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Cordova Learning One: basic Operation __cordova

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Create the configuration of the first app and Cordova build environment using Cordova

IntroductionThrough the previous article we have a certain understanding of the Hybrid App, and according to the actual business situation to choose Cordova to develop our App, if you do not know the words please review the previous article, then we

Cordova development environment to build and create the first app

Organize your records use Cordova to create an app app and deploy it to your Android mobile device on a detailed process, as follows:First, the pre-installation environment1. Installing the JDK (Java SDK)2. Installing Gradle3. Install the Android

Brief discussion on advantages and disadvantages of Cordova and Environment Deployment (reprint)

Discussion on advantages and disadvantages of Cordova and environment deploymentSuhuajieBrief introductionCordova is a fast-developing platform for creating cross-platform mobile applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It enables developers to

Cordova Quick Start record

This post consists of: a pen.Cordova official website Getting started document Get Started Fast, simple meaning, easy to understand.Just record the process and installation of the problems

[Cordova] Introduction to plugin Development

[Cordova] Introduction to Plugin Development overviewCordova's design concept is to render Web pages through Web controls on the app, allowing web developers to manipulate familiar languages and tools to develop apps. The use of web pages to render

What is the difference between packaging HTML with Cordova and using AppCan, Dcloud, WeX5, and ApiCloud? -

I am a web developer for mobile development. I would like to ask, what is the difference between compiling HTML and packaging with Cordova and using tools such as ApiCloud, AppCan, Dcloud, and WeX5? I have written several simple HTML web pages

Add the Cordova framework to an existing Xcode project

Transferred from: HTTP://WWW.JIANSHU.COM/P/656838AE92BCWe know that UIWebView in Uikit has provided a lot of functionality, such as the communication between JavaScript and OBJC. But given the question, how do you implement JavaScript calls to some

Use Cordova to package H5 pages for app development

All along, app development is divided into Android version and iOS version, the same app needs to write two versions, the version is different, the cost is added. Cordova's emergence is a stream of clear, it can be H5 page packaged into Android or

iOS development environment configuration and Cordova installation and common commands

I. IOS development environment configuration1, first to have a Mac book, if there is a Mac book, skip steps 2, 3, 4, if not, perform steps 2, 3, 4;2, download and install VMware Workstation, preferably under the latest version;3, download and

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