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Use Adobe Flex 3 to develop massively multiplayer online games

article, I aim to tell you less time to create a complete (and simple) large online game experience. Similarly, I will give you some sample code so that you can master this high-level idea. These examples are only available in flex3, but many of them are related to application developers of other technologies. Includes Adobe Flash cs4 and Flex 3 Air desktop applications. I hope that these will give an intr

Server Architecture Analysis of well-known online games

Http:// Similar to QQ games, millions of concurrently online servers are added to favoritesAuthor: sodimethyl this Article Source: Disclaimer: This article can be reproduced without the consent of the author. However, it is not necessary to retain the copyright, author, and source information of the first two lines of the

Outsourcing of girls, online games and Human Resources

for it, more resources will be invested in market development. Obviously, this is a vicious circle. The market is limited. It's just such a big piece of bread, and it's gone after the development. How to stand in such a market is the core issue. The core of Human outsourcing is human resources, and the products of Human outsourcing enterprises are their employees. The product quality determines the competitiveness of an enterprise in the market, ignoring the R D and maintenance of its own prod

Application of Design Mode in multiplayer online shooting games (I)

In order to help you learn and master various common design patterns more systematically, the following uses a comprehensive example:"Multiplayer online shooting gamesTo learn how to use the design pattern comprehensively in actual development. Multiplayer online shooting games, such as counter-strike, Cs, Delta troop

Online watching the Olympic Games live artifact--China Network TV Client

2012 London Olympic Games come, can not watch TV can only computer internet friends are still looking around the Internet can see the live place. Today to recommend that you can watch the Olympic Games live software, you can see all the CCTV channels live, you can also see the various provincial and municipal television broadcast live software---China Network TV Client (Cbox). Cbox is a network to watch CC

Unity uses Websocket to implement WebGL online games (no plug-ins) and websocketwebgl

Unity uses Websocket to implement WebGL online games (no plug-ins) and websocketwebglOpening Before Unity supports WebGL, You need to convert it into a Flash Platform for publishing for web games, but there are many things that need special processing in the middle. Or, if you do not use Flash, you need Unity WebPlayer. This is a Web plug-in. You must install thi

How to optimize Win7 to prevent online games

How to optimize Win7 so that online games do not card web game Silk Road Heroes feel very stuck, after eliminating the possibility of network speed hardware configuration and virus, Win7 optimization master according to the settings wizard optimized again, after the restart, it is no longer stuck as before. At this point, I noticed that the lower right of IE brow

Differences between the C ++ background and pure C background for role-playing large-scale online games

For some reason, I use C ++ as the backgroundProgramStudio switched to a studio that uses pure C language as the game background, Both sets of background programs can be claimed as the mature background architecture of China in role-playing games .. I have clearly understood the C ++ architecture because I have been reading it for two months.Code. This pure C language is used by several well-known online

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