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Software Architecture Design-Reading Notes

# Post reading # a very practical architecture entry book. The content is profound and involves a wide range. It helps us establish an architectural design concept. After reading this book, I put my post feeling at the beginning. Below are detailed

MSB-STRUTS-classroom notes, Han shunping struts notes

MSB-STRUTS-classroom notes, Han shunping struts notes A: Why does strutsQ:1. built on the MVC model, MVC involves, but it mainly provides a good controller and a set of custom tag libraries, that is, it focuses on C and V, there are a series of MVC

"Reading Notes"--the way of code cleanliness

"The attention to detail is even a more critical professional basis for any grand vision. First, developers get the skills and credit available for large-scale practices through small practices. Second, the smallest part of a magnificent building,

Sharp jQuery Reading Notes --- Ajax in jQuery -- get, post, and other methods, jquery --- jquery

Sharp jQuery Reading Notes --- Ajax in jQuery -- get, post, and other methods, jquery --- jquery The load () method is usually used to obtain static data files from the Web server. However, this does not reflect the full value of ajax. In a project,

Unity shader-post-processing: Simple color adjustment (brightness, saturation, contrast)

For a long time did not insist on blogging blog, it is a moment to start a wave of post! Learning Unity for a while, about shader's book also read a few "Unity Shader primer", "Unity 3D shaderlab Development Combat Detail", open a series to record

[Small North de programming notes]: Lesson 07-selenium for C # window processing

In the actual automated testing process, we will meet many situations that require the processing of Windows. For example, when you click Delete a message, the system displays an alert box. Or when you click a hyperlink, a new page opens in the

The way the programmer notes

SAP Senior Development Engineer Fan Decheng October 25, 2014 Before writing this article, the first question I thought about was the quality of the code. And in the premise of writing good code, the code's comments become another part of the code

Use URL commands in Domino Notes

Io test demo VaR djconfig = {isdebug: true }; Dojo. Require ("dojo. Io .*"); Dojo. Require ("dojo. widget. Button "); Function callagent (){ VaR form = dojo. byid ("ABC "); Alert (form ); VaR bindargs = { URL: "formula? Createdocument

JQueryAjax instance code ($. ajax, $. post, $. get) _ jquery

The following small series will bring you a jQueryAjax instance code ($. ajax, $. post, $. get ). I think it is quite good. Now I will share it with you and give you a reference $. post, $. get is a simple method. To process complicated logic, you

C ++ Primer 4th Reading Notes Chapter 1-statements and tomb stealing notes

C ++ Primer 4th Reading Notes Chapter 1-statements and tomb stealing notes For Original Articles, please indicate the source:Http:// Reading Notes, 80 words, 1 good word, 2 good sentence, 3 content, 4

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