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Count the number of different words in a sentence (the sentence contains punctuation marks, words are not case sensitive)

#include #include#includestring>#include#includeSet>using namespacestd;Setstring>dict;intMain () {stringS,buf; while(Getline (cin,s)) {dict.clear (); for(intI=0; I) { if(Isalpha (S[i])) S[i]=tolower (S[i]);//Convert letters

C Language: Count the number of letters and words in the English sentence of the input line, with annotations!

Through the keyboard input a line of English sentences, statistics of the number of English letters and words, words separated by a space (punctuation is not counted words);#include #include #include Main (){Char string[100];//the length of the

VC text conversion to the in-machine code, input Chinese characters and numbers, output a string of 16 code (digital-〉asii code, Chinese characters-〉 GB code)

//can be used, this program is to convert text into the in-machine code. In-Machine code = GB Code +8080h, but study. //This program is the use of Chinese characters in the machine output is the principle of in-machine code, directly saved, in

python2018-count of characters in a string

1 Write the program to complete the following requirements: The number of individual characters in the statistics string For example, the result of the "Hello World" string statistic is: h:1 e:1 l:3 o:2 d:1 r:1 w:1 1 Print("-"*50)2 Print("*"*

An attempt to display Chinese Characters Based on Linux core

An attempt to display Chinese characters based on the Linux core-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Before explaining the technical details of Chinese Character Display Based

Linux core Chinese Characters

Author: liqicheng and others Before explaining the technical details of Chinese Character Display Based on Linux core, it is necessary to introduce the operating mechanism of the original Linux. This article mainly involves the implementation of

How to combine the records of the corresponding number in excel with php into one sentence

How can I use php to output the corresponding records in the excel file into a single sentence Array ([content] => Doctor [record] => Hello, here, you can make an appointment with Professor Zheng farei of Peking Union Medical College Hospital. you

Calculate the number of words in an English sentence.

Given an English sentence, besides letters, it also contains space carriage return and horizontal tabulation symbols ('\ t',' \ n '), calculate the number of words in an English sentence based on these three symbols. The method shown below is what I

2016/1/12 first output I number of occurrences the second problem is to use for loop and if conditional sentence to remove the

1 ImportJava.util.Scanner;2 3 4 Public classNumber {5 6 Private StaticObject i;7 8 /*9 * The character "I" appears several times in the first question Mingrikejijavabu and outputs the result*/Ten Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {

Poj1291 this sentence is false (query set | hash)

From: Before writing: Recently, I feel that I have done a lot of questions and checked them. It is found that A is right to B, and that games like who is telling the truth, who is telling the truth, are basically a

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