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LINQ experience (13) -- convert the operators of the LINQ to SQL statements and convert the operators of ADO. NET and LINQ to SQL

be negative interop_db.SubmitChanges (); nwindTxn. commit ();} catch (Exception e) {// if there is an error, all operations roll back the Console. writeLine (e. message);} nwindConn. close (); Statement Description: This example uses an existing ADO. NET connection to create a Northwind object, and then shares an ADO. NET transaction with this object. This transaction is used to execute SQL commands through the ADO. NET connection and submit changes

ASP. NET uses Linq to SQL to implement basic addition, deletion, modification, query, and binding controls (C #)

Just a little bit of Linq was attracted by it, and I suddenly came up with the idea of learning and using it in one breath. So I posted a video on the ASP. NET official website. I am not very good at English, but I can understand how to use it. Below I wrote a little bit of fur I learned. It is a learning record. First, I use Visual Studio 2008 development tools and SQL Server data sources, which are writte

Scottgu's blog -- LINQ to SQL Part 2-defining data model classes -- LINQ to SQL (Part 2-defining our Data Model C

A more concise version will be published in the blog Hall (excluding the English version). I hope this article will help you! Allowed to reprint, trouble to indicate the source: article:Http:// In Part 1 of my LINQ to

In-depth study of the series of LINQ to SQL (Basics of LINQ query)

This article is organized from the msdn I. Concepts of LINQ:LINQ is short for Language Integrated Query (Language integration query), which is integrated in. netProgramming LanguageThis allows the query expression to get a good syntax check during compilation, rich metadata, and advantages of smart sensing for other strong languages. net Framework Version 3.5 i

LINQ to SQL Deep Learning Series Four LINQ query Basics

Part of this article is organized from MSDN First, the Concept of LINQ: LINQ is the abbreviation for Language Integrated query (language integration queries), which is integrated in the. NET programming language, which makes query expressions good at compile-time syntax checking, rich metadata, IntelliSense, and othe

LINQ experience (17) -- dynamic query of LINQ to SQL statements

method for creating a specific type of Expression directory tree node, for example, ParameterExpression (indicating a named parameter Expression) or MethodCallExpression (indicating a method call ). The root of the Expression directory tree generated by the compiler is always in the node of Type Expression The following examples describe how to use the expression directory tree to create a dynamic LINQ query

LINQ series: LINQ to SQL Select query

Tags: style blog color ar for strong SP div on1. Query all fieldsusing New Northwindcontext ()) { var expr = context. Products; foreach (var in expr) { Console.WriteLine (item. ProductName);} }SELECT [Extent1].[ProductID] as [ProductID], [Extent1].[CategoryID] as [CategoryID], [Extent1].[ProductName] as [ProductName], [Extent1].[UnitPrice] as [UnitPrice], [Extent1].[discontinued] as [discontinued] from

LINQ series: LINQ to SQL Select query

Label: = new Northwindcontext ()) { var= context. Products; foreach (var in expr) { Console.WriteLine (item. ProductName); } } SELECT [Extent1].[ProductID] as [ProductID], [Extent1].[CategoryID] as [CategoryID], [Extent1].[ProductName] as [ProductName], [Extent1].[UnitPrice] as [UnitPrice], [Extent1].[discontinued] as [discontinued] from [dbo].[Product] as [Extent1] 2. Querying a specified field var = context. Products . Select =

Convert a LINQ statement to an SQL statement

During this time, writing of LINQ and SQL is missing! Or are you getting old? More and more will not change Problem: ========================================================== ======== VaR ret = from X in LSWhere (String. isnullorempty (Arg. querytext )? True:((X. ?? ""). Toupper (). Contains (Arg. querytext. toupper ())| (X. B ?? ""). Toupper (). Contains (Arg. querytext. toupper ())| (X.

In one sentence, convert a Linq statement to an SQL statement.

. LevelNumber = 3 )? O. MerchantReps. Where (a => a. LevelNumber = 3). FirstOrDefault (). Rep. Name :""),RepLev4 = (o. MerchantReps. Any (a => a. LevelNumber = 4 )? O. MerchantReps. Where (a => a. LevelNumber = 4). FirstOrDefault (). Rep. Name :""),RepLev5 = (o. MerchantReps. Any (a => a. LevelNumber = 5 )? O. MerchantReps. Where (a => a. LevelNumber = 5). FirstOrDefault (). Rep. Name :""),Address1 = o. DBAAddress1,Address2 = o. DBAAddress2,City = o. DBACity,State = o. DBAState,Zip = o. DBAZip,P

Querybuilder: Create an elegant dynamic query using LINQ to SQL

of writing to SQL (I had to admire the full potential of the query by using LINQ), some of my friends would be able to solve the query problem easily with the LINQ expression: IlistOrder> Search (ExpressionFuncOrder,Bool> Expression );

Create an elegant LINQ to SQL dynamic query

filter condition "Nothing more" to add a parameter to the interface, a parameter to the stored procedure, and a condition to the WHERE clause ,...... Working hard. The customer's filtering condition is as follows: since the order contains the "country" field, you want to filter the condition according to the country, and you can select multiple countries, for example: The engineer may fall down when he sees the figure ...... The above can be used as a joke, but in other words, there is no uni

[10 days to learn about Linq to SQL] The third day -- Data Query

. studentDataDataContext (); // query the var student = db. students. where (n => n. sex = 0); // output the Student name Console. writeLine ("_____________ simple query __________________________________"); Console. writeLine ("Name of male output student gender:"); foreach (var stu in student) {Console. writeLine (stu. studentName);} Console. writeLine ("__________ querying partial field queries (querying

C # Review notes (4)--c#3: Innovative Ways to write code (query expressions and LINQ to Object (bottom))

length range variable.The following is the translated code:... var translatedquery = sampledata.users new {user, length = user. Name.length}) = z.length) new {Name =, Length = z.length});.. Each part of the query is appropriately adjusted: for the original query expression, referring directly to user or length, if the reference occurs after the LET c

LINQ query Expressions (C # Programming Guide)

Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) is the name of a set of technologies that are built on the direct integration of query functionality into the C # language (as well as Visual basic and any other possible. NET language). with LINQ, the qu

Differences between SQL, LINQ, and lambda query statements

3 courses. SelectAVG (degree) fromScorewhereCNO like'3%'GROUP BY Cno have Count (*) >=5Linq: fromSinchScoreswhereS.cno. StartsWith ("3") group S by s.cno into CCwhereCc. Count () >=5 SelectCc. Average (c Lambda:Scores.Where (S= = S.cno. StartsWith ("3") ) . GroupBy (S=s.cno). Where (CC= = (CC. Count () >=5) ) . Select (CC= CC. Average (c Linq:sqlme

Differences between SQL, LINQ, and lambda query statements

") View Code 12. Grouping example Code queries the average score of at least 5 students in the score table and 3 courses. SelectAVG (degree) fromScorewhereCNO like'3%'GROUP BY Cno have Count (*) >=5Linq: fromSinchScoreswhereS.cno. StartsWith ("3") group S by s.cno into CCwhereCc. Count () >=5 SelectCc. Average (c Lambda:Scores.Where (S= = S.cno. StartsWith ("3") ) . GroupBy (S=s.cno). Where (CC= = (CC. Count () >=5) )

. Net things (5) -- C #3.0 LINQ query syntax

words of LINQ: From, select, in, where, group by, order...3. Note: it must end with select or group.4. the semantics of LINQ:From temporary variable in collection object or database objectWhere condition expression[Order by condition]Value queried in the select Temporary Variable[Group by condition] III. C #3.0 LINQ example First, let's look at a very simple

How to query and add a SQL statement using LINQ

This document uses the customers and orders tables in the northwind database as examples to illustrate how to query and add a table in the LINQ to SQL statement. First, create datacontext and the corresponding entity class through the LINQ to SQL file wizard. If you do not k

Differences between SQL, LINQ, and LAMBDA query statements

, from course as c,score as SC where c.cno = sc.cnolinq: From C in Courses J Oin SC in Scores on c.cno equals SC. CNO Select New { sc. Sno,c.cname,sc. Degree }lambda: courses.join (Scores, C = c.cno, sc = sc. CNO, (c, sc) =

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