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COBIT: introduction to international information security audit specifications

The full name of COBIT is Control Objectives for Information and related Technology. ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) is an organization in charge of information technology security and control reference architecture in the United States) the industry standards published in 1996 have been updated to the third edition. They are internationally recognized as the most advanced and authoritative standards for security and informat

On the essence of intranet security

management security, and its core is data security and management security, that is, how to use a variety of technology, means, tools and management methods to prevent the leakage of intranet data. The realization of intranet security requires technology and management to complement each other, but whether it is "management first" or "technology first" has been debated. In fact, the problems of management and technology have been talked about for many years. Let's not talk about which should b

Network security position

......Information security cannot be separated from the business and actual needs of the enterprise. Otherwise, it will become a castle in the air. Information security management should be guided by the upper layer of enterprise management, and information security management should be the middle pillar, the underlying layer is a three-tier structure based on computer and communication technology. Of course, the final product of the sale is a three-tier integrated solution. Consultants general

Hacker password cracking in four ways

ineffective, they will immediately turn to other easier prey. If (2) or (3) the attack succeeds, or the attacker learns the password through simpler (1) or (4, on average, they only need 45 days to get your bank account cleaned up, or change your email address to the point where spam is sent. In the past 25 years or so, the concept of Password Expiration has not changed. The requirements of information security technicians, auditors, PCI, ISO27002 and COBI

CISA daily question

=" spacer.gif "/> 650) This. width = 650; "src ="/e/u261/themes/default/images/spacer.gif "style =" Background: URL ("/e/u261/lang/ZH-CN/images/localimage.png") No-repeat center; Border: 1px solid # DDD; "alt =" spacer.gif "/>From now on, huizhe has launched the cissp certification training mode in 5 + 1, 5 days of training + 1 day of the cissp Chinese simulated test. The training fee remains unchanged, and the training fee is free of charge. He has been teaching staff for 10 years and has many

2016 Ivy Alliance Training schedule

, cloud computing and big data courses, Suitable for students who wish to obtain a certificate or learn a practical software. With the social demand for computer technology to improve, many people have been learning Office software and other simple application software requirements have become less and fewer, and participate in FLASH animation,Maya film post-production,Maya Style design and other fashion trend technology learning more and more people. 2. Management Training -- new in the workpl

Isaca pioneered the combination of skill network security training with hands-on testing and certification

certification, 3 training courses, and the prerequisites for the CSX Commissioner certification). The CSX Commissioner (CSX specialist) demonstrates effective skills and deep knowledge in one or more of the five areas (identification, detection, protection, response, and recovery) that are closely related to the NIST cybersecurity framework. (5-door certification, 5 training courses, with CSX practitioner qualification) CSX expert (CSX expert)-demonstrates the capabilities of a master/expert

An easy problem?! (For details, take all the facts into account)

water, the triangular areaTwo vector point multiplication: A*b*coso = x1*y1+x2*y2 for 1: Calculate angle 2: Calculate projectionTwo vector fork multiplication: A*b*sino = X1*y1-x2*y2 used for 1: Calculate area 2: Judge where the point is in the straight line, right-hand ruleThe output of this problem should be noted, with g++ to the final output ans+eps;Here's the code:1#include 2#include 3#include 4 using namespacestd;5 6 #defineN 1057 #defineEPS 1

28 magnificent Heroic-level font Web site

Today this group of websites has two bright bright spots, one is the use of oversized fonts directly show the focus of the site, the second is to use fonts to construct the layout of the site, the Simple English alphabet also play Wang Yang, relaxation has a degree of >>> Flavien Guilbaud The Cut Creative Studio Dobra Bliz Active Eyewear Fuse Collective Apparatus The Conference 2015 Dream yourself

Security risk assessment methods

assessment, and the practice is also constantly deepening. The current risk assessment methods mainly refer to two standards: The International Standard ISO13335 information security risk management guide and the domestic standard GB/T 20984-2007 information security risk assessment specification. essentially, it is a qualitative risk assessment targeting information assets. The basic method is to identify and evaluate the information systems, data, personnel, services, and other protection obj

Itil I understand-my experiences in Guide

I. ITIL Overview Speaking of ITSM, we have to start with enterprise informatization. In the process of enterprise informatization, a large number of related hardware and software facilities are required. We call this an IT infrastructure. With the rapid informatization of enterprises, the IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly large and increasingly difficult to manage and maintain. In a slightly larger company, especially an information technology company, you will see the technical staff "

Safety Management API technology is essential to foster market innovation

on lifecycle and related factors, such as the role of key stakeholders in business and it (like ITIL for services and COBIT for processes). Any contact API that is subject to compliance design processes, such as internal or data privacy controls, should meet the following three key governance objectives: The API lifecycle should be controlled so that only licensed versions are entered into the product: in the planning phase, in the development and t

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