correctly 0xc000007b

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Application does not start normally 0xc000007b what to do

The application does not start normally 0xc000007b this problem, I believe many computer users have encountered, small series is also in the installation of a software encountered this problem, then the application can not start the normal

Windows Server2008 Installation mysql5.6 program does not start correctly (0xc000007b)

DownloadDownload mysql5.6 version to official website, MSI install package only 32 bit no 64 bitMove to the specified folder, unzip the fileAdding environment variablesVariable name: mysql_homeVariable Value: C:\Program files\mysqlThis is the custom

Teach you to quickly solve the problem of MindManager 15 Chinese version does not start correctly

At present, many users are reflected in the installation of MindManager 15 Chinese version of the Mind mapping software will appear a variety of installation errors, in fact, these installation errors is not a software problem, but the computer

DirectX Repair Tool

The latest version of DirectX Repair Tool:DirectX repair v2.5 Standard EditionNew! Version: v2.5.0.23231 Size: 26.3 MB/7z, 98.6 MB/zip (Note: You can decompress the 7z file normally using winrar4.0 or a later version) Other versions: enhanced online

"One of the OpenCV Getting Started tutorials" Installs OPENCV:OPENCV 3.0, OpenCV 2.4.8, OpenCV 2.4.9 +VS development environment Configuration

This article series is produced by the @ Light Ink _ Mao Nebula.  Article Link: 1. Download and install the OpenCV SDKVS2010 Needless to say, it must have been installed. Speaking

On the problem of OPENCV+CUDA+VS+TBB compiling OPENCV

First of all, my computer is Win7 64-bit operating system, installed is 32 for the Vs2008, to compile the OpenCv2.4.3 and TBB4.2; The process of compiling is a lot of people have said the blog of one of the most detailed, also most comprehensive:

Apache Server installs "Windows"

Install apache2.4.33 on WindowsApache Download, unzip and put in the installation directory2. Modify the apache24->conf->httpd.conf fileA) serverroot "C:/apache24"SwitchServerRoot "E:\Develop\wamp\www"b)

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