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Mastering lambda Expressions: Java Multi-core programming PDF

1365.2 Split iterators with fork/join1455.3 Exception 1495.4 Example Description: Recursive grep1555.5 Summary 166Chapter 6th performance of Flow 1676.1 Micro-Benchmark Metric 1706.1.1 Measuring Dynamic Runtime 1716.1.2 Java microbenchmarking Harness1736.1.3 Test Method 1746.2 Select execution Mode 1786.3 Stream Characteristics 1816.4 Sort 1846.5 stateful operation and stateless operation 1876.6 Packing and Unpacking 1886.7 Split iterator Performance

"Java Core Technology Volume 1 basic knowledge of the original book 9th edition" pdf

Interneta Short history of Javacommon misconceptions about JAVACHAPTE R 2 the Java Programming Environment (new comments Total 20) Chapter 3 fundamental programming structures in Java (new comments Total 44) Chapter 4 Obje CTS and Classes (new comments Total 55) Chapter 5 Inheritance (new comments Total 42) Chapter 6 Interfaces and Inner Classes (new comments Total 24) Chapter 7 Excepti ONS, Logging, asser

Getting Started with Java 8 programming the official tutorial PDF

: Network Disk DownloadGetting started with Ava 8 Official tutorial 6th edition PDF It is a learning material for Java learners, and the content has been completely updated for the new JavaSE8. With the help of bestselling author Herbert Schildt (Schmidt), you can start learning the basics of Java programming immediate

Java Game Programming Development tutorial PDF

: Network Disk DownloadThis book takes the game development case as the main content, the book involves the game all is everybody familiar, lets the reader to the dull language study to be full of fun, is very good reference for the middle-level Java learner. This book not only lists the complete game code, but also the source code of all the very detailed explanation, so easy to understand, illustrated. This book is intended for game programming enth

Java NiO Tutorial (i) Core Overview __java

Java NiO Tutorial (i) Core Overview Java NIO consists of the following core components: Channels buffers Selectors Although there are many other classes and components in Java NIO, it seems to me that Channel,buffer and Selector c

Python core programming PDF download HD full scan original

Office automation, SQL DB fills, and so on). ”--ptonman,dev Shed Forum"Python is simply a beautiful language. It ' s easy to learn, it'sCross-platform, and it works. It has achieved many of the technical goalsThat's Java strives for. A one-sentence Description of Python would be: ' AllOther languages appear to has evolved over Time-but Python is designed. 'And it is designed well. Unfortunately, there aren ' t a large number ofBooks for Python. The b

The 3rd edition of Python core programming Chinese version pdf

import and test 22.2.5 reference count 22.2.6 thread and Global Interpreter lock (GIL) 22.3 Related Topics 22.4 Practice Chapter 23rd Other topics 23.1 Web services 23.2 using WIN32 COM to operate Microsoft Office23.2.1 Client COM programming 23.2.2 Microsoft Excel23.2.3 Microsoft Word 1th python core 23.2.4 Microsoft PowerPoint23.2.5 Microsoft Outlook23.2.6 Medium Size Example 23.3 write Python and Java p

"Java Web Development Combat Classic". (Li Xinghua). [Pdf]pdf

: Network Disk DownloadContent Introduction······"Java Development Combat Classic (teacher pulpit)" is a comprehensive explanation of Java core Technology books, in the book use a lot of code and cases for the analysis and use of knowledge points, and give some more mature development steps to help readers to better develop J

"Python Core Programming (Second Edition)" PDF

database programming21.1 Introduction21.1.1 Persistent Storage21.1.2 Basic database operations and SQL language21.1.3 database and Python21.2 Python Database Application Programmer interface (DB-API)21.2.1 Module Properties21.2.2 Connection Object21.2.3 Cursor Objects21.2.4 Type objects and constructors21.2.5 relational database21.2.6 database and Python: interface program21.2.7 example of using a database interface program21.3 objects-Relational Manager (ORM)21.3.1 consider objects, not SQL21.

Use TCPDF in PHP to generate a PDF file instance _ PHP Tutorial

website provides dozens of examples and instructions. after downloading and unzipping files, you must pay attention to the file path. to use TCPDF, perform the following five steps: 1. require_once import the tcpdf. php file and related configuration information;2. instantiate TCPDF;3. set the format of a PDF document, including the document information, header, footer, font, outer spacing, image border, and paging;4. the content of the imported

Using Tcpdf to generate PDF document instances in PHP _php tutorial

. Format PDF document, including document information, header, footer, font, outer space, picture border, paging, etc.4, import the contents of the PDF document, can be single-line or multiple lines of simple strings, or HTML-formatted strings, etc.;5. Output PDF document. code example:Copy CodeThe code is as follows:Require_once (' tcpdf.php ');Instantiation of$

Xna4.0 RPG Game Development Series tutorial [PDF tutorial + Source Code]

I found an xna4.0 series of tutorials on foreign websites. It was about the development of RPG games. I couldn't help but build a good game engine. I also designed a complete editor. It felt quite good, I would like to share with you here. This tutorial is written by Jamie McMahon. The links to the series of tutorials are After my own arrangement, I will merge the Left and Right

How to convert Docx/odt to pdf/html with Java?__java

conversion. Jodconverter with docx To test and use jodconverter, your need to install OpenOffice or LibreOffice. In the I case I have installed LibreOffice 3.5 on Windows. Org.samples.docxconverters.jodconverter Eclipse project that you can download this is sample the docx converter with Jodcon Verter. This is Project Contains:docx folder which contains several docx to convert. Those docx comes from the Xdocreport Git, we use to test our converter. PDF

Java basics-use iText to generate PDF reports in JSP

Origin Not long ago, I made a small project to generate PDF reports through JSP, opening my eyes. Some enterprise information forms Html reports through the network. Although IE can directly print the content displayed in the reports, from the perspective of the interface, if the Html display result is printed directly, not very nice. If you convert it into a PDF file and then print it, the printing effect

[Boutique sharing 1] download JAVA boutique books in high-definition PDF

More books can be found at core technology Volume 2: advanced features (original book version 8th) JAVA software development from novice to master (Java from entry to master (version 3rd) + Java project development full record (version 3rd )) JAVA Devel

Create PDF Chinese document _php Tutorial in PHP

reference. But with it you can only get one font. To support all Chinese fonts, use the TTF2PT1 program to convert TrueType fonts to pt1 fonts, one by one (detailed in the Fpdf tutorial). In order to support other Chinese fonts, the nutrient should modify the above chinese.php, as follows: 1:replace the following line in the Addgbfont () method: function Addgbfont ($family = ' GB ', $name = ' Stsongstd-light-acro '){$CW = $GLOBALS [' gb_widths '];$na

PYTHON+DJANGO+SAE Series Tutorial-----output non-HTML content (image/pdf)

introduced the output of RSS, in fact, RSS is a very good thing, but the problem here is that the general content is the core of a site, provided that the RSS, users or other sites are able to subscribe to view without looking at advertising and other information, this is not the site webmaster is willing to see, so, This technology has not been a very good application at home. Interested students here can continue to see the http://djangobook.py3k.c

Php Tutorial: Match and replace the text in the PDF

First of all, we need to use a very popular online PDF tool-saaspose: Speaking of its popularity, that's because saaspose currently supports GoogleAppEngine, GoogleAndroid, Facebook, Java, AmazonWebServices, and Node. js, PHP, Python, iOSDeveloper, Rails, and Micr First of all, we need to use a very popular online PDF tool-saaspose: Speaking of its popularity, th

JAVA-network programming, java Network Programming pdf

JAVA-network programming, java Network Programming pdf Every time I mention the network, I feel like it's getting taller. But is network programming really mysterious? Next, let's review it. Many people regard website programming as equivalent to network programming. Here, I want to correct it. network programming! = Website programming. What is network programmi

Contribution 10 Classic Java tutorials, all PDF full version of the __java

Contribute 10 Classic Java tutorials, all of which are PDF full version Subscription Description: Found a "Sina micro-disk", large space, easy to download, there is no advertising. My technical information is free to share with you. Even if you don't have Sina Weibo, you can download it directly or browse it online, and it's fast. "1" massive Android tutorials, development materials and source code "2" ma

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