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C # convert Arabic numerals (in lower case) to uppercase Chinese (in upper case)

/// /// This class converts Arabic numerals to uppercase Chinese/// This class does not identify illegal numbers. Please determine in advance whether the numbers are valid/// Public class ChineseNum{ // Convert lowercase to uppercasePublic static

Converts the lower case of a currency to an upper case.

'Convert the lower-case currency into upper-case currencies. For example, the shard points in the round Public Function num2chi (byval txtje as double) as string Dim I, K as integer Dim NC, Nd, ka, chrnum, strzheng as string Dim C1, C2, C3 as string

Python3----conversion case (upper lower capitalize and title)

Like other languages, Python provides a way to convert the casing to a String object: Upper () and lower (). More than that, Python also provides us with the initials, the rest of the lowercase capitalize () method, and the first uppercase of all

When fastJson encounters an upper-case field, fastjson encounters an upper-case field.

When fastJson encounters an upper-case field, fastjson encounters an upper-case field. I encountered a headache in the project. When fastJson is used to deserialize the current Json, the object property is always null (for example,). You may know

Use vbs to convert the name to correct case-sensitive code

Q: Hello, script expert! I have a script that my support staff can use to create user accounts. Unfortunately, sometimes these support staff enter a name similar to this: kEn MYEr. How can I convert the name to a correct case (that is, Ken Myer? --

Post: PostgreSQL database object name is case sensitive

Document directory 9.2.2. Case sensitivity of the identifier From: Tid = 812899   This problem is lost because I just got started with pgsql. PostgreSQL is case-sensitive and converts the database object

Convert the case-sensitive amount in Python code

The following article mainly introduces an example of the actual application code in Python code that converts the amount to lowercase to uppercase, if you use Python code to convert the amount to uppercase in lower case, the actual operations are

[Pinyin4j] converting Chinese characters into pinyin (case sensitive) in java, and pinyin4j in case sensitive

[Pinyin4j] converting Chinese characters into pinyin (case sensitive) in java, and pinyin4j in case sensitive Pinyin4J is a lib that can convert Chinese characters into pinyin, which is very practical. Its maven address is:

[Reprint] added the custom function in fastreport report to convert the lower-case amount to upper-case

// The following functions can convert the lowercase amount less than 100,000 million yuan to uppercase// Author Fang Xiaoqing ( ntoc (N0: Real): widestring; stdcall;Function IIF (B: Boolean; S1, S2: string): string;Begin //

Linux Kernel Analysis notes-upper and lower half (lower)

Next, let's talk about Soft Interrupt and tasklet in the previous section. This is the work queue .. The work queue is different from other methods discussed earlier. It can push the work back and hand it to a kernel thread for execution-the work

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