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"In-depth understanding of Java Virtual Machine JVM advanced features ..." Core notes

deep understanding of Java Virtual Machine JVM advanced features and Best Practices (second Edition) core notes JAVA Environment: Java Virtual machine Advanced Features:One:

Core Java 5~6 (OOP & Advanced language Features)

: Getdeclaredfiedlds () getdeclaredmethods () ...Returns all properties or methods (Public/protected/default/private), but does not include inherited properties and methodsPractice:The class name represented by a data structure (Collection) is passed through the command line, which dynamically creates the object of the Class (New ArrayList ()) through the reflection mechanism, puts several objects into the data structure, and then traverses the object information in the output data structure.Exa

(upgraded) Spark from beginner to proficient (Scala programming, Case combat, advanced features, spark core source profiling, Hadoop high end)

:0.13zookeeper:3.4.5kafka:2.9.2-0.8.1 Other tools: SecureCRT, WinSCP, VirtualBox, etc.2. Introduction to the contentThis course focuses on Scala programming, Hadoop and Spark cluster Setup, spark core programming, spark kernel source depth profiling, spark performance tuning, Spark SQL, spark streaming. The main features of this course include: 1, code-driven to explain the various technical points of spark

Java core technology volume I Basic Knowledge (7), java Core Technology

Java core technology volume I Basic Knowledge (7), java Core TechnologyChapter 1 Set Set Interface Specific set In a table, except for Classes ending with Map, other classes implement the Collection interface, while classes ending with Map implement the Map

JAVA core technology Volume 1, generic example, java Core Technology example

JAVA core technology Volume 1, generic example, java Core Technology example For this Code, many netizens are full of questions. First of all, there are a lot of questions. If you don't write the Pair class, you can compile it. The Pair class is on the first two pages of oth

[Java core technology volume I (the ninth edition of the original book)] Chapter 1 collection, the ninth edition of core technology

[Java core technology volume I (the ninth edition of the original book)] Chapter 1 collection, the ninth edition of core technology This chapter describes how to use the Java class library to help us implement the traditional data structure in programming. Here, we only int

Java Core Programming Volume 1: Fundamentals

Now that we are in the 21st century, it is hard to imagine that Java-related books are so scarce, but this is just the case with Java. All the Java-related books were basically published by several Sun engineers, such as the "Hooked on Java" written by Arthur Van Hoff and "The

Java Foundation Consolidation-Java Core Technology Fundamentals • Volume One: Fundamentals

execution path; the so-called execution path refers to the directory list where the operating system searches for a local executable file.The same level directory in Jdk\bin contains the file, which is the source code for all public classesGet more source code (compilers, virtual machines, local methods, and private helper classes, etc.) with access to: is the anatomy of the JDK section:The difference between the JDK and the JRE can be seen clearly:There are three types

Java Core Technology Volume 18. Java concurrency

each other.Synchronization queueA synchronization queue is a mechanism for pairing producers with consumer threads. When a thread calls the Put method of synchronousqueue, it blocks until another thread calls the Take method, and vice versa. Unlike Exchanger's case, data travels only in one direction, from producers to consumers. Even though the Synchronousqueue class implements the Blockingqueue interface, conceptually it is still not a queue. It does not contain any elements, and its size met

[Java Learning notes] Java Core Technology Volume 1 The sixth chapter interface and inner class

called and passed to it with the methods object and the original invocation parameters. The calling processor must give a way to call processing.To create a proxy object, you need to use the Newproxyinstance method of the proxy class, which has three parameters:1: Class loader. As part of the Java security model, for system classes and from other classes, you can use a different classloader, currently using the default class loader with null notation

Java details from Java Core Technology Volume 1 basics (1)

, it can be embedded, based on the class set that is currently loaded. If necessary, you can also undo the optimization.Multithreading : Multithreading brings better interactive response and real-time behavior. Multithreaded compilation is simple.Dynamic : Dynamic is important when some code is added to a running program. The current version of Java allows programmers to know the structure and behavior of objects. It is useful for systems that must pa

Java Core Technology Volume 15. Java exceptions, assertions, and logs

classes and packages:java -ea:... -da:MyClass MyAppYou cannot apply a system class that does not have a classloader, to use:-enablesystemassertions/-esaUsing assertions to complete parameter checkingUse the assertion scenario: Assertion failure is a fatal, unrecoverable error Assertions for development and test phases Non-notification of recoverability errors should not be used as a means of informing users of problems.This method is not allowed to be called with a null array,

List of Java data Structures (Java Core Volume Ⅰ reading notes)

complete most functions of the field****************An iterator is a design pattern that is an object that can traverse and select objects in a sequence, and the developer does not need to know the underlying structure of the sequence . Iterators are often referred to as "lightweight" objects because they are less expensive to create.The iterator functionality in Java is relatively simple and can only be moved one way:(1) Use Method iterator () "Call

Java Core Technology Volume 16. Java Generic Programming

InstantiationException, IllegalAccessException { returnnew PairnewInstance(), c.newInstance());}CallmakePair(Employee.class);The type parameter T matches the Employee.Generic type information in a virtual machineYou can use the reflection API to determine: This generic method has a type parameter called T. This type parameter has a subclass qualification, which is itself a generic type. This qualified type has a wildcard parameter. This wildcard parameter has a superclas

Java Core Technology Volume 1 basic Knowledge (original book 9th edition) (complete Chinese version). Pdf__java

Download address: Network disk download Introduction to the content One of the most influential and valuable works in the Java field, with more than 20 years of experience in teaching and research of senior Java technology experts to write (won the Jolt Award), and "Java Programming ideas," the same as the more than 10-year global best-selling not decline, popul

Java series: "Java Core technology Volume One" study notes, CCHAPTER11 exceptions

simple test, that is, do not use the exception to do the program to determine the branch; 2) to properly use the exception hierarchy, throw or capture, to try to use a class that can express a specific purpose, which will have better readability, Do not use throwable at all times, so that the readability is poor, 3) in the detection of errors, "harsh" than laissez-faire better, such as Stack.pop () is the return of NULL better or run out emptystackexception better? The author thinks the latter

Java data Structure HashSet and HashMap (Java Core Volume Ⅰ reading notes)

IncreaseDeleteThe Remove method allows you to delete a specified element.Find*************************************************HashSet can neither use the index of 0 1 2 3 to determine the value of an element, nor use key to determine the value of an element*********************HashSet like this ["AA", "BB"] grow into such a data structure******************HashMap grow into such {a=123, B=hello}Jsonobject very much like {"A": 123, "B": null} *hashmap* *hashset*

Java Core Technology Volume II (i)

Book: "Java Core Technology Vol. two advanced features 9"Time: 2017.9.4-17:131. FlowInput stream: An object from which a sequence of bytes can be read; abstract class (InputStream)Output stream: An object to which a sequence of bytes can be written; abstract class (OutputStream)Source of the stream: file, network conne

Read "Java Core technology Volume One" feeling

Over the last one months. Just swallowed the book over. The book is long enough to say 706 pages. I have never been a person who likes to record, have been reading what books have been read to throw aside, may sometimes have so a little want to record down the impulse, but the calculation time is too tight, a lot of youshiwuzhong, after all, research and research program is only a hobby of their own, but did not expect to sign a programmer's work. Alas, this God is too much fun, let a study of e

Reading notes-"Java Core Technology Volume I-Basic knowledge"

throws interrupterexception{ Sleep (delay);}10.synchronized keywords Public synchronized Voi Method () { method body}Equivalent to Public void method () { this. Intrinsiclock.lock (); Try { method body }finally{ this. Intrinsiclock.unlock ( ); }}11. Use Object Lock public class bank{ public void transfer (int from, int to, int mount) { synchronized -=amount; Accounts[to] +=amount; } System.out.println (...); private double [] Account; p

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