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GIS basic software and operation (v)

Original GIS basic software and operation (v)Practice v. Basic operations of spatial analysisBasic Operations for spatial analysisSpatial Analysis ModuleSpatial analysis is a spatial data analysis technique based on the location and morphology of

MySQL read-write separation

The environment is based on the 2 machines previously configured for MySQL master-slave replication (IP is primary server and as slave server), enabling a machine installation mysql-proxy for read-write separation

[Python] Get more information about the win platform file

Import Win32apidef getfileproperties (fname): "" reads all properties of the given file, returning a dictionary. "" "Propnames = (' Comments ', ' InternalName ', ' ProductName ', ' CompanyName ', ' legalcopyright ', ' productversion ', '

64-bit Apache deployment for the Unigui application

Deploying Unigui ISAPI modules under 64-bit Apache1. Establish a Unigui program2. Write simple content in the program3. Add 64-bit program compilation options, select 64-bit Windows in the list, and then compile the program4. Next is the

Starting with DVD rental, Ride Hastings how to create Netflix

He used to be a soldier in the United States Marines. It was only 10 dollars left in his pocket, but it was just a ride across Africa. He was born noble family, a gifted family, with ancestral mathematical talent, his grandfather was The wolf on

Apple's latest file storage system in the eyes of a ZFS developer APFS

Objective:This article is translated from a blog post that was involved in ZFS file system development, now Delphix company CTO, Adam Levinso (Adam Leventhal): Apfs detailed (Apfs in Detail).The Apfs file system is the latest file system that Apple


QT Call C interface appears prompt invalid parameter passed to C runtime function.The reason is that a null pointer was passed when the function was called Read the full text of the copyright notice: This article is the original blogger

How to configure the openvpn server verified by CA in Windows

Download and install openvpn:Use flashget or any other method to download the openvpn installation package and install it. Remember to select the easy-RSA script,The bat script used to manage the CA.Http://

Data structure learning cycle queue (sequential storage) __ Queue

Summary queue feature: Advanced First Out (FIFO)--The elements of the advanced queue are first out of the queue. Come from the queues in our Lives (queue first and do it first).This has a flaw, space utilization is not high, so we directly learn the

Use and testing of "Sphinx" Mysql+sphinx full-Text Search

Introduction: Recently online due to some indescribable reasons need to filter some words in the database, so the more lines on the line is the Select C1,c2 fron tb1 where C1 like '%name% ' similar to this look of fuzzy query. began to think of the

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