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[PHP] how can such intermediate PHP programmers make breakthroughs and avoid detours?

[PHP] This level of junior and intermediate PHP programmers have been working as PHP programmers since year 56, but they have only recently mastered MVC, it was originally Native PHP, and there were many detours along the way. What I learned now

Use code to do the work in the shortest time

Chapter 0 What is programming I tasted all day and thought, as a moment of learning also, I tasted go and hope, than ascend the Bo see also. Ascend and recruit, arm non-length also, and see Far, Shin, sound not add disease also, and smell.

What to do if the website is attacked

With the development of Internet, more and more people begin to realize the superiority of network propaganda. Large and small sites abound. However, with the increase in the number of sites, the problem has increased greatly. Competition between

Natural language 12_tokenizing Words and sentences with NLTK Words and sentences with NLTKWelcome to a Natural Language processing tutorial series, using the Natural Language Toolkit, or NLTK, module with Python.The NLTK

How can I start a business with 1 million points?

I registered 51cto in 2011 to download learning resources, but I don't have any money and I don't have any good resources to share. In order to earn the beans for downloading, I log on to the 51cto download topic every day to get two beans for

Gevent: advantages, disadvantages, and disadvantages

Original Source: in the Milky Way I don't want to spend a lot of time describing what gevent is. I think it's enough to make a summary on its official website: "Gevent is a coroutine-based Python network library. It uses the high-level

Optimizing the little secrets in the Web server

Should be very strange why rattan design take this to say things, under normal circumstances do the website is will send out the chain, write original soft text, keyword ratio, long tail keyword and so on? Website optimization also and the server

How does a text broadcast automatic combat system ensure no vulnerabilities?

Currently, I want to create a pure text web game. The combat mode adopts the text broadcast mode. I have seen that someone else wrote that the combat computing was performed locally, and finally the combat results were post to the server, this

Combine Baidu statistics to do wordpress speed optimization

has been using Baidu statistics as the preferred statistical tool, compared to other tools, the biggest advantage is that the IP statistics accurate, efficient and efficient. But before always using its statistical function to count my wordpress

Linux environment Development, choose what system?

PHP Python is now ready to go into the pit Nodejs Ready to switch to Linux under development Ask for a recommended environmental system Recommended more Ubuntu, probably because the desktop version is better, How important is the desktop system? PS

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