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Photoshop Action set of actions

The Photoshop5.5 action set provides us with a convenient image processing function. Not to be exploited, a little pity. And, through the Study of Action action set of the various command combination, you can learn Photoshop to deal with the image

CSS3 Filter (filter)--CSS3 technology

The Filter property defines the visual effect of the element (usually ), the blur, saturation, grayscale, etc. of the case. Personal feeling is powerful1. Filter SyntaxFilter:none | Blur () | Brightness () | Contrast () | Drop-shadow () | Grayscale (

Simplified Chinese convert Traditional Chinese (implementing code) _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: var default_isft = 0//default is traditional, 0-simplified, 1-Traditional var stranit_delay = 50//Translation delay millisecond (this is designed to let the Web page appear smoothly first) --code start, do not

CSS 3D look

Bytes The emergence of HTML5 and CSS achievements (such as transition, animation, deformation, text shadow, graphic shadow, gradient and SVG) greatly enhances the richness of HTML graphics and interactions. Now you can use it in CSS and HTML.Filter

Fireworks 4.0 of the Commands (command) of the various features of the detailed

command| detailed The command was introduced in FIREWORKS3. This feature saves us a lot of work time in many ways. And it's completely open, and it's perfect for a friend who knows JavaScript scripts and likes to make web apps with FW. You can write

In-depth mining of some features of molehill API

A few months ago, at the max2010 Conference held in LA, we introduced the simple situation of molehill API on the flash desktop platform and mobile platform applications. For details, refer to the following:Molehill "pageIn this article, I want to

(2) Response flow--response spring's DAO spell device

This series of articles index: "Response Spring's word Wizard".Previously summary: What is responsive programming1.2 Response FlowLeft a hole in the previous section-why not use Java stream for data flow? The reason for this is that it has

Jane--Traditional transformation function

function | Convert if EXISTS (SELECT * from dbo.sysobjects WHERE id = object_id (N ' [dbo].[ F_gb2big] and Xtype in (n ' FN ', n ' IF ', n ' TF ')) Drop function [dbo]. [F_gb2big] Go --Generate Code tableif exists (SELECT * from dbo.sysobjects WHERE

Use ImageMagick in PHP to achieve old photo effects

ImageMagick is a picture processing software with powerful image processing capabilities. This article uses PHP call ImageMagick to implement the image processing as an old photo effect. ImageMagick Address: www.imagemagick.orgTo install ImageMagick,

The "Photo Filter/photo Filter" command in PS CS is detailed

Filter | Source: 5D Multimedia This is an important image adjustment command related to photography.There is no one on the internet that can speak clearly or understand this order. Must be I have not found the reason, anyway I found none of you to

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