot of PDF format, the format of the text can not be copied, if you want to modify or use the text inside the PDF to convert to TXT, then the question is: How to conv

How to convert a scanned PDF file into a Word file

see the specific use of the process, if interested you can slowly grope, here is the moment we witness the miracle:The first step: Download and install the PDF Converter, follow the software prompts to install; After downloading, we directly click on the desktop generated software shortcut icon to enter the user interface;Second step: With the software batch conversion, we click the "Add File" button at the top of the window, find the folder where the PDF file needs to be converted in the Open

How to convert a scanned picture into Word

How to convert a scanned picture into WordThe change of Office form, more and more places will use the OCR word recognition software. Because now the computerized office mode, a lot of paper files or computer can not read the format of files need to be word recognition. But now a lot of OCR word recognition software is to be charged, and then not sure of its actual effect of the case, the hasty purchase is

How can I convert a scanned image into Word

How can I convert a scanned image into WordJPEG is a common image, this kind of image text can not be copied and edited, so if you want to use the text in the image, the need to transform the ipeg image into Word. But most people do not know how to transform the JPEG image into Word, if the people who are always on the

How to convert scanned files to Word format

Scanners bring a lot of convenience to everyone, especially when doing some graphic work, it is a good helper, so how to convert the scanned file to the word file format? Let me tell you.Scan files can be converted to text files using ocr, and then inserted into Word for editing. Some ocr software can be saved as word documents directly. Optical Character Recogni

How to Convert PDF files from editable text and word

batch entry, and it can automatically save the work progress, when the user opens the project again, It can automatically point to the work breakpoint, eliminating the trouble of repeated search, recognition, and verification.Note: If you want to directly convert the scanned text or table to the doc, RTF, txt, and other formats, you must pay attention to the pla

Convert the text in the picture to Word text

Hello everyone, we may often encounter the problem of converting picture text into Word, usually to convert the picture text into Word pictures, some are scanned, some are photographed with the camera, but can not be edited on the computer, if the picture text converted to W

How to convert a picture into text

How to convert a picture into textCamera drawings, mobile phone pictures, scanned pictures, pdf drawings and so on these pictures of the text are not directly copied and modified, so the picture to change to text is what we do, but because most netizens do not know what to do, so many people are still using manual inpu

How to convert the image text into wrod

Get the words in the book to the computer quickly. I will also, wow...At work, I often wonder how efficient it would be if I could quickly input useful words on paper into my computer without typing! With the development of technology, this problem is constantly being solved. For example, scanners on the market now carry OCR software, which can convert scanned text

How to convert text from a picture into Word

Office clerical work every day task is to deal with countless documents, mainly do is finishing work, such work although there is no difficulty coefficient, but some cumbersome document processing and input is very heavy labor, if there is no good tool support, such work is very difficult to complete. The most time-consuming of these files, such as paper files and picture files (the words in a file are not editable), are archived without the help of the tool and only manually entered. Still thin

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