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About Microsoft Cortana Cortana (Android version)

About Microsoft Cortana, we all know that Microsoft released the world's first personal intelligence assistant. It "can understand the user's preferences and habits", "help users to schedule, questions and so on". Today I would like to introduce you to the Android version of Cortana.First of all, like the computer version of Cortana, the Android version of Cortana

Cortana Microsoft Natalie How Cortana detailed introduction

Cortana (artificial intelligence assistant developed by Microsoft) Cortana (Chinese name: Microsoft Natalie) is Microsoft released the world's first personal intelligence assistant. It "can understand the user's preferences and habits", "help users to schedule, answer questions, etc.". Cortana can be said to be Microsoft in the field of machine learning and arti

Win10 Cortana how to song? How to use Win10 Cortana song

The WINDOWS10 system comes with a voice helper, Cortana, which helps us to better manipulate the computer. Now, Win10 Cortana officially supports the song! This feature is in conjunction with the Microsoft Groove Music app, and if you have the app pass, you can tell the DJ Cortana to play the singer, genre, album or specific song name in the Groove online music l

Win10 How to completely disable Cortana? Ways to completely disable Cortana

Http://'s how:Method One, use Group Policy to disable CortanaWith WIN10 Professional or Enterprise Edition users, you can use Group Policy to completely disable Cortana features:1. Use Windows + R shortcut to open "Run"-Execute gpedit.msc Open Group Policy Editor.2. Navigate to the Computer Configuration "-" Administrative Template "-"windows component "-" search.3. In the right panel, locate the "Allow

Microsoft publishes Windows Phone 8.1 Update and Chinese version of Cortana "Cortana"

Windows Phone 8.1 is still in the push process, and its first GDR update was released. Today, Microsoft officially released the Windows Phone 8.1 Update and the Chinese version of cortana--"Cortana".Windows Phone 8.1 Changed the way the GDR (general distribution Refresh) was named, using the same Update name as the Windows system. The new system adds support for CDMA + GSM dual sim, QHD (960 * 540) resoluti

WIN10 system How to set up hidden Cortana search box and hide Cortana

The default Cortana search box in the WIN10 system is displayed, and if you don't want to use it we can hide it, as shown below we'll show you: If you don't want to display the search box, you can set it: First, we now move to the search box right button, and then in the pop-up menu we click Cortana, and then we click "Show Cortana Icon" as shown in th

Fix Win10 Cortana Cortana can't search for local files and apps

Before Cortana worked normally, after installing a security software optimization system, Cortana was unable to search for local apps and files, and all inputs were directed to the web search.Clicking on my profile will cause an error.View the service and discover that the Windows Search service is disabled.Change to Manual, problem solving.The reason for this is that security software optimization disables

Cortana Cortana: What a fire, little Apple! For a while

Although she sang, but just a sentence ah!650) this.width=650; "title=" Wp_ss_20141011_0003.png "style=" height:409px;width:227px "src=" Wyfs02/m02/4c/6e/wkiol1q9l67cqi6kaaoewoza01g217.jpg "width=" 511 "height=" 851 "alt=" Wkiol1q9l67cqi6kaaoewoza01g217.jpg "/>This article is from the "Technical Hope Happy Point (MVP)" blog, please be sure to keep this source Cortana: What a fire,

How to solve problems that Microsoft Cortana Cortana can't search

WIN10 integrated Microsoft Virtual Intelligence Assistant Cortana, support real-time fast search, if you need to quickly open the application, such as command line, drawing, Calculator, control Panel, etc., as long as the input can be opened directly, quite convenient, but recently found that the search function is sometimes not useful, This time just restart the explorer process can be, the reason is that the Explorer takes too many interactive actio

Cortana xiaona: What is Cortana talking about? P

Tags: CortanaAsk her how she talks about it. She's really talking about it.650) This. width = 650; "Title =" wp_ss_20140814_0002.png "style =" height: pixel PX; width: 238px; "src =" "width =" 511 "Height =" 851 "alt =" wKiom1Q9LkCBn0Q-AAOX54uW2Ow577.jpg "/>This article is from the "Technical hope Happy (MVP)" blog, please be sure to keep this source xiaona: What is

Mic Detection Based on wm8994 in Android 4.x

Based on Android 4.4 and 4.2, codec used for detection is wm8994. The mic detection in Android and Kernel is based on the headset detection. The specific process is as follows: 1) kernel uses Jack to detect pin interruption and detects that headphones are inserted. 2) read the codec register to determine whether the headset has mic 3) notify the Android upper layer through the InputEvent/UEvent Mechanism Fo

Mic Performance Optimization

MIC Performance OptimizationMIC Optimization Method:-- optimization of parallelism-- Memory management optimization-- Data transmission optimization-- Memory access Optimization-- vectorization optimization-- Load Balancing optimization--mic Threading Extensibility OptimizationsOne: Degree of parallelism optimizationTo ensure that there is enough parallelism, the effect is good (data parallelism, task paral

Declarations of functions and variables in the mic

C++/C use__declspec (target (MIC)) function or variable declarationOr__ATTRIBUTE__ ((Target (MIC))) function or variable declarationExamples are as follows:intvoid func ();Note here that there are two underscores before and after attribute, the sample code is as follows:#include #include#includestring.h>#defineLEN 5__attribute__ ((Target (MIC)))voidFuncheck (inth

Introduction to distributed development on Intel MIC and various limitations in offload mode

Recently, to do distributed development on the mic cluster, there are two modes that can be used:1) Offload mode: This mode is similar to the GPGPU programming idea, which transfers the high-parallelism code to the local mic processor, and the other code is still executed on the CPU. The mic is only responsible for local computing, and distributed communication m

Data transmission in the mic

First look at a piece of code, as follows1#include 2#include 3 #defineLEN 54 intMainintargcChar**argv) {5 inti;6 floatx=2;7 floatArr[len];8 #pragmaOffload Target (MIC) out (arr)9 for(i=0; i){Tenarr[i]=i*3.0f/x; One } A if(Fabs (arr[2]-2*3.0f/x) 6) -printf"Demo is right\n"); - Else theprintf"Demo is wrong,arr[2] ID%f\n", arr[2]);Meet the requirements of the homepage, will be moved by the staff first page, hope to unders

MIC in and line in

TI's Development Board uses the aic23b audio decoding chip, which has two input ports, mic in and line in. Now we use the sharc 21479 version of Adi, which uses the 1939 chip of Adi, but 1939 does not provide mic in and line in input differentiation. However, the audio port of the Development Board can only receive linear input, the mic in cannot be received, whi

Siemens sicam mic Authentication Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2015-5386)

Siemens sicam mic Authentication Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2015-5386)Siemens sicam mic Authentication Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2015-5386) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: Siemens sicam mic Description: Bugtraq id: 75904CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2015-5386Siemens sicam mic is an energy automation modular remote

Mic sound perception of Android phones

Android provides the audiorecord and mediarecorder functions for recording. audiorecord is an audio stream that reads MIC data and can analyze stream data while recording; mediarecorder can directly store the MIC data to a file and encode the data (such as AMR and MP3 ). First, add your application to the permission (whether you are using audiorecord or mediarecorder ): Then, we will introduce the usage of

Oracle 11g R2 RAC SSH two node mutual trust peer configuration Permission denied (Publickey,gssapi-with-mic,password)

Tags: oracle RAC ssh publickey password gssapi-with-mic Trusted peering configurationIssue: When installing the Oracle 11g R2 RAC Grid, configure the two-node SSH trusted peer configuration to be unsuccessful, with the following error message:------------------------------------------------------------------------Verifying SSH connectivity have been setup from Rac1 to Rac1------------------------------------------------------------------------If you s

Association analysis-mic

Mic:the maximal information coefficient is a standard for judging the degree of concentration of data using grid division method. MIC is based on the idea that if there is a relationship between the 2 variables, then there should be a way to draw a grid on the scatter plots of those variables, so that most of the data points are concentrated in several cells of the grid. By searching for this "best fit" grid, the computer calculates t

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