convert small letters to capital letters in word

Learn about convert small letters to capital letters in word, we have the largest and most updated convert small letters to capital letters in word information on

Skills in word and execl

1. How to use a duplicate number in Word In word, we can place a duplicate number on the toolbar. Open the "tool-custom" Command Option and open the "Custom" dialog box. Select "All commands" in the "category" column under the "command" tab.. All

Three big capsules break word input limit

Friends who often do word processing will not reject the higher, faster and stronger experience that Word2003 brings to us, so let's see what practical tips don't get your attention. Some people say, "Lose" can be a coincidence, but some skills,

The most understandable tutorials for PHP regular expressions

Basic knowledge CharacterPOSIX Extended Regular Expression functionsPerl-compatible Regular expression functionsFrom the message verification. The format of the message: Where Tenssun is the user name, is the server name

CSS text, fonts, links

CSS Text properties Define the appearance of text.With text properties, you can change the color of the text, the spacing of characters, the alignment text, the decoration, the indentation of the text, and so on.Indent textIndents the first line of

JS Common tool functions (continuous recording)

Mode 1//set Cookiefunction setcookie (name, value)//two parameters, one is the name of the cookie, one is the value { var days = 30;//This cookie will be saved for 30 day var E XP = new Date (); New Date ("December, 9998"); Exp.settime

Use PHP's date and time function tips _php tips

PHP Date-time function date ()1, year-month-day Copy Code code as follows: echo Date (' y-m-j '); 2007-02-6 echo Date (' y-n-j '); 07-2-6 Capital Y represents a four-digit year, while lowercase y represents a

Introduction to variables and data types in Python

1. Variables and data types 1.1 Variables 1. Each variable stores a value-the information associated with the variable. 2. A variable can be not only an integer or a floating-point number, but also a string, which can be any data type. Naming and

Java language Basics

1. Statements and statement blocksStatement: Java is a delimiter, and each sentence with a delimiter is a statement.Statement BLOCK: The collection of statements inside the {}.2. NotesA.//single-line commentB./* Multiline Comment */c./** Document

Java string length and varchar length matching comprehension (character and byte length understanding)

1: "Byte" is byte, "bit" is bit;2:1 byte = 8 bit;Char is 2 bytes in Java. Java uses unicode,2 bytes (16 bits) to represent one character.ButString str = "compilation";byte[] bytes = Str.getbytes (); I wonder why it takes 3 bytes here?3 byte is 3*8=24

MapReduce program converted to spark program

MapReduce and Spark compare the current big data processing can be divided into the following three types:1, complex Batch data processing (Batch data processing), the usual time span of 10 minutes to a few hours;2, based on the historical Data

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